Robert Plant - Big Love Lyrics

I hear a far-away voice on the telephone line
Tell me what to think to tell it apart
Said how about 4,000 miles, and 21 years
Do you think that's enough for a start?

I'm up to fifteen thousand and holding
Pass the time just smiling at you
But this seat belt is kind of exposing
Putting pressure on my big love for you
My big love for you, my big love for you - my big, my big --
My big love for you, my big love for you - my big, my big --

Will the hostess think I'm exploding?
Must have finally got this bird off the ground
Girl, oh girl, if my tank's overloading
She's weighted and she loves to go down
She loves to go down, she loves to go down - she loves, she loves --
She loves to go down, she loves to go down - she loves, she loves --

When I fly your friendly skies how I love the big surprise
I will fill your cup with fire - just give me your free air miles

When I fly her friendly skies [etc repeated]

I take myself down the aisle to the bathroom
Are you sure that there's room here for two
She says: "fifteen thousand and hold him"
As we talk about my big love for you
Yes we talk about my big, we talk about my big
We talk about my big love for you

How I love your friendly skies
I will fill your cup with fire (my big, my big, my big)
When I fly her friendly skies how I love her big surprise
I will fill your cup with fire (she loves, she loves, she loves)
Hello baby, I just love to fly, fly, fly
I been five days - I've been saving up all of my free air miles
I got nylon stockings - I got chocolate bars
I got a nervous criminal in a new Lincoln car
One time I saw Las Vegas
(She loves, my big, she loves)
I stopped in a motel - I slept in the same room as Jimmy Page
They just finished remodelling it from the '75 tour
I got my free air miles
(She loves, she loves, my big)
When I fly her friendly skies how I love her big surprise
I will fill your cup with fire (she loves, my big, she loves)
Free air miles - big love
Free air miles - big love --

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Robert Plant Big Love Comments
  1. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤ 🌎 ✌️

  2. William Colgin

    Anyone else remember watching this on Friday Night Videos in the 80s?

  3. William Colgin

    Best driving song ever.

  4. manny_ nuff

    In that picture of him in the beginning of this video it looks as if he is dropping a big log💩

  5. Basardes

    He has a good breaststroke

  6. Capitan Trueno

    Cada vez que escucho ésto...¡Parece que toda la vida fue ayer mismo... gracias Plant!

  7. Backlight

    Little-known fact: that 1979 Cadillac Seville at the end was really overheating. They didn't have to fake it.

  8. Gordon Grigsby

    There is no turning back on the road I remember listening to this song when I was 14 years old in my freshman year of high school and just being mind blown and some good Colombian gold.

  9. Drew Taks

    I think Plant has many solo songs that are better than many Ked Zeppelin songs. I have a Plant solo playist that I play all the time. Guy simply has a great voice.

  10. Rick Jones

    Man I really miss the original MTV when it was all music videos in the 80's

  11. Rick Jones

    Wonder what I did with my cassette.  This was a great driving back home late at night from....whatever I was driving home from song.  This and The Doors, Riders on the Storm. Damn that was a long time ago.

  12. Ray Curlee

    I was blessed to see Robert Plant live twice, and Zeppelin once with the Florida symphony orchestra. Wish I could go back. Best music ever.

  13. Paul Caden

    I went to a Robert plant concert a few years ago and was totally disappointed at his solo career which has nothing to compare to led Zeppelin.

    Jalmari Nousiainen

    Yet you are here

    Paul Caden

    @Jalmari Nousiainen Bec I felt ripped off paying for his boring music when we wanted some led zep

    Jalmari Nousiainen

    @Paul Caden Well, you didn't go to a Led Zed concert, didn't you?

  14. Geremy Kovaloff

    I feel like the guitar rift is from a Tarantino movie!

  15. Benito Saviotti

    N1 Bobby is the living legend

  16. Darren Jay Blagden

    I'm about to do a big log of my own.

  17. Nina Luevano

    I was twelve years old in 1983 and this was my favorite song. I love Robert Plant and always will...

  18. Malgorzata Palubska

    Im in love with song .....

  19. Sin City Metal Vids

    This video makes me feel like Towlie because I have no idea what's going on.

  20. slaxxxer Aznarder

    “Big log” - at least this title indicates musical self awareness

  21. Cranky Stinkleton

    Who's here because they had a big dinner and had to unload a big log?

  22. Bob Penney

    I love chill songs

  23. Linda Bergman

    Love this music😍👍

  24. Scott L

    This was made for Miami Vice..... was it ever on the show??

  25. Fine-Business Operator

    My log is big. Or something like that.

  26. Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Hola tronko!
    Lo compartimos en "Neguri Rock Murcia"

  27. Hater Sensei Grand Master Chosen One

    Even starting to get a bit misty... this is what we lost, people.

    Fine-Business Operator

    lost what?

    Hater Sensei Grand Master Chosen One

    @Fine-Business Operator Quality. If you want a one word answer.

  28. Daniel Maker

    I'm a big Led Zeppelin Fan. I play GTA since 6 Years. I always heard Los Santos Rock Radio.
    I dont know, that Robert plant sings that. I was Happy to know, that Rockstar mad a bit of Zeppelin in GTA.

    as asdf

    Daniel Make YOUR OWN ARTWORK

  29. Chris Helgeson

    My mom hated what I listened to until the mtv top ten countdown and she loved this song and Learnining to fly

  30. Caveman Bricklayer

    Back when MTV was still the shit, not like now

    lee graves

    I remember this from nbc friday night videos lived in the country no cable tv.


    Love his voice, but dont like his new look in the 80s. Yuk lol

  32. Alexi Valentin


  33. Alexi Valentin


  34. Alexi Valentin


  35. Mr Sas Quatch

    I’ve waved a few Big Logs off at the Station!



  36. Wiatr i deszcz

    Najpiękniejsza piosenka świata <3

  37. ManyGalaxy

    “Big log” sounds like a song about taking a massive shit

    Fine-Business Operator

    His penis

  38. YoOli 1

    Gta Los Santos rock radio

  39. Damion Baca

    Ever saw a big logg in a pawn... It kida reminds me of my toilet right before i flush

  40. Billo1281

    This song was one the songs to the beginning of my life. Unforgettable, thanks mom, RIP.

  41. Александр Эрлих

    Интересно когда нибудь мир услышит, хотя-бы, Что-то отдаленно похожее на эти шедевры НИКОГДА массовое отупение и остервенение все что мы имеем сейчас ОЧЕНЬ ЖАЛЬ НАСТОЯЩИЙ МЕЛОМАН НИКОГДА НЕ ВОЗЬМЕТ В РУКИ СМАРТФОН

  42. Manic Mechanic Man

    Was an incredible song when it came out and will always be.

  43. Preston Alderman

    Great song !!!!

  44. Wesley C

    Now you are listening on GTAV.

  45. Todd Rankles

    I have really fond memories of this song. I was six years old when the album came out. Listened to it a lot with my parents....on vinyl. Haha! Great song.

  46. Game-Changer

    Worst song title eva

  47. Nancy Bean


  48. ThatNintendoGamer

    Ok , so I'm 17yo, my parents raised me in classic 70s and 80s, so i knew this song for a long time, but thank you GTA V for reminding me of it.

  49. Sara Verde

    Está música leva - me para o passado. Linda.

  50. Cyndi Holcomb

    To this day, you have my heart with every tasty tune you've released! You never stopped, don't...we need you!

  51. FëanorLawless

    I would bleed myself dry for this man ❤

  52. Chris Sean P

    Gtav ayyyyye

  53. John Timmins

    Such a relaxing tune, sipping a cold one and toking on a fatty watching the sun settling down to dusk

  54. victor junio

    gta 5 me troce aqui

  55. Rockers2Rockers

    This guitar playing is outstanding! An epic song, The Ben Hur of music y'all.

  56. William Male

    This song is so underrated and good

  57. Steven Cosby

    What kinda car is Robert Plant driving at the beginning of the video(year,make,model)?

  58. Lary Dixon

    This song, and other music from the album, is the music brought about by maturity.. Gone now are the shrieks and screams of the anguish of youth and, instead, we are listening to the more complex intonation of a composed and well centered man.. Dream away, my brother, and explore the new vistas of a life well earned..

    Lary Dixon

    There is no turning Back..... Lary

  59. Falcao Guerrilha

    Quem veio pelo GTA v haha

  60. colin parry


  61. Diablo Damien

    240p ??

  62. Kubricklover1972

    This song I want played at my memorial.

  63. Dan Forbes

    Ahhhhh……… now that sounds so nice on heroin.  Beautiful harmony

  64. Troy Gavazzi

    Amargosa Opera House near Death Valley!!!!

  65. George Rad

    I can not understand as to why radio stations do not play this masterpiece any longer!

  66. Anita Panzine

    Legendary,Timeless, classic ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍💥💥 ZEPPELIN

  67. Ewa Polanecka

    kocham was

  68. Amel Ljubijankić

    Is Jimmy Page playing the guitar in here? Maaan, what a wonderful sound

  69. Jeffrey Simpkins

    I feel his desolation.Actually it's not a feeling at all.Its the absence of.

  70. Nancy Bean


  71. clngfanflyr

    boomer's rule!


    ha ha! gen x as well!

  72. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Seriously even slowly but big punching 😄😃😀😍

  73. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Mild 👌

  74. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Grand music of beginning 🕺

  75. David Enders

    Early solo Plant records were great. Robbie Blunts guitar sound was so cool. a complete flip from Page.

  76. Spankyblack69

    Great song.

  77. Omar Macias

    Elisabeth where is ur brother? man this sucks..

  78. Omar Macias

    Were are u rauly man its omar ely? from hialeah fl.

  79. Nika Kalandadze

    კისა <3

  80. Susy B


  81. Безукладникова Наталья

    Robert, you are super! Love you! Love your voice!

  82. Adar raul

    Kesini gara" novia😂

  83. Led Zeppelin Fan01

    Wtf, where did gta5 come from...

  84. Jenny Dufeck

    I am here because robert plant has some pipes and led zepplin kicks ass.

  85. Steve Shrader

    ...i didn't loose her...she was taken from me...

  86. Kevin barry

    Was this directed by Wes Anderson?

  87. lino joseph

    Start sounds like a Bollywood song 😁



  89. MrDepressed

    Welcome to Los Santos Rock Radio

  90. Lovan Berényi


  91. Tasha French

    Love this song and #RobertPlant ♥️♥️

  92. reno145

    This is the song that got me wanting to play electric guitar. Sure, Van Halen's first album hit me like a sledgehammer. But something about this got deep in my brain.

  93. Captain John Price

    When it ends with a huge cliffhanger and you see the end credits.

  94. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤ 🌎 ✌️

  95. Слава Примоленний

    Why is this song so similar to Freddie Mercury’s last song before death?

  96. TOB SAD

    Eu achei essa música no GTA 5 e ainda achei da hora e pesquisei no YouTube

  97. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    Gas-o-line crises of 73-79, white shoes=white rubber souls=evil, white underwear=1977 and quite a few memories, of while on bended knees and back.