Robert Cray - Smoking Gun Lyrics

I get a constant busy signal
When I call you on the phone
I get a strong uneasy feeling
You're not sitting there alone
I'm having nasty nasty visions
And baby you're in every one, yeah
And I'm so afraid I'm gonna find you with
A still hot and smokin gun

Maybe you want to end it,
You've had your fill of my kind of fun
But you don't know how to tell me
And you know that I'm not that dumb
I put 2 and 1 together
And you know that's not an easy sum
And I know just where to find you with
A still hot and smokin gun

I'm standing here bewildered,
I can't remember just what I've done
I can hear the sirens whining,
My eyes blinded by the sun
I know that I should be running,
My heart's beating just like a drum
Now they've knocked me down and takin it,
A still hot and smokin gun

Yeah still hot and smokin gun
Yes they've taken it
Still hot and smokin gun
Oh they've taken it
Still hot and smokin gun
Knocked me down, taken it

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Robert Cray Smoking Gun Comments
  1. idig63

    One of the very best blues guitarists/vocalists out there. I bought the Strong Persuader album when it came out in 1986 and played it a million times since then.

    I understand Robert grew up in the Arrowhead area of Lakewood, Wa when he was a teen. We lived in the same area. My older sister told me she used to see Robert hanging out at the 7-11 in Arrowhead all the time. She said Robert's sister was also in some classes with her at Lakes High School. Who would have known the amazing person Robert would grow up to be! I wish I could have met him back then.

  2. Miss Tery

    Unique ✊️👏

  3. Eugene Provost

    love this song totally blues rock on rom

  4. Maori warrior

    Hes definitely up there with the best of them! Jimi, BB king, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Clapton, Mark knopfler, David Gilmour.. Amazingly brilliant

  5. pierre-mary besnard

    Ö festival de #sykrock Ä la sélection Ö #bluesMaylisa je decouvre #RobertCray #YouTube

  6. Calvin Matthews

    What an awesome song.

  7. Danny Boyo

    This is the perfect song to put on when you have to smack a hoe.

  8. Ronni Merwede

    Love love love this song!!!! Alot of memories!!

  9. Alan Bojarski

    Saw him for free once, never will again

  10. PABallin48

    The sound, the guitar talent, the vocals, and the blues story telling...Man I LOVE this isshhh!!! This album or ANY of the songs on it didn't get the national attention it deserved. Robery Cray is a bad, BAD MAN!!!

  11. Cindy Carrick

    Just an instant Classic!

  12. Jeffrey Patrick

    Robert Cray is one heck of a guitarist totally reminds me of Eric Clapton do you ever seen the song Old love they're like hand-in-hand they sound the same they're back and forth and they're right on time and their styles are so similar. It's just like Jimi Hendrix if he was still on the planet and Stevie Ray Vaughan perfect comparison they could tear it up cuz they're guitar styles are so much alike so with that my friends out there all I got to say is God I wish you didn't take the good ones and gosh darn it all 4 a.m. clean when I do my philosophical opinion that if you're musically inclined as far as your listening habits U2 would see what I'm talking about. Anyways thank you rock and roll Stars I wish you were all here on the planet still playing especially the last two but you know what you will live on in my mind and the great thing about us I listen to you forever anybody else is got good comparisons between two artists has that special almost like twin brothers the guitar sound the same same style hosted let me see it... JP opinion for the evening in the music world peace everybody out there I Remember music is the key which builds heart so when you're down and out put on a song and just start playing air guitar or sing it out loud

  13. Bryan B

    The lyrics alone set this song apart. 2 different smoking guns...blues ar its finest

  14. Wacn Wacn

    The guitar was blazing

  15. Lester Batson

    Chillin one day years ago and heard this tune on MTV for the first time, Robert Cray is one bad dude.

  16. Janet Wilhelm

    Take notes kiddies this is how it is done.

  17. Francisco Melo. Melo

    Muito som e inspiração.

  18. TO Miller

    Some nice wet drops...

  19. TeMomo-Irawaru Tapu

    love his music fan of his forever

  20. codzeedee dee

    Classic 😊👍❤🇦🇺

  21. Yvette Marie G

    Bought his tape Tower Records in Jersey in 1987. Went thru three more. Everyone keeps nabbing.

  22. lynn bond


  23. Taylor Poe

    My dad took me to see Robert Cray as a boy and I often come to listen to some of his music.

  24. Bruce B

    Robert Cray is pure legit. He sounds great live.

  25. Robert Bradley

    A great song from a great band.

  26. Janet Wilhelm

    Take notes kiddies this is how it is done.

  27. Walace Nogueira

    A master of modern blues.

  28. Ronny Sullivan

    Makes me want to learn how to play the guitar..

  29. Mark Arrivi

    Won a grammy for this one and Right Next Door too

  30. David Horne

    Just saw Robert and band this evening. I went to his concert maybe 15-20 years ago. He hasn’t lost a thing! Vocals are good as ever. Great show!

  31. bandaid joanjett69

    Magic of music....and I am sure the guitar is the key....amazing !!

  32. Jack Wilson

    Robert Cray also co-wrote Old Love with Clapton.

  33. Donna Keller

    Can't wait!!!

  34. Asha Green

    Your honor, I declare myself guilty of all charges for never finding Robert cray before,....for somebody who loves this kind of music so much, there’s no excuse

    Elizabeth McLeod

    But you did so enjoy him.

  35. Jeffrey Schmoldt

    Smooth sounds

  36. Dez Turner

    Awesome artist.

  37. Hílton Souza

  38. hotajax

    Wish he would do some concerts. He's great live

  39. Bill MCGEE

    Just introduced to this band
    this evening and I enjoy listening
    to this bluesy beat has it !!!!!!
    This guy is singing with his
    soul and he means what he
    is singing ! I enjoy this kind of
    music and I’m sure that
    everyone will agree !!!!

  40. just me

    Bravo Robert!

  41. Jen Sirdusky

    Mr. Cray, Mr
    Legend, what an honor it is to listen to you!!...

  42. Wendell Cotham

    Smoking GUN

  43. Wendell Cotham

    Not ONE thing new under the SON 😁✋🌞🗻

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  45. hotajax

    What a treasure. Most people on the street would just say, "Robert who?"

  46. Wendell Cotham

    Why don't y'all just take it easy on your anion respect whatever the f*** that was you can keep up with my goddamn conversation anyway

  47. Wendell Cotham


  48. statistics Applied

    my brain comes up with some image of 90s American films

    D Poe

    I think of From Dusk Til Dawn - mainly because its opening song by The Blasters shares a similar riff.

  49. Bobby Mcgee

    Beautiful lead solo.

  50. Tish Tullar


  51. anofi berry

    Man this was HUGE !
    Bob came a loooong way from Otis Day and The Knights

  52. Cokos Rico

    Very nice! great!!

  53. joel gibaja

    vu en concert, un régal

  54. marty methuselah

    Smocking Gun...2020

  55. Petar Djordjevic

    What a gem

  56. Dennis Costea Jr.

    Where are my Cray CDs? ... Mutha' humpers!!

  57. Gerald Bennett

    I saw him years ago in Denver for a free concert. The grey guitar and the red one are the only two he played. He hits the strings so hard, after each song he exchanges one with a roadie, just tuned. One of my favorite.

  58. Lillian Bradley

    I love this. Love Love Love.

  59. Sandy Juergens

    HELL YES! CAN'T BEAT ROBERT CRAY WHEN YOU FEEL DOWN! ❤💋 my God. Guitars are fnk alright! YA-AaaH! 💋💋💋❤ can't forget that bass. I love it! And they r all having fun! 😎

  60. Tennessee Ridgerunner

    Pure beautiful Fender tone!

  61. Pierre LeDouche

    I love this song so much. Cray's singing is sublime. I listen and close my eyes and smile, reminiscing about an old girlfriend I foolishly loved so many years ago.

    Don't worry, she's alive and well somewhere.... But in my imagination the rotten bitch is stone cold dead.

  62. philip barnes


  63. Steamboat Production

    was this song in the movie They Live?

  64. Levi Bailey

    Portland blues festival 2019

  65. Chris Harrison

    God, how I love Cray.

  66. Vickie Neuman


  67. maui mikey

    That solo!!

  68. carol vota

    Mahalo Nui. Awesome at the Rainbow Club SEA. WA

  69. Marilee Woods

    Shared worldwide lol Marilee. Love this

  70. GretschDog

    Can anyone believe this made it onto MTV.....amidst all that filler and drivel of the 80s ?!?!?

  71. charles jenkins

    To this day. 6/19/19. I still can't stand how the music business killed the blues in the 90's.

  72. Charles Day

    Awesome! Plain heart no crap. Just blues.

  73. Daniel Szczepankiewicz

    This man does not get the credit he truly deserves. Not only a talented vocalist, but one of the best guitar players of all time.

    peter luck

    he was exactly in the same era of stevie ray vaughn's fame, and today we all know that stevie didnt left much for other players in the 80's blues era

    Grant Wilkie

    Man he's as COOL AS STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN - 👊💯🇦🇺🙏

    peter luck

    @Grant Wilkie hes very good and as cool as SRV, but SRV was too good and he clearly stole the show


    In part, I think it's because the production on this album is not great. Really, the sound quality on this record is just not great, even though the material is strong and his vocals are awesome.

    Sean Kelly

    I think his voice is quite good

  74. Rebecca Randleman

    I so love Robert Cray and I have since seeing him playing live and up close, in Eugene, Oregon all those years ago .

  75. Michael Murphy

    Saw him last night in Huntington, NY. Phenomenal show, great opening acts as well. What a smooth soulful player!!

  76. donamick

    Tomorrow night Wilkes-Barre PA!



  77. Mr Maxxx

    Robert cray sings and plays and never over the top,this was a tight cut and his band stayed on point

  78. The Low E

    I bought the album when it came out in '85 and played it about a thousand times. The feel, clean tone and phrasing he employs is so pure. Beautiful. Roberts voice is as good as his playing. Slays me!

  79. Janet Wilhelm

    If this fulfill your cravings then I feel for you.

  80. Sean Kennedy

    One of THE best albums ever!!!!!
    "I'm havin' nasty nasty visions, and baby you're in every one."
    "I'm havin' nasty nasty visions, and baby you're in every one."

  81. John Bartholomew

    really really solid...effortless, but then truly talented people make it seem ez

  82. cindy g

    I saw Robert Cray at  the Boston Harbor Pavilion , Boston , Ma. what a great concert and perfect venue .!!   He was just awesome . !!!

  83. Big Timmy

    Robert Cray is the best blues artist ever.

  84. Kim Denson

    Feeling these blues right down inside, pain in my ❤ heart

  85. Peter Tuchscherer

    The fact that this absolute gem of a man was with Stevie Ray on the last night of his life really gives me comfort. Who better to be with really. I absolutely love this song. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

  86. steve salt

    great band

  87. Janet Wilhelm

    He is so hot especially the way he strums that guitar! A fine chocolate treat for a bad night.

  88. Chrissy Bradley

    2019 baby...I can't remember just what I've done....

  89. bblafrendy

    The McMenamins renovated the Elks Temple in Tacoma and named one of their guest rooms Robert Cray.

  90. Shelley

    ❤️ Robert Cray❣️

  91. P. Blaylock

    True blessing of the blues.

  92. Keith McCrary

    this song is cray

  93. comicmania2008

    Not heard this guy over here in UK, just only found RC today, what a great sound I missed! Added to favorites along with all the great guitarists and singers!

  94. Michael Rauch

    Got to see him in a free concert in Orlando years ago. Fantastic...

  95. Dan Ribar

    in my top 10 greatest songs ever.

  96. CJ Melton


  97. Nick Mellick

    You're not shitting there alone