Robert Palmer - The Silver Gun Lyrics

[Translation to English]
They say a man's best friend is his horse
But I say it is his gun
For what can a horseman do without a gun?
I sold my silver barrelled gun
And bought a brocade gown for my beloved
But she could not accept it
She returned it
Now I have no gun and no love

No, but with wet lashes and a charming smile
I could tell her heartache was more terrible than mine
I could stand the heartache
If I could see you again
Until then, I am alone, city to city
Walking the streets
With a heavy heart.

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Robert Palmer The Silver Gun Comments
  1. Dave Schachne

    Ahhh, this sounds cooler than it did in 1983!

  2. MonsieurMerci

    Can you please repost your "Want you more" remaster ? (I miss your deleted video of the full album, fantastic work)


    I didn't realise it was deleted. At all!


    It's not here?


    The adress is correct (I still see my thumbs up), but since a few months i've got the "This video is not available - Sorry about that." message on it (the 3 other videos from the "Pride" playlist are visible, and for the pride video it's doesn't seem to be a country restriction). Better : can you post the wav/flac on your Blog(onicus Rex) ? :)

  3. chief inspectah

    This is one of my favorites! That guitar is killer.

  4. Jennifer Grove

    I'm putting this in my list of Sufi poetic songs.

  5. Jennifer Grove

    This recording!!!!!

  6. SirRunk

    DJ 50 SPÄNN!

  7. eugene fried

    now is a good time to be careful & watch YOURSELF!!

  8. blunt rapture

    Before going commercial, Robert was an unsung member of the new wave cool faux world music brat pack: Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Andy Partridge, etc.

    Daniel Hudelson

    He never really fully went commercial. Every album had whatever his expansive tastes required he do. People who might've bought the album expecting more "Addicted" or "Simply Irresistible" were likely chagrined to find world music or torch songs or whatever instead.

    His refusal to fit into a mold certainly cost him commercially, but left us with a treasure trove of great music, since he was a master in so many styles.

    Iskandar Soekardi

    There's a great interview of Robert Palmer and David Sylvian, musing about the state of music and critiquing new artists, including Talk Talk. Interesting that a Sylvian uses a version of this Persian love song as the intro to his track "Nostalgia."

  9. seduce boccaccio

    The Silver Gun.