Robert Glasper - Find You Lyrics

I knew all I had was you
Taught my mind to thinking that
I could go without you

Going far but going nowhere
But I found somewhere to go
I'm going home to find you

Alright cool

I knew all I had was you
Taught my mind to thinking that
I could go without you

Going far but going nowhere
But I found somewhere to go
I'm going home to find you

Going, going

Going far but going nowhere
But I found somewhere to go
I'm going home to find you

I knew all I had was you
Taught my mind to thinking that
I could go without you

But I found somewhere to go
I'm going home to find you

I knew all I had was you
Taught my mind to thinking that
I could go without you

Going far but going nowhere
But I found somewhere to go
I'm going home to find you

I knew all I had was you
Taught my mind to thinking that
I could go without you

Going far but going nowhere
But I found somewhere to go
I'm going home to find you

I knew all I had was you
Taught my mind to thinking that
I could go without you

I knew all I had was you
Taught my mind to thinking that
I could go without you

Going far but going nowhere

Going far but going nowhere
But I found somewhere to go
I'm going home to find you

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Robert Glasper Find You Comments
  1. flinzz78


  2. WalkingintheClouds1231

    The instruments in this just burst the electrons in my brain! The message is so diverse! Could be made out as you think about this life we are in it's such a rat race out here. Going far in life and then you get to that point where you realize you really didn't get anywhere... You really need the Most High to beat this system! Such an amazing track in my world lol! I LOVE THIS BAND!

  3. frank c coleman

    Yes!!! Bringing back the Fusion of the 70's & 80's!!! Shades of Herbie H. Well done my brothers.

  4. Travis Wheeler


  5. FlyFreshTaDef

    What Bohemian Rhapsody wanted to be! lol

  6. Curtis Davies


  7. Blackcrow411

    Découvert sur France Musique ! just wowwwwwwwwwwwww

  8. Antwon Savoy


  9. Antwon Savoy

    Yoooo the outro is freaking crazy!!! Why in the hell I keep putting it on repeat!!! 🎶🎶🎶🎵🎹🥁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥

  10. Seneferu Khepera

    One of my favorite songs

  11. Herman pub la buca gasthaus

    Yeah Joe Zawinul style!

  12. Edna Fernandes


  13. Dana Terrell

    This song is everything... I bought this album and love it from beginning to end.
    Dana T.

  14. Miguel Pereira

    3:45 bass doubles the melody ohhh

  15. Moses Ramirez

    This goes to show that you can cop even the most unique chord progression (Radiohead, Everything In Its Right Place) and still make an original song out of it.

  16. Aaron Gonzalez

    Damn who's the guitarist?

  17. Quincy Williams

    They're even better live. Such brilliance!

  18. Alexey Shestov

    Prog rock + Hip-hop + Fusion + Electronics = Fuckin Amazing Robert Glasper Pushes Boundaries Again

  19. Eugene Yakshin

    Freaking unbelievable

  20. Old Man Primo!

    Proto Glas!

  21. Andrew Roberts

    Robert never lets me down

  22. John Fontenot

    This Album here my fav bro! been on it hard! im definitely buying it! Robert Thank You

  23. lowlowseesee

    glasper is so innovative....saw him and KC and a few others live and needless to say it didnt even sound like this

  24. Kojo's Korner - Divine Health Culture

    Every man or woman derives their own interpretation of what they hear musically or otherwise.... with that said..... this amazing song sounds like a longing for the Mother/Father Land (Afuraka) set to the language of music. Absolutely genius... tru Soul Music!

  25. Cornbreadddd

    just realized that he already put out a new album!!! A little sad it's not a trio album......but just hoping no vocals!!! ..............shit...owell, still happy to have something new to listen to!

  26. Azlo The Great

    dem piano chords.

  27. Jazz & Scriptures

    Isn't there a complete tune to the last bit after girl speaks, soo beautiful?

    Taylor Macdonald

    i hope so!

  28. Muzika

    Great song! That guitar solo just takes the song to another level tho

  29. damien blast

    i had this same experiment. thinking i got this load of money i can leave without being hurt. "money can buy u happiness" that bull shit. the BEST energy, feeling in this world is #LOVE

  30. JasonTheWorldisYours

    I really like the production


  31. Jim Bridges

    Finally Found It/ It was you all the Time!

  32. patcharisma

    The Album of the Year 2016 to me!
    Love, Patrick from Switzerland...

  33. Evelyn Moses

    Yesssssssss! This joint is hot

  34. EyEofOsirus DaRealest1


  35. stengel lobo

    Uff este tema tiene tanta energia!! Es geniaaal!! Saludos desde Venezuelaa!!

  36. Nick Bennett

    i found this hard to listen to

    Chance Rodgers

    are you melinated? probably not, to much base for you. go robert!!!!

  37. Myra Deshields Ferrell

    genius at work!

  38. *SHINE*

    not feelin it.. this album might be his yeezus

  39. LiquidJFunk

    Cool track!

  40. StompL7

    Hey guys ! Do someone know who's playing here ?

  41. Wes Ragland

    it's not black radio but it's dope!

  42. B Truebluebrandy

    for true music aficionados here... 👌

  43. deltaswan

    I'm totally feeling this.

  44. Krys B

    high vibration muzik!! love love it!!

  45. CitaGrandson

    Yeah fuck the 23 people that thumb down this

    shadrie foster

    CitaGrandson This is literally what you call good vibes!!!!


    shadrie foster This is so much vibes

  46. Daisha Hunter

    I love yall!!! See you soon!!!

  47. Peter Baker

    Mmm the experiment is back.

  48. speedygonziify

    I'm so disappointed in Robert Glasper...what rubbish is this...what happened to that lovely jazz they used to make?

    Kaleb Webb

    They call themselves the Experiment for a reason.


    Honestly I can't blame long-term fans for being sceptical but you've got to realise that RG is a musician and a true musician must evolve, look at D'angelo........true exploration of music in all forms is what makes a true musician flourish, I've got to say I was a sceptic but I've grown to absolutely LOVE THIS VIBE that RG is exploring

  49. Isaiah Kettles

    What a beautiful ending... Good Job!

  50. Marquis Walker

    Damnnnnnnn yassss

  51. LifeInTechnic0lor

    uhm... not sure. Gotta wait for the album

  52. LivSimple

    THAT'S what I'm talkin' about Glasper!...No box, no boundaries, just creativity! DO THAT SHIT!!!!

  53. Prashant Samlal

    Who is playing guitar?


    Michael Severson

    Old Man Primo!

    Glas blowing proto fusion...too progressive!...

  54. Dante Corbett

    Im excited for this!! The name is perfect.

  55. José Jimenez

    The Robert Glasper Experiment surpasses any understanding of music. This music is like Engineered to the highest level of music theory.

  56. Megan Wellsey

    💜💜💜💜 the arrangement is soooooooooo dope

  57. Errol Britt

    Love the way Robert Glasper & his band infuses their beautiful music with what I feel are important msgs then makes them to be understood by even a child! Dope!

  58. Rob Falgiano

    Got that wonderful mysterious melancholy undercurrent I love in RGE's work.

    Rob Falgiano

    And the spoken outro is powerful. PEACE


    Rob Falgiano the baby is correct. The Polices must do better. We should’ve never let him down. We need to work harder to make him proud.

  59. Keith Barrett

    This doesn't sound like any other Glasper song I ever heard. I love when an artist be bold and take changes. This is definitely a Robert Glasper Experiment.

    Robert Harrison

    It still sounds like him. He's the second coming of Hancock, and, respectfully, his own being.

  60. Ein The Corgi

    Yo wtf what typa genre is this this is dope af


    Prolly fusion or somethin'


    Or some polyrhythmic synth jazz

  61. Sean The Bastard

    That small child at the end is so COCAINE DOPE, with his assessment (I THINK that it's a boy, but: it COULD BE a little Queen, as well???), that he/she reminds me of ME, when I was a little cat :0).

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    The song is OFFICIAL, by the bye...Salute, and Love...


    that's definitely Robert's son talking if I'm not mistaken!

    Sean The Bastard

    @jryuwah Appreciate the information, most definitely. Salute...!

    Tom Richardson

    It is his son. He talked about it on an interview broadcast on NPR this morning.

    Sean The Bastard

    @Tom Richardson Thank you, as well. A wise young seed, indeed...

  62. KrokodilTears

    the intro reminds me of sign of the times

  63. Billie Simone

    Lovely! ❤️

  64. Sylvia Thompson

    The ending is everything! <3

  65. hallmusicofficial

    So excited

  66. ahweaver17

    i've listened to this a few times and it sounds like a mess. Lacks direction. Will be interesting to see what the other tracks are like, so will wait to pass judgement. This ain't the cutting edge of Project Logic by a long chalk


    No plugs for other music please. Innovation has no formula. Would not be innovative if were so.


    you're right about innovation. Casey Benjamin was involved with Project Logic and that was innovative. Black Radio 1 was innovative, BR 2 less so. However, this isn't innovative

  67. iggreen85

    Another Personal Favorite


    It seems some Allan Holdsworth came to the house.


    Sounds more like Tosin Abasi too me.

    Oliver Adam

    Tosin Abasi has listened to his fair share of Allan Holdsworth, so no wonder you would think so. Holdsworth is the fucking grandaddy of this legato, no bending fusion super shit!

  69. SassyVonCutieBoots1

    Oh yes.

  70. Walter Geer

    Not sure about this. Will wait for the full release before a final verdict.


    same here

    Derek Gaines

    +V a l n s k y the entire point of their music is that it continuously evolves..i don't need to hear the album first. It's an automatic purchase..

    Captain falco

    robert glasper E X P E R I M E N T (duh)

  71. Ms Hill

    Yes Robert Yes ❤👍👏👌

  72. Nick Law

    That last part in 13/8 is beautiful. My favorite part. Mark has such a beautiful pocket man!!

    Josh Miller

    13/8? Where at? I don't believe so. I assumed you meant the part around 3:15 that comes back in around 4:54. I'm hearing 6 measures of 4/4 and one of 2/4.

  73. Derek Gaines

    on repeat

  74. D45HK3

    Yesssss! The EXPERIMENT! So awesome!

  75. Jean Luc Pressoir

    so neat, smooth and totally amazing with the music

  76. JF Hayeur

    Good stuff

  77. John Smith

    Just pre ordered. Y'all are gold

  78. Lorraine Wise

    This was too cool!

    BH Productions

    their live video has some guy with red dreads and a feather in his hat on vocals?


    Casey Benjamin, member of the band

    BH Productions

    So poppa jon can go suck it? yea

    BH Productions

    we did and its casey benjamin

    Sibabalwe Sineke

    @Brett Herold​ yeah mate! Clearly doesn't know RGX

  79. Pietro Pignatelli

    I love how the Robert Glasper Experiment is growing in a unique style by mixing electronic with jazz

  80. SmokeFace


    Harlan Guio


  81. Orodorot

    Getting an 808 Kanye vibe. Still pure genuis. . .

    Levi Isuno

    trading2 he did play keys for him at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if he was influenced by him.

    Megatron's Royal Emissary

    He and Kanye should collab...

  82. Francille St. Claire

    Like 'I Stand Alone,' a thought provoking and relevant message at the end from a member of the future. Great work, I love it 👌🏾❤️

    Ace Sutton

    Also Dying of thirst, the end off that song just has to touch the's just deep and thought provoking

  83. Robert De Bueger

    Robert Glasper goes prog! Sounds great!

    Terry Tripp

    Prog or Fusion. Tastes of both! Great work in any case.

  84. Stefan Thompson

    Really cool


    another stunning piece by the most dangerous experimental jazz group...def off the chain

  86. Jocqui Dixon