Robert Glasper - So Beautiful Lyrics

[Robert Glasper:]
Umm, the next song we're gonna do, is a song by a really good friend of mine
He's actually featured on my original Black Radio album
He co-wrote and sang a song on there called "Ah Yeah"
This is by my friend Musiq Soulchild
It's entitled, "So Beautiful"

[Musiq Soulchild:]
Hey yo, Rob What up it's Musiq uh heard you was doing my joint "So Beautiful". Uh, you and the guys was doing it over and I- I really feel like, I really feel honored I mean it's a good thing that you picked that song
Cause I really think it's important that women know how beautiful they actually are, despite everything going on in the world these days
When it comes to women and how they feel about the way that they look, how men think about them, and what they think men expect of them, I don't think that that truly matters at the end of the day
Because the only thing that really matters is how you see yourself

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Robert Glasper So Beautiful Comments
  1. MagneticQubzian %

    It's still a blue note?

  2. revmd621

    I love his music. He’s so talented. He works with some of the best musicians in the industry.

  3. 1nuvision

    kool and the gang .....

  4. Yung Wells

    I love how this piece just pops into my mind now and again.

  5. Jack Willis

    Inventive arrangement. Love RG

  6. IndustryPlay360

    I am just getting hip to Glasper and Henry...I am a Bob James fanatic but these young cats are boss mane! They play with feeling, vibe, and major chops...Love it.

  7. V. H.

    xD 6:27 haahaa
    Listening to Robert Glasper while working kind of confuses me.
    When windows whant's to warn you that there isn't enough space for your typing... and Robert makes it G7sus4.

  8. simone brady


  9. April

    Those keys are perfect

  10. Chris B

    beautiful! Covered is the best album I bought this year...sorry last year, I know I'm a little late to the party but only discovered RG in 2019. Magic

  11. Franco Xavier


  12. Sandman Armstrong

    beautiful wow.

  13. Davidson Lima

    Song by Musiq Soulchild (2008), please everybody remember that. Incredible piano cover, man! :D

  14. lopezb

    Sooooo beautiful, sooo nice.....

  15. huseyin ozensoy

    ease my mornings

  16. Piero Luciani

    Questo è amore

  17. Keith Lapsker

    Truly food for the soul. These musicians are truly annointed. They are playing on a higher level that many are just not used too.

  18. humphrey odol

    Listen to this and just hear Musiq vocals in your mind takes you to another place.

  19. Lillian Manning

    This is Magnificent !  Come to N. C.    This 2020-----      And let do what it do !

  20. BRgentalha

    show de bola viva brasil

  21. Dirceu França Calixto

    Beautiful song , thanks !

  22. Уахтанк Тымбызов


  23. Correlations Bodywork LLC, Eva Lipton-Ormand, CHom, CCSP, NTS, LMT

    Music is healing.

  24. Torey Williams


  25. Gretl Blickenstaff

    This pianist THIS PIANIST IS MY Favorite

  26. Mahmut Dursun

    Уже давно эту песенкк прокручмваю..спасибо сказать ,это слишком мало..а хочешь деньги на сёт перекину тебе ...ну ,не хочешь как хочешь..

  27. Dawn Deransburg


  28. Terry Murphy

    He just smashes it

  29. KaanBey

    dat chord made my heart skip a beat! 2:22

    Derek Lott

    KaanBey totally crazy!

  30. Heinz Weixelbraun

    Just beautiful.

  31. Олег Ястребов

    jazz is eternal

  32. Austin Hood

    I feel the pain and struggle with this rythem

  33. Austin Hood

    Love you bro

  34. Austin Hood

    This guy is the reason for me loving Kendrick Lamar. He pretty much produced the whole to pimp a butterfly album with this kinda jazz inspiration

  35. Truth Seekr

    Wow. Awesome. Percussion heaven!

  36. Roslyn Moore

    Love this! <3

  37. King-koraman Kora-bosse-family

    Faya brooo

  38. Antony Whittingham

    He sure felt the love playing this tune, see his bottom lip when Musiq starts talking

  39. Andy Wolchko

    I so love this composition, having listened to it many times, but to be honest, the whole thing about women towards the end kind of felt like a lecture, and took something away from the listening experience. It seemed unnecessary. Otherwise, it's a beauty.

  40. Oladimeji Olusunmade

    Just so beautiful together. I mean the brothers, dexterity combined.

  41. Terry Collins

    Thank you, Thank you guys, that’s all I can say. Just SO together, just SO cool!!!

  42. Myrkskog

    this is spot on.

  43. Eunice Mumbit Trill

    What was once on our radios t.v, In the heart of people once lived, for the love of music, turned the last generations to a love of
    "war, in music held higher"

  44. TheAcarch2

    WOW! I didn't want it to end.

  45. U jim

    the rhythms with this piano oh so beautiful

  46. barb79

    bill evans would love this!

  47. Rich Lord


  48. Carlos KarmaKoma

    Monster of Jazz

  49. Eric Jay

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Instant sub 👌

  50. monique cavard

    le noir et blanc repose et ce piano aussi..super!!!

  51. gwej

    Reminds me of 4hero

  52. Richard Freeman

    Kanye West Jesus is King 👑

  53. Sim JY

    I believe that the microphone in front of Robert was turned on and recording his humming.. anyone hear that?


    Simply soul-stirring... *dreamy sigh*

  55. Philip Anderson

    Man this version takes me there. The drums echoes my heart as I hear and feel the rhythm and the flow of the trios divine interpretation. I love the original as well but this one is an eternal keeper

  56. B Ray

    Straight Up Phenomenal..... 🚀🛩🔌🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

  57. domino dent

    Perfect song to describe your music, brotha. Keep pushin'! This was so real!

  58. Ken Banda

    Beautiful music for sure! Thank you.

  59. Georges Prudenté


  60. Tyler Forest

    I'm one more time back on and to this

    It is soooooooooooo beautiful, that it still makes my eyes all wet... Monsieur Glasper really a great talented guy, his trio is waaaaaoooooo ;-) !

  61. MrBarackClinton

    Real Music Lives! Salute Brother! DAMN!!!!!

  62. Ramon Alexander

    First off....what the Hell are you smoking....
    To not love this beautiful!!!!

  63. Nicole Pleasant-Immanuel

    Its not “self”, right? It’s knowing who you really are.

  64. marcelool ool

    Maravilhoso. Obrigado!

  65. M G

    Simplicity is so nice. Very smooth.

  66. iwconfig

    Настоящая музыка,а не тот кал из динамиков радиостанций сто с чем-то фм...


    Ого! Солидарен) Это мастерпис грёбанный

  67. Chris aka DjC

    Yo! Peace, Love & Respect✌💕🙌🤗

  68. ntando ngcobo

    All time favourite jam❤❤❤❤❤

  69. Colonel Forbin

    Real Xanax

  70. Joseph Bridges

    There is hardly anything more appealing musically than a keys/bass/percussion-based combo.

  71. Graf Aramaic

    Have a friend, who back in the days, if we were out at a bar wtvr, would literally cut his eyes sideways at a woman in the most corny way possible- trying to get her to reciprocate contact.
    Failing that, or maybe because of that, inevitably he'd be with her whispering vomit inducing sweet nothings and oftentimes you'd be within earshot of the lies.
    They sounded a lot like the speech at the end of this song lol...hey it seemed to work for him! 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂

  72. Glenn Gaskins

    This is real music,
    1980 Hackensack NJ
    WRVR Jazz station.

  73. ze1xus

    So sorry Im coming to the party so late....U brothers are killin! Going to buy your music...I am a supporter for real..

  74. Chuka Jenkins

    I guess the drummer is an invisible man. where is the cred for bass and drums ?

  75. Pedro Paramo

    Este moreno es un chingon, hace años que lo escucho para sentirme contento.

  76. Charlita Murphy

    Now go listen to Musiq Soulchild's song!!

  77. coffeeお兄さん


  78. Lady Day Eagle's Wings

    This so melodically smoothe. Sliding from note to note. Whimsical, sweet and mellow. In a world where there's joy and happiness. Laughter, children playing so carefree. Smiles!! SO BEAUTIFUL!! Peace to all this time of the year I wish everyone much happiness. Thank you for this rendition. Peace Beloved.✌🏿✌️✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏽✌🏾🤩😎🌹🌹🌹

  79. Amelia Mokoena

    Sooooo Amazing!!!!

  80. Tony Urban

    Officially obsessing. Great music.

  81. Christine Lewis

    First thank you for being you. The remake of so beautiful and with Diangilo's blessings makes it so much more BEAUTIFUL. PEACE AND BLESSINGS. ONE LOVE ❤️❤️

  82. Chris Bloodworth

    Beautiful ☝️ ❤️

  83. Otto Stierlitz

    And the other musicians have no names, right?

  84. sebastian ad

    where in the hell has jazz been my whole life. i just cant stop listening to it now, its just a constant eargasm.

    rene akan

    me too. same feeling.

    SoF 228

    Welcome to the cool, buddy!

  85. E Marcel

    As much as I wanted to be a piano player... I am not one... but every note he is playing makes complete sense to me.

  86. Cláudio Marques

    Only thing that really matters is how you see yourself

  87. Houpline Isabelle

    So Beautiful.....oui...


    Rich, Full, Warm sound with a few cool ice cubes sprinkled through out - this is how I would describe this music. Super Nice!!

    Wayne Wayno

    Tranquility I love it

  89. Emi

    Music for the soul. Love his work

  90. Ronny P

    It's now but back in the day as well , so glad we still have musicians
    who can play great jazz .

  91. Agencia Merkén


  92. Thibaur Super

    Who is it from in the first place?


    Musiq Soulchild

    Thibaur Super

    Popps71 Thank you!

  93. Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel


  94. Nicholas Hudson

    3:10 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. Rui Simas

    So beautiful indeed.

  96. scruffy01100000

    Holy shit this feels like a time machine

  97. bee dot a dot

    People who thumb this down are fucking haters... this is pure genius

  98. p Bunink

    Level Vibes...Groovy ! !