Robert Cray - She's Gone Lyrics


Standing in the doorway
She was crying
Big as life
She was waving me goodbye
The fool that I am
Saw it coming
Did not have to guess the reason why

She said again and again,
"I'll be going."
"And one day you're gonna be here alone."
And right now I'm starting to believe her
She just ain't leavin', she's gone

This ain't the first time
That I've been through this
I know the price I'm gonna pay, you see
I've got one ex-wife already
And it looks like I've got another on the way

She could always tell that I was lying
And God knows that I'd be lying all the time
And sitting here right now
You know that I'm dying
Cause I could not keep myself in line

And it's too late
I'm gonna need her
And the night's are getting cold and long
And I, never will forget that front door slamming
You know, because,
She just ain't leaving, she's gone

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Robert Cray She's Gone Comments
  1. Tom Patrick

    Off my favorite Robert Cray album, "False Accusations".

  2. Aprill Barnes

    The person that sings it sho wasn't me, is BILLY BONBS

  3. Aprill Barnes

    The person that sings it sho wasn't me, is BILLY BONBS

  4. luschenc1

    Van Morrison's 1980 live in montreux  is another monster performance also stevie ray Vaughn texas flood extended version is one I come back to a couple times a week.

  5. mickey b

    sweet poetry from mr cray bluesician

  6. Vgirlification

    wow found myself back here again, dorightbyyou, thanks baby.. :)

  7. Robert Ironside

    Can somebody post "That Wasