Robert Palmer - You Are In My System Lyrics

Day by day and night by night
I feel you in my mind
It happens all the time
You know the day dreams stop
My heart beats on
I can't take it any more
It's you I live for
You are in my system
You are in my system
I just want you to know that,
You are in my system
You oooohhhh you're in my system, system
Don't you, Don't you, don't you know that, babe.
I will keep on pushing, pushing, pushing
Until I get through
My main objective baby is to get to you
To turn your mind around
I know will take time
But you know I can wait, now
You're on my mind
You are in my system
I just want you to know that,
You are in my system
Got me burning, I'm on fire
You, you're in my system
You're everything I need
You, oooohhhh, you're in my system, system
Don't you, Don't you, don't you know that, babe.
It's a romantic vision of me and you
It happens all the time
My dreams are filled with you
There's no doubt in my mind
That I'll be true baby
You know I'll take you out
And I'll keep lovin' you
Oh baby you are in my system,
I just want you to know that
You are in my system
Cut me right down to the wire
You, ooohh, you're in my system
Got me burning I'm on fire
You, you're in my system
Can't make believe
You, you're in my system
You're everything I need
You, ooohh, you're in my system
I just want you to know that
You, you're my system
Got me burning I'm on fire
You, you're in my system

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Robert Palmer You Are In My System Comments
  1. Warren High

    Haven't seen this video in ages .

  2. Warren High

    A classic tune redune by the late and great Robert Palmer.

  3. phrozen06

    Respect Robert Palmer BUT......The original was better.

  4. S W

    The artist in me appreciates that this is just another take on a great classic. The curmugeon in me hates it. Because a classic like this will end up in a Guardians of Galaxy movie and everyone will think it's the original.

  5. Lizzie Sangi

    ROBERT PALMER plays all the instruments on this album. From the first time it was on my turntable, I was addicted to this tune.

  6. Farshad Fouladi

    The Systems’ version, which is the original, is way way way better than this!

  7. policefan1982

    This was My Song!!! Craig, UVA student 1983, let's dance. :)

  8. KevinWhittingtonAka Marvilloso

    Happy birthday Robert Palmer

  9. 78dachamp


  10. Phil Taylor

    Just plain cool from birth.

  11. brian crockett

    Robert Palmer did a damn good job on this remake.

  12. Lizzie Sangi

    ROBERT PALMER played every instrument on this album

  13. Efrain Hdz. CO.

    In the system Alright 👍A legend... Mr. ROBERT PALMER...

  14. KevinWhittingtonAka Marvilloso

    0:52 Jimmy Fallon brought me here

  15. krelbar

    Not a huge fan of the song, Preview, an over the air subscription service, used to play this ad nauseum back in the day.

  16. BlanketMan

    Saw RP live a couple times in the 80s, a true professional showman. Sadly, I don’t recall him doing this song in either show. Such a killer track!

  17. kevinj11798

    How'd he end up covering a classic by the system?



  19. sChiZoMoNki

    Still listening in 2019 with fascination!

  20. Good Company

    God, this man was handsome! Extremely talented too.

  21. Joe People

    Robert Palmer did very good with this version. If he were here a lot longer...he'd be cranking out the hits he remade in concert and we'd love that just as much as we did the originals. RIP Robert.

  22. chris edwards

    Way before Jahmarqui, we had Robert Palmer, Loved his fusion of electronic music and real vocals

  23. Yvette Beliz

    The random roller skating chick¿
    No one is going to mention her?

  24. Danielle Escobar

    came here to check this out, the original is one million times better

  25. Bridgett Holman

    I've always felt that this version is better!

  26. George Schlaline

    If an Angel danced in full pockets

  27. Joann Johnson

    System is good but both is a jam .Robert Palmer has soul he was on🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. illuminatioracle

    good god this guy captured the feeling of electronics in the 80s in this music video. practical, futuristic, unpretentious and attractive.

  29. Ex Rodriguez

    Robert Palmer version??? THE Systems original long extended version is best.

  30. Victor Kenarsy

    This version is trash and lacks any kind of soul whatsoever

  31. Danielle J

    I like the other one better

  32. MrPrice2u

    I like the original but I LOVE this version. The soul in his voice contradicts the sterile synth sound making this song insanely powerful.

    Victor Kenarsy

    There’s no soul in his voice he’s just mimicking the original and did a piss poor job of it.


    I like the system version better.

  34. Cinthia 9

    Very nice.

  35. allphilly111

    One of the worst covers ever

  36. Dino Padilla

    Natural Talent!!!

  37. Detroitman.

    I love to had Robert inside of me or vice verse.😉

  38. Lizzie Sangi

    I played the shit out of this tune, on the record, and danced to it.
    This tune is still SO FINE!
    Palmer played all the instruments on this record.
    Phones are on, we're bringing it back. It's just SO GOOD!

  39. F. I.Tisin

    Ooo heck naw... This is some bs

  40. Big Guy’s 45’s

    Peaked at No. 78 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1983. The original version by The System Peaked at No. 64 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the same year. Both versions are equally as good.

  41. Tania Duncan

    One of my all time fav best track & the man himself RP, gorgeous handsome man, X

  42. Marla Clayborn

    Blue eyed soul at its best. ❤❤❤❤

  43. John Adedoyin

    Love the leather jacket!

  44. Graham Silbiger

    This version is what you want from a great cover. The vocal has more commitment and the mix and panning of the sound is brilliant. From the same year a few months later

    Tarek Wayne

    Hey! If you don't mind could you explain what you mean by commitment? I love both versions actually.. For me both vocals seem to be delivered passionately. Palmer's seems more laid back, while Murphy's sounds more resonant, vowels a bit more open and more support(which for me sounds more "committed", even though I really don't know what you mean by that haha). Anyway, truly just curious, it's interesting to see how other people perceive things. Shows you stuff you may have missed.

  45. Will Walker

    I like both versions of this song

  46. Mildred Pierce

    Everyone go check out the original and BEST version by the system

  47. Mildred Pierce

    No to this version.Just No. No. No.

  48. becky castillo

    robert Palmer is better🙂

  49. Ferrell Jenkins

    Why is everyone always hyping this guy and calling him smooth and cool. All of his covers I've seen so far aren't even better than the originals.

  50. RetroSound

    PPG wave <3

  51. Phil Taylor

    Well before it's time. A tune engraved in my soul.

  52. James Bond

    All hail the magical Robert palmer the effects are the Best

  53. Simon Ballister

    Disappointed reading these comments. The System is arguably my favorite group of all time and I feel Palmer did a nice job on this because he stayed true to himself and his voice. I'll personally take the System version as the better of the two. However, just because someone likes one version over the other or thinks Robert was a better vocalist than Mic doesn't make them a white supremacist. This shit is asinine.

  54. Jonp

    Zukerberg's theme song.

  55. Clazina Maria Schellekens

    Still goose bumps

  56. Miss Ting

    Loved this man!!! ❤️

  57. Lee A

    one sexy cool dude!! love Robert palmer rip beautiful man xxx

  58. rohli estrada

    Not a bad cover! RIP Mr. Palmer!

  59. jssangel416

    Damn, i forgot about this song...Don't even know how I got here but glad I di!

  60. walter horner

    the song is for the best women i ever new i will never forget you sorry i lost you your in my system for ever and ever

  61. D Mossman

    sorry just love Robert's version better

  62. Vincent Smith

    I'm a fan of this dude every thing he remakes it just sounds better r.I.p.

  63. Schreibaby

    Loooove this version!! Robert Palmer knows how to get into the 80's by applying raw synthwave aesthetics. I like the System's just as much but there's something about Robert's version that has that "I have my own take on it" feel that gives him his own special standing. Good work, Robert, and happy birthday!

  64. TheWinterShadow

    I like this track but I will never disrespect an artist by saying a cover is come up with an original song-melody ,chords, lyrics is next to god-like. If it wasn't for the original we wouldn't have this....people take that for granted. So much for granted that the music industry made it a policy to copy and clone everything to death because it believe listeners are too stupid to uphold original ideas. Anyone can take an original idea and embellish it. Anything less than original is glorified karaoke.

