Robert Glasper - I Don't Even Care Lyrics

[Macy Gray:]
I don't wanna be
I ain't gotta be
I ain't gonna be
And I don't even care
I don't wanna be
I ain't gotta be
I ain't gonna be
And I don't even care

[Jean Grae:]
I mean, uh huh, yeah
I guess I could be what you wanted from me
If I was runnin' from me
If I wasn't honest
But see, when I was little
I made up a promise
Or wait, rather a premise
And that just prefaced everything
I've never been embedded in a mass cause, wait
Let me think back, nah
I think I said it right
I never considered this like a bed of feisty
The man I'm just better writer than a diva
I mean, I am a better writer than
I'd be a diva
Not aesthetically either and
I don't think of it evil, air quotes
The people and their folks need a hero
And a villain
But I'm both and neither
Dare most to reveal all the feelings
In the ether
With the glass jar
Her with the thin skin
Her with the mask on
My kid decision was living this
With the mask off
My middle finger cast off
I'ma leave the mask off
So fuck y'all

[Macy Gray & Jean Grae:]
I don't wanna be (and I don't wanna be)
I ain't gotta be (I never gotta be)
I ain't gonna be (Uh uh)
And I don't even care (I don't even care)
I don't wanna be (I never wanna be)
I ain't gotta be (I never gotta be)
I ain't gonna be (Uh uh)
And I don't even care (La, la, la-la, la)

[Jean Grae:]
It's not the censorship
Ten percent some mental shit
Ninety percent, the emphasis
It's just I don't care
I won't wear most of the clothes
You hoes wear
And I won't go to most of the shows
I don't fare
Being solo with scotch
And yelling YOLO with a spare glass
Toasting to myself and the ghost of my past
And glaring at
Cookie cutters over sharing
I'm over caring
You could find me over here
And it's apparent

[Macy Gray & Jean Grae:]
I don't wanna be (and I don't wanna be)
I ain't gotta be (I never gotta be)
I ain't gonna be (Uh uh)
And I don't even care (I don't even care)
I don't wanna be (I never wanna be)
I ain't gotta be (I never gotta be)
I ain't gonna be (Uh uh)
And I don't even care (La, la, la-la, la)

[Macy Gray:]
When you're lookin' my way
You'll be lookin' in space
Cause I am
I'm so outta here
I'm so outta here
I only do it my way
And when they see me, they beg
Cause I am
I'm so outta here
I'm so outta here

[Macy Gray & Jean Grae:]
Hey (I don't wanna be)
When you're lookin' my way (I ain't gotta be)
You'll be lookin' in space (I ain't gonna be)
Cause I am (And I don't even care)
I'm so outta here
I'm so outta here
Cause I'm so outta here
I'm so outta here
You'll be lookin' in space
And I'm gonna do it my way
Cause I'm so outta here
I'm so outta here
We so outta here
I don't really care
I don't really care

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Robert Glasper I Don't Even Care Comments
  1. Richard Astwood

    My Brother, You Are Phenomenal! Very Inspirational!!

  2. Jean Parmelin

    Merci ! Merci pour ce que "celle que j'avais aimé" et pour cette femme que j'aimerai aussi ;-))

  3. Charles阿平

    What a great point When he changed the frequency

  4. Mr. Potatofactory

    Mother of trills

  5. Yung Wells

    The drummer is absolutely disgusting

  6. Daniel Caesar

    5:14 The lick

  7. 2007DJMC

    Although you are very handsome looking guys....I prefer listening with my eyes closed. ;)

  8. neptronix

    Never heard anyone pull off drum 'n bass drumming in reality. That's some effin' talent. Hats off.

    Eunice Mumbit Trill

    I'm glad I found your comment i was about to write exactly that! that exact same glory,
    I felt in those drums! Back in the day we called these jazzy beats with them drum beats
    "intelligent drum and base"
    So miss those days, i actually can't find them tunes around today sadly. This is close but sax is missing, love the sound of him playing piano, but piano aside the drummer is amazing. Perfect combo.

