Robert Glasper - Intro Lyrics

[Robert Glasper:]
Wassup y'all?
Okay so this is the record
It's gonna be live
So you can act like you're at a club and if you like stuff you can go "oooooh"
If you don't like stuff you can go "oooooh"
And so basically the premise of this record we're doing; uh most of it is, you know, coming from my Black Radio records
I don't know how many of you have my Black Radio album
Thank you guys so much
So winning R&B album of the year grammy and stuff
Thank you so much!
You guys are amazing
Umm so coming after that I felt like doing a trip record now
But I wanted to do... I didn't want to, you know, go straight jazz, you know, off the top, Boom out of nowhere!
So I wanted to do a nice happy medium and do songs that I like basically from my iPod, you know
So these are different songs from different genres, different artists, um songs that I just like to listen to
So we're going to play some of those mixed in with some stuff that I, you know, trio stuff that we've played back in the day but we never recorded
Um these guys playing with me are on my original trio albums when I first got signed to Blue Note I did two records; uh "Straight up trio"; "Canvas" and "In My Element"
These are my original guys
And it's Vicente Archer on the bass
Um on the drums it's Mr. Damion Reid

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Robert Glasper Intro Comments
  1. Kelly Freet

    "yo what the fuck you doin? I told you to intro me why you rhymin?"
    "cuz I'm a rapper!"

  2. Erika Davis

    Affion is a damn FOOL!! 😂😂😂😂

  3. Mattus. Allen


  4. thegingerbreadman

    The beat for this is just sick. Luv the vibe although he hurt my feelings :(

  5. Nah Nigga

    [[[[[[[[[[[DERRICK ON BASS]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  6. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    i’m not gonna be ready for this, am i?

  7. Grooves and Messages

    Funnier than Talking Shit from the Robert/Miles collab Everything's Beautiful 😂😂😂

  8. Spooks McGhie

    Yo! Why Affion Crockett got bars tho!?

  9. Joshua StoneKutta

    The rawest and funniest skit since Mike Epps on T.I.'s KING album. At least to me, so FUCK YO FEELINGS LOL!

  10. Onika Moat.

    Well go off then!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Ruan


  12. Tone A


  13. Ej Eason

    *fuck yo ankles*

  14. Mia Treadwell



    chris dave i respect that brotha touch on the drum

  16. Absurd Hero

    I like how authentic and raw this is 😂

  17. girlgreenivy

    My gosh Affion. They're all such fools for actually releasing this. I love it!

  18. funkier project

    Maaan this is dope ofcorse ya all hear that, but chek out that nastiest bass line eva

  19. tomasgho

    Derrick fucking hodge

  20. Mike Adams

    lmao this shit had me crying laughing "Robert look old as fuck" 🤣

  21. Dr. Wagner

    Imma booger your snot
    Intercourse your feelings

  22. TheDantean

    Can't even groove to this sick beat, I'm laughing so hard. 🤣

    Googlee Dood


  23. dlma84

    Been waiting to hear Chris, Rob and Derrick back together

  24. B-Town CHILL

    Saw AF @ comedy show in Phoenix,az.
    1 of my fav T's I wear

  25. Pray for You


  26. carlosandmuriel


  27. schleighofan

    FUCK YES !!!!!!

  28. Chris Kyles

    This is dope yo

  29. Hronis Arva


  30. Gab Omandam

    Oh once again, in to the void
    The mixtape everyone should need

  31. richard heathcock

    😂 he old but he good! Fuck yo feelins with yo dick!! Nasty 😈

  32. Feeling The Blanks

    Fuck yo ankles 🤣🤣😭😭

  33. Feeling The Blanks


  34. Camille Cotton

    D******mn I didn’t know he could rap LmAo F*** yo feelinz 😂😂😂 INTERCOURSE YOUR EMOTIONS *dead* lol


    🤣. Check out his verse on Strong Arm Steady's song Black History. Affion Crockett can spit when he's being serious.

    Tboooy A



    and his better most idiot we have these day

    soul bro76

    Strong arm steady