Robert Glasper - Talking Shit Lyrics

Hey uh Joe could you pick play
Joe James can you play uh
Unless you wanna welcome our looking partner
Could you pick, play some kind
Figure that you could keep playing through the
Something like that
You know instead of tan ta tan
Something like that
That goes on, some kinda blues that goes on all the time
You know that sound like tan ta tan
Listen up

Run again
Ready, boom
Keep on
That's good Joe
Cause it
Cause it doesn't break you know
It doesn't sound corny or doesn't break the mood
And hereby whenever you feel the mood is gonna be appropriate
Just play a [?] or something you know to close em together
Pay no attention to Frederick
Good do it again and keep on playing that way
In fact you don't have to do it anymore
Just blow [?] Joe should start
This is how
This is your thing Joe, cool it cool it
Joe Joe everybody know's it now
Would you get on the organ and play the bass
[?] what you said I can't hear you
Wait a minute, why can't you play the bass Joe
It'll be heavier unless you wanna walk around here looking bossy
[*Coughing*] shit
I'm paying you too man play the fucking bass
You don't know what that organ is huh
You never seen it before, it look strange
What's this Joe James beautiful
Joe James beautiful
Hey Joe them rolls Joe James [?]
They don't bre... just taper off on them
Nice you know
You know they just crumble off

Fuck all a y'all

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Robert Glasper Talking Shit Comments
  1. Keny'e Bogan-EL

    One of the best intros I've ever heard. His voice was music

  2. That Guy That Saved Earth

    drove cross country from WA state - KS State summer of 2016 with $50 in my pocket and a full tank of gas. This album got me to see my kids. Thanks you.

  3. Exzneair Williams

    my next buy....I hv all his music. I want to see him live so bad. he is absolutely brilliant. how peaceful the world will be listening to his music....omg I could bathe in this everyday 💋

    Jay Young

    Exzneair Williams

  4. Nicholle Davis


  5. glen gray


    Corben VanLoosbroek

    glen gray was that Miles talking?

    Lisaa Bradyy

    Corben VanLoosbroek Yes. That is Miles. Unmistakeable raspiness.