  9. 006 8

    FIRE!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Seb Sicre

    so refreshing to this day

  11. Dušan Šućur

    Still listening 2019 ;)


    Funky on the drums,JEEZZZ

  13. Music Lover

    Fabulous. First example of a jazz drummer using a jungle beat I’ve come across

  14. Polo BEDE

    ATTENTION ! ! ! Trop original le batteur ! ! ! - bravo - bravo - bravo - Une respiration vers un monde nouveau ! ! !

    Polo BEDE

    Un petit pas sur le tempo , un grand pas pour la batterie !

  15. Ashay Mathieu

    Awesome poetic!

  16. Gregory Brown

    Robert G. is the dude as far as I'm concerned. One more awesome great, in a looonnnng live of greats and equally important "innovators" The radio and music industry has changed, but don't be fooled as I was so sadly mistaken for a moment or two. There are "STILL" Amazing, gifted, dedicated, talented, innovative artist out there. This young man is one "PERFECT" example of that. Though he's been on the scene a while now. So good to see him finally getting his just due. He and many others have taken the baton and have evolved the art form to a higher level. I can remember as a young child sitting on my Dad's lap listening to the Grand Masters of his day. Duke, Count, Dizzy, Miles, so many others. Would love to see the jazz neo soul artist of today do a picture like the one done back in the day, called a great day in Harlem. Over 100 jazz artist in that picture during the heyday of bebop. Keep making it happen RG. You are musically fearless.

  17. TheKZmiddle

    i love robert but the drummer is awesome genius!

  18. TruthSeeker

    Jazz in its purest art form. Incomprehensible to most

    Radical Cosmology of the few truths to be found here eh ? ..the language of the divine..

  19. Edna Fernandes


  20. Eileen McSorley

    I could just kick myself. He was 100 miles away 48 hours ago.

  21. cecil smith


  22. Chris M

    How this channel only has 97K subs is beyond me.

  23. Jessica R


  24. Les Davis

    Raven Nation ! Fuck Your Football Team lol

  25. Les Davis

    Give us all some , for loving and respecting great jazz! Who does this in 2019?

  26. HOW Music and Arts

    I love the quality ...absolutely perfect mix inspired :) can anyone help point me in right direction in terms what gear they are using for video, audio recording...etc...

  27. Celeste Maldonado

    Inexplicably soothing sounds! Drummer.....Sheesh!

  28. Kenji Oyamada


  29. Grasten Hock

    Didn't know Drake is such a terrific drummer!!

  30. Eric King

    Hi Glasper.....just know that you’ll be remembered like other greats of music and jazz.

    Tell Damion that we think he’s a beast on the drum

  31. person14

    It's like garage jazz... love it :)

  32. Brian Foster

    wtf he is so good

  33. Giorgi Tsintsabadze

    this shit is beyond good, it's wonderful ...

  34. Piotr Pawel Underground Music


  35. pochangin


  36. tshegi more

    My goodness, this man is brilliant!

  37. David Neil

    The Roots @ the end.

  38. Codie Bell

    I need this on wax....

  39. Walter Preston

    next level

  40. Griffin Edwards

    ended on that half cadence

  41. Tony Gradisa

    This is COOL!

  42. Les Davis

    If only I could play my Trumpet like this !🤨

  43. World's No.1 Music Vibe

    My favorite song on this album, i'm captured, can't escape...

  44. Sıtkı Can Türkoğlu

    Great music. Only thing ı didnt like is the snare sound.. Hope it was mixed better.

  45. Angelo Po

    5:14 lick located

  46. Alexandre Huitcentvingtcinq

    Qu'est ce qu'il fout, le batteur ?

  47. Anton Zigando

    this drummer is keeping rob on his toes!

  48. Петър Кривошиев

    Save children of Syria!!! ...everything is plastic on such a butcher's background...

  49. Luiza Meiodavila

    how come I never found these videos before???? it's absolutely them all!

  50. Oliver Tanner

    glasper really is shyte isnt he

  51. Brennan Divett


  52. dachanist

    Sound's like you care more than you let on.

