Robert DeLong - Revolutionary Lyrics

And I click
And I like
Measure up
Counterfeit extraordinary lives
I'm a sick, prototype
I'm a sign, of the times
I fake it like I made it for their eyes
I'm paralyzed

Let's not keeping wasting away
Behind our hi-res displays

Let's be revolutionary
Yeah, we could be so much more
Let's be more than ordinary
(What are we waiting for?)
Let's be revolutionary
New history can't ignore
Let's be more than temporary
(What are we waiting for?)

Stuck, in a loop
See the posts
Read the news
Addicted to the story, not the truth
Every click, adds into
All the ad, revenue
Pay to reinforce my narrow views
Without the proof

Let's search for someone to blame
Behind our hi-res displays

Let's be revolutionary
Yeah, we could be so much more
Let's be more than ordinary
(What are we waiting for?)
Let's be revolutionary
New history can't ignore
Let's be more than temporary
(What are we waiting for?)

All this fear
All this war
We could give it all away
While we're here
We want more
Than just standing in line
No more cash
No more gods
Just give 'em all away
Just give 'em all away

Let's be revolutionary
We could be so much more
Let's be more than ordinary
(What are we waiting for?)
Let's be revolutionary
New history can't ignore
Let's be more than temporary
(What are we waiting for?)

Let's be revolutionary
(What are we waiting for?)

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Robert DeLong Revolutionary Comments
  1. Rob Conary

    This song/ video makes me really want to see a collaboration between Robert Delong and Ytcracker.

  2. Deimon Devil BatsFool 21

    #LuciferonNetflix brought me here !

  3. M_ Gamer

    This is an underrated song

  4. Vanja024

    Underrated song

  5. CR Films

    Wow! i realy love this song hes realy amazing and i hope formore nice stuff!

  6. Lara Paedra


  7. Juliana Georgia Ayres


  8. WHY_OWo

    Mr robot.

  9. Legion

    I was here before. Thanks to YouTube's improved recommendation algorithm.
    But *Lucifer 4x02 brought me here again.*

  10. based nerd

    Stay consistent

  11. Trina Carpenter

    Angel sending me to heaven with this music-

    And that beauty...

  12. GorillaPHX

    What has struck me about this song is its message. I mean, what ARE we waiting for?

    DYNASTY Zxcer

    Nothing at all

  13. Dagmar Lartigue

    remember global concepts? wth happened

  14. Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL

    WrestleMania 36 brought me here lol classic

  15. Nothing Hive

    allready at the door

  16. Máximo De la Cuesta

    Supergirl season 4 ep 16 brought me here. Lex and Red daughter visiting the US

  17. Laura B

    killing it robertdelong killing it

  18. Ivy Silver

    damn what a bop

  19. Ivy Silver

    is this a bop or a banger

  20. Shiino Fillion


  21. Scorch Flame

    Holy shit this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kari Kozlowski

    Roby You are all

  23. Mollie

    I’m silently praying for the day that you would come to the uk on tour preferably a fully uk and Europe tour 😁

  24. Resul Baggio

    There is 90s or 00s song that has a very similar opening beat, and I can't for the life of me can't figure it out what it was. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

  25. 3̷6̷5̷ ̷g̷ün̷ ̷g̷e̷c̷e̷y̷i̷m̷//

    Im into cyberpunk too dude

  26. Volt

    supergirl anyone?

  27. Rafael Freitas

    Perfect Song

  28. Kayla Sermini

    You are my favorite artist!!!!!!!

  29. Kayla Sermini

    Albany misses you!!!!!!

  30. DYNASTY Zxcer

    Really good song

  31. Mateus M


  32. Jamie Neville

    i serve in the US navy and i feel stressed by my day to day life but when i get a playlist for deployments or even fixing my uniforms i feel ungrounded from reality and i feel like i can be who i am again. and for that robert i love you and keep on jamming.

  33. Gaming W/ Nicko

    The OG Robert Delong was better

    DYNASTY Zxcer

    Na his music has gotten better

  34. niklas kras

    was a little tricky to find it through shazam on lucifer season 4 but i´m glade that it worked. awesome song!

  35. luvtaehyung

    By lucifer serie

    MAKAROV GamePlayer

    Me too, right from Brazillll! <3

  36. MA7xGE the European

    The song AND The visuals hit deep (especially the upside-down Earth)... but I might be too scared to be revolutionary. My phone crashed 3 times when I tried to play this song. Help! :'D

  37. motherlymoments

    "No, bring us another sign. Yes, bring us a heat wave again."

  38. motherlymoments

    "You're not a perfect person, so......"
    They've been spewing useless gibberish at me, prioritising it all over useful content.

  39. My Passion 4 stuff

    Lucifer brought me here season 4 is awesome

    Askar1 [14.JgKp]

    @DYNASTY Zxcer

    Daxesh Nayak

    We should form a community of people who love Lucifer and its soundtrack 😉

    Ammie Dragon

    I already heard this song multiple times and when I heard it on Lucifer, I was freaking out! This is one of my favorite songs! 😍

    gayle norris

    I love that show so much and I feel lost not watching it.i hope Netflix finds out this show has diehard fans,and season 4 was the best, because chloe and lucifer loved each other.most of all it showed how powerful he was compared to fox's crap.when he turned into the devil had said bow down to your lord wasbadass.

    Jacob Richardson

    so glad lucifer had this banger otherwise i would have missed it

  40. Germak Lv


  41. Germak Lv

    So coooooool. Love you music.!!!!

  42. Legion

    *Supergirl brought me here!*

    User Addasi

    Legion 4*

  43. evilceel

    Theme song for tech boy

  44. Rachel Arcane

    Why is there a guitar player?

  45. Christine Weaver

    heard this on supergirl. .awesome with a capital A!

    Kevin Daniel Bermudez Calderon

    Me too!

    User Addasi

    Same here it's catchy asf

  46. Sierra Birt

    Who else is here from Supergirl?

  47. Art by Atlas

    Supergirl brought me here :D

  48. Spoons N Knives

    I cant tell if he is younger or older

  49. Tyson Jackson

    Supergirl anyone???

  50. RyshuPicchu

    This music video is so incredible it deserves 1 billion views. Let's make it happen, team! <3

  51. Galaxy K!ng

    I thought he was an old man at first

  52. Carnegie Josh

    A new way of being

  53. Katy S

    So good!! All his songs are the best

  54. Banana Bread

    This kinda made me think about Vanya Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

  55. FightingFights

    Text: DAE PHONE BAD???? Some good parts. 2/10
    Music: Kinda good but pretty generic. 5/10
    Visuals: JUST GREAT!!! 10/10

  56. Francisco Cabrera

    It's pretty dope how your music is underrated. Everyone kills all other music!

  57. Itz_ Jackie

    Uh oh...I think I just broke the replay button..

  58. dredmozer123

    He looks a lot like Rob Beckett

  59. Stevie Evans

    Yes yes yes yes this is also just amazing. I need an album over here. You're killing it and killin meh

  60. omar White

    Thank you ❤️🖤

  61. KingDomofSkeough

    Why so many dislikes? Great tune

  62. kiritsyuti

    I like Robert… But I think this songs lyrics are a little juvenile…


    < : * : >

  64. chengtang luan

    Can't wait to go to your live in LA in the next few days. So dope man! You deserve way more attention!

  65. some guy

    r/phonesarebad anyone?

  66. f.g vlogs gold


  67. Ravage Panther

    Beginning, he is quoting the Medias stories of him, sarcastic. Beyond this, he makes a statement, we can be so much more than these computers allow us.

  68. Chelsea Marie

    It sucks nobody is actually addressing the meaning to this song in the comments.

  69. Catherine Taylor

    Can't wait to see you in ATL in February!

  70. Othership Adventures

    Thank you for sending this much needed message.

  71. John Davis

    I love you

  72. Senpai Coffee

    dude they should use this song in westworld or black mirror! absolutely incredible as always, I'm so glad Kristine introduced me to your music!!! <3

  73. omar White

    I love you 💖

  74. marccello gregorio


  75. Tsavos Alliance

    Epic Song and Video! 😎

  76. steve piehl

    No more gods, give em all away.

  77. Margo Rietman


  78. priceschubert

    Saw this live!!!

  79. Clever name Right here

    Not bad

  80. Lucinda Malone

    Computer generated +
    Song sounds like it's out of the 90's though.... Need to kick it up quite a few notches to compete with today's music.

  81. Isabel Cason

    damn this is awesome robert

  82. Colin Bennett

    This song is revolutionary

  83. Jess /Chester

    you're so pretty

  84. CatVape

    This song is revolutionary. This should be in the next gta game.

  85. RITA Brouillette

    I. Love. This. Song.

  86. Boissinova

    damn bro, killed it

  87. Sadia Afrin

    Amazing lyrics, so timely and accurate in reflecting the time.

  88. Thats4 Random

    I saw your music at ajr concert and now I can’t stop listening

  89. Debora Barembon

    Me encanta su música. Excelente!

  90. K Robinett

    Saw this before it came out at salt lake

  91. PRIBOI

    Good sing nice perfect

  92. Steven Windward

    He can sing for sure. I just love the energy that he has. Not my favorite song but great great artist

  93. humility Productshons

    I first saw his music in the ajr consernt

  94. D45

    Wen I think music I think Robert Delong «  lets be revolutionary wat are we dating for ... arg I love it