  65. TheSpaLife69 you kitten......

  66. Bass Reeves

    So he just went around pale-facing others' songs?

  67. Good Juju

    Roll bounce

  68. Imperial LeBaron

    This version is good, but...........The System was better.

  69. GodBody

    I actually think that this sound pretty good,Its just that nothing supersedes soul music via one manipulating it because of a decent voice.! But this does sound good! Just not ask profoundly soulful.!!......PS soul music is uniquely different from Rock like Soul music. Solo soul music( not tampered wit) touch you on a different level, it's just cut from a different cloth.!

  70. Victoria Brown

    I just go his. Ideas to look at him.😂😂😂. Just kidding. I like The System’s version better, but he is fine...I ,ran this is fine.

  71. KuttyJoe

    I've never heard this version before but it's a really good cover. Not too far from the original but with a slightly harder edge.

  72. Damon 23

    This is a classic but nothing tops the original version the system

  73. TaylortheTweaker

    Both are good! RIP

  74. esquibelle

    This version is ridiculous. Added zero to the original which was brilliant. Covers are cool ~ if something is added. This is just...ridiculous.

    Mildred Pierce

    esquibelle Yes this is the karaoke version.

  75. Health Wealth Love Happiness


  76. Tom Parsons

    My favorite track from the "Riptide" album. David Frank rocked the synths on this. Something about the SImmons drums really screams the 1980's to me.

  77. Watacha Shelby

    I loved him but damn he redid a lot of damn songs

  78. Thetaloops

    Both versions are good

    Greg Qualls

    No there not the original one is way better!

    Victor Kenarsy

    Greg Qualls you’re correct this is a lousy soulless cover.


    @Victor Kenarsy And the other is a cheap michael jackson knock off.


    Definitely left out the soulful part of the song

  79. ohh

    @2:26-2:36, when you forget to pay the phone bill or that person no longer wants to talk to you.. I think the latter applies;)

  80. ohh

    @0:33, hand clap there?.. but of course;) oh well.. I still like the song.. "to turn your mind around, I know will take time" '07 is a long time, I tried to.. can't say I didn't try to tell you:(

  81. ohh

    you, are in THE SYSTEM!!... it's gigantic like the TITANIC!!!..oh well

  82. plenty2say

    Palmer seemed to make a living covering everyone else's shit. He' rarely acknowledged the original author publicly.

  83. migger milazzo

    "the system" is awful! i was curious about cause everyone in here is talking bout "the soul" in the version of the system...WICH SOUL? The soul of the syntie? The voice is HORRIBLE - couldnt take it longer than 3 seconds...and NO, i´m no rassist - it would even be horrible with a white singer...oh...and not to forget: son of sound is an idiot

  84. Kendall Scott

    I feel you in my Ride...

  85. MrPrice2u

    Love the clap at: 0:32!

  86. I Am Ryanne

    Robert Palmer looks like he wants to burst out laughing in some of these scenes.

  87. ohh

    gone Robert<3


    this song reminds me of the movie weird science.

  89. bella j

    Oh, internet. These comments. smh

  90. Jimmie Stevens

    This was nice. The systems version was great too.

  91. djolivierastro

    one of the best songs ever written

  92. David McFarlane

    This doesn't sound much different from the original, maybe more polished in a way but nothing spectacular. I'll stick with the original.

  93. A rather cross glass of warm eggnog

    If you don't like Robert Palmer's posh, white, British ass, then fuck you

  94. smythe0001

    So much discussion about the cover and the original....its been said before, its a question of taste. I heard Palmer's version first, so had nothing to compare it with....and I loved it, and still do. There's room for both, and one thing is for sure and certain, all the songwriters of all the songs Palmer has covered/interpreted are laughing all the way to the bank as a result, regardless of whether they are perceived to be better or worse than the original.

  95. Vee

    Omg I couldn't even listen to him sing this... it's such a joke. The System's true version of this is soulful and classic.