Robert Palmer - Dance For Me Lyrics

Whoa, dance for me
Dance for me, dance for me
Whoa, dance for me

My heart is approving
What your body can express
You say more when you're moving
Than your words or style of dress
Hey, I don't know your language
But I hear every word

Whoa, dance for me
See what ... ?

Till you fall, till you fall for
Till you fall for me [repeat]

Girl, I'm at your mercy
When you turn with so much grace
Dance for me, Salome
Weave me into your embrace
Hey, you can steal a dancefloor
Just like you steal into my dreams
Oh, dance for me
Show me what you mean
Oh wee, dance for me
I want you to show why
You want me to know

Hey, you hold me spellbound
Like a serpent in a trance
Dance for me, dance for me, baby
Show me how you dance
Hey, I don't know your language
But I know what you mean
Oh, dance for me, dance the unforseen
I see you out there on the floor
Dancing for me

Till you want, till you want
Till you want me
Till you fall, till you fall for
Till you fall for me

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Robert Palmer Dance For Me Comments
  1. Laura Kenney

    really NICE! RP can really lay it thanks for posting it😃

    Madeleine Grayson

    He certainly could. Miss him.

  2. Andrea of AtLastCrafts

    Nikolas Brady...Thank you for noticing what I did. His music without the videos is worth listening to. The videos were just a moment of hitting a trend. His music is timeless for me.

  3. G VG

    .. probably .. his best ..

  4. Nikolas Brady

    One of his best songs ever. It always bothered me that he was most famous for his songs which were used for the MTV videos featuring the mannequin models..

  5. peterbstrong

    No, he was not near death. He died of a heart attack in 2009 (?) after he released the "Drive" collection.

    Madeleine Grayson

    He died in September of 2003 and was 54.

  6. automatikman365

    @arcvampiro - Sweet upload, fam; still rock this on late-night drives in my M6 w/the top down. RP was one of a kind, most def. Unique, bold, eclectic & daring - truly missed. Thanks for keeping his groove alive. Peace, peoples

  7. CeciliaT44

    Isn't this right before he died. I think thats why he was really skinny in this photo.

    Madeleine Grayson

    CeciliaT44 not at all. This pic is from an album he released in the 80s. He died in 2003 and it was a heart attack not a lingering illness. He was always a man of slight build.

  8. Steve Dalton

    Oh Robert,
    This is the song that rocks!!!

  9. Steve Dalton

    Im back again. This song both haunts and delights me!

  10. Steve Dalton

    this song is off Pride not Riptide

    Mimi Loewi

    Right you are.

  11. Steve Dalton

    I keep coming back to this fantastic song!! I miss you Robert