Robert DeLong - Religious Views Lyrics

Be not afraid, it's just a game [x22]

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Robert DeLong Religious Views Comments
  1. Curtis Kaiju

    Reminds me of Innerpartysystem

  2. Tiera Danheux

    Who else thought of House when they heard "be not afraid" ?

  3. Thomas Otten

    You never thought that you could say 7 words for 4:20 minutes and still be this awesome.



    He can say 154 words and still be awesome.

    Jd Sb

    Thats so true tho

  4. inneccentric

    saw this guy in Pomona last week. he is awesome

  5. acekiller2000

    How is Robert DeLong not way more famous than he is? His music is amazing. Love the lyrics


    @acekiller2000 I know right?! I was shocked when I saw it only has 50 000 views!


    +acekiller2000 his most popular videos (global concepts and long way down) have 1 million views, while impressive he should be WAY more popular! screw taylor swift and all those others we want robert delong! His videos should be 100 million view hits!


    I believe he's talking about him in general..

    Rick Sanchez is My Spirit Animal

    acekiller2000 he is getting there.

  6. Chandler Cobb

    Life is a really, really hard game.

  7. Rupert H

    Video length:perfect...

    X Veins

    +Rupert/ Melodiic *perfect plays in backround*

  8. Sean Sweeney

    cool vidio

  9. Jack Mooney



    Rahbert Dahlang!

  10. Jack Mooney


  11. john delong

    this is the the song too listen too when ur overwhelmed with life. just dance your ass off and keep that chant going
    shit'll save lives man

  12. J. Hancock

    its prob Robert in disguise 0_0

  13. J. Hancock

    mutha fuckin expert, where ever I find Robert delong on youtube your in the comment section

  14. Danny M

    So who are you? noticing you seem to clarify a lot of misconceptions about robert d on youryube vids.

  15. Luke Vogel

    thanks holden, you flit. @Holden Caulfield

  16. charlmeister1

    mate, you're a champion. been trying to figure out what song it was that he plays at the start, thought it was "basically, I" as well until i listened to it by itself and realised that wasn't it. <3

  17. eekfencer

    Some of the best songs are the simplest. 1 line, for 4:20...fucking perfect.

  18. Holden Caulfield

    That is the song "Where We're Going." :)

  19. Holden Caulfield

    JackelynLuna, The first song played live at JamInTheVan is not "Basically, I." It is a very different song called "Where We're Going" mixed into "Religious Views." ;)

  20. steffen lindauer

    i remember this from the xgames 2013 tignes

  21. Holden Caulfield

    Which live version are you referring to? Sometimes he plays "Where We're Going" first live.

  22. Slade Thunderdragon

    Why is it that the live version he does of this song has an extra verse in the beginning, but the album version he does of this song only has the "be not afraid it's just a game" lyrics?

  23. Sykes Mew


  24. edmundthebeast

    Finally on youtube :D:D