Robert Glasper - I'm Dying Of Thirst Lyrics

I am Eric Garner
Trayvon Martin
Michael Brown
John Crawford
Rekia Boyd
Aiyana Jones
Oscar Grant the Third
Timothy Stansbury Jr
Ramarley Graham
I am... Amadou Diallo
Sean Bell
Danroy Henry
Jonathan Ferrell
Shantel Davis
Alanda Barlo
Tamir Rice
Akai Gurley
Thickorus Deen
Kendrec McDade
I am... Jordan Davis
Wendell Allen
Ronald Madison
I am... Yvette Smith
Renisha McBride
Kimani Gray
I am...

I really enjoy that we're all different people that are really special. I feel proud to be brown every day. I enjoy being brown especially if my skin rips, I am thinking about brown. And I'm thinking about what color I am but I have to be myself. You have to be happy of who you are

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Robert Glasper I'm Dying Of Thirst Comments
  1. Jay-TeA

    Thank you for this Rob

  2. Rank Baloney

    Why does this make me so deeply sad almost to the point of tears?

    Daniel Sumi

    Rank Baloney because you have a heart

  3. alakazam fam

    so did robert glasper create this song or did kendrick lamar?

    Grim gaming

    alakazam fam
    Kendrick made it he sampled it

    Jan Lamberg

    well the album is literally called covered so take a guess

  4. EraseMyParanoia

    Oh my god. This is so pretty.