Robert DeLong - Few Years Make Lyrics

I started the car to make a trip
I held out for the afternoon
I called you late but my head was out of the radio
I went to Hawaii on a trip
And didn't come down 'till I got home
Graduated Saturday and left the real world
I drove out east in my white car
Played at a church with our band
I got drunk and wandered off
With my friend's latest girl

A few years make a difference
A few years make a difference
A few years make a difference
A few years make a difference

You got in the car for waterfalls
I fell asleep behind the wheel
I never cry for my best friends save august 28th
I missed your birthday on a 5th
I held your hand it was for a joke
I stood close for body warmth
Against frozen Kimi's feet
Moved in to a smaller room
I settled in the Listerine
I walked inside of second south and stayed in for a year
I mention the future as if I knew
I went out to school because I could
I never wanted anyone
Unless they were someone else

Maggie and I blazed a trail
Walked on rocks on the streams
Started the summer on a dock
The water was cold and green
I called her now but we're no good
The conversation is without gains
And I am not her future lover I'd always known I was
A few years make a difference
A few years make a difference

My sisters boyfriends old blue van
Snowflakes on the clouded glass
Christmas lights and Jesus Christ
And visits from the dead
Seeping in on Saturday
This old computers constant ring
Golf with Edward weekday nights
He died when I was ten
Flannel t-shirts, house on stilts
Spaceships on the brand new couch
Mom and Dad I love you now more than I ever have before
The house was made a living space
But the sand was a battle ground
I found toy cars buried in the dirt behind the porch

A few years make a difference
A few years make a difference
A few years make a difference
A few years make a difference

Got a castle from Diane and Norm
Paper airplane club at three
Kissed a girl but didn't mean to kiss anyone else
I hung my own neck on a swing
When I was three I cried real hard
A coffee can I might have died every day since then
I gave god up to rationale
I met him knocking on my door
I'll die and tell him I don't know you
You never called me back
I closed my eyes and saw that I was never old or young or smart
I was everyone I'd ever met who I never loved enough

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Robert DeLong Few Years Make Comments
  1. Greg Doyle

    Sad sometimes a few years make me happy

  2. Tan_Boi _Stefan

    Fam thissa bop

  3. Tan_Boi _Stefan

    perfect for my ex girlfriend

  4. Samantha Earley


  5. DigitalFire5000

    Lol looked at the lyrics and still have no idea what this song means.

  6. Mad

    This makes me think of how fast life goes and how quickly things can change from one thing to another.

  7. Dylan Van Derboom

    A true song to get away with depression, sadness, and kinda loneliness.

  8. Howie’s World

    I love these kind of random funny songs. Gotta love Robert Delong!

  9. Rio Platinum

    You'll get there!!! You're amazing

  10. Peter Mooradian

    this dude is a genius

  11. Thomas Munson

    I feel like this song is about me, as with every Robert DeLong song. Sign of a great artist.

    Autin lee

    @Thomas Munson lie it's about me

  12. katyperryluv2

    Every time I think of Robert, I imagine that we're best friends because it's the only thing to help me resist crying because of reality when I don't have friends.

  13. Chuck Kent

    The lyrics in this song make me feel so... other

  14. DK367

    I despise you

  15. Guy Fawkes

    Robert DeLong blows my soul.

  16. sierra espinosa

    Robert DeLong will be the most underestimated artists of our time.