  53. Taylor Wells

    5:14 the lick

  54. Ryan Malone


  55. Dušan Šućur

    3 years, and still listening this fine art music.

  56. Smithii

    i didnt know drake was such a good drummer

  57. Mitch

    If you listen through good enough headphones you can hear him kind of humming when he's got his mouth closed i think. Cool.

  58. Anton Valcke

    Anyone who knows what hi-hats those are? Seems like two different sizes.

  59. Algerene Tarver

    Grown and Sexy!

  60. Algerene Tarver

    Can't get any better than this!

  61. Algerene Tarver


  62. Yeqamyah

    For those cutting their teeth on this style the Glasper Trio is a great group to start with; within this genre. Jazz is feeling alive with every emotion and just freely expressing your songs within songs. I love this tune!

  63. Matthew Paluch


  64. Dwelu Ananzam

    This music is soo soothing man. The Drummer is soo tight. Thank you for sharing

  65. cimino39

    I will never ever understand Jazz

  66. Mark James

    Reminds me so much of Hancock, Carter, and Williams but a new dimension, a new paradigm, - new genius - such is Jazz

  67. Beautifully Human


  68. Dijana Aracic


  69. NNA1U3

    3:06 - 3:13
    Standard error or musical genius?

  70. jorge González

    From Cuba. Thank you for you inspiration. Good jazz.

  71. Michael Conlee

    god damn that roots quote goes so fucking hard

  72. el Biter

    It was already perfect, but pushing the roots at the end made it superb...

  73. NNA1U3

    2:50 when the bassist sstarts fucking around with percussion and Robert Glasper comes in with them hot keys and its wonderful


    incredible music..

  75. No Room Records

    simply stunning!

  76. robi rab

    oh my God...this is DOPEEEEE

  77. Marlihone

    C'est juste énorme

  78. dwayne smith

    Very nice arrangement , there are some parts I would’ve added a touch of organ but other than that magnificent

  79. Bobby Amdro

    Its christmas everyday with Rg. F.T.B

  80. Lily de gama

    Beautiful...smooth and crisp.

  81. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Ramsey Lewis

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    Amazing dynamic to this piece.Exquisite. Makes way for reverie

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    Everybody talking like Glasper is all over, well never heard of him .... don't do musicians that are more famous than a singer ... sorry

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    Glass was in his fuckin baag on this joint. Keys had me on edge

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    The Drummer!

  86. עומר ברזילי

    whats the names of the bassist and the drummer?

  87. Vincent Washington

    Improv Hip Hop Jazz

  88. Vincent Washington

    this sure is some nice music

  89. Nicolas Moreno

    excelente lenguaje

  90. Mali jazzymal

    cool druuum

  91. Joshua Henry

    "The Lick" at 5:14

  92. James

    Anyone know if this whole session ever got pressed? I would love to have this on wax.

    matteo castiglioni

    i think yes

  93. Lukas Jouck

    I am not shure, but is there someone singing?

  94. Nasen Baer

    I think I listened to this at least 150 times in the last 6 weeks

  95. willie hooper

    Drums suck in this combo playing drum n bass... your a trio perform like one, I wouldn't just kill the hi hit like that... yeah the drum chop is good but the improve is way way off no flow... they call it a ride cymbal for a reason..... need more flow

    Anton Mück

    Tbh i think the smooth drum n bass groove lays perfect on the piano

  96. Alà Eddin Abugrara

    A M A Z I N G
    This shit is superior take it or leave it this guy is just the best

  97. julio herrera

    Awsome songThe drum and bass style drumming wasn't bad, it's a great idea to mix with jazz, but Mr. Reid didn't execute it the best. I just don't think the snare licks meshed well with the rest of the band. It's all acoustic also, so brushes or rim lick would be grooved well. It could've been the volume levels, but overall the open handed drumming didn't do it for me.

  98. Zbigniew Janusz Niewiadomski

    Master class

  99. Stefano Feik Filio Saavedra

    It`s jazz but the rythm sounds like Drum n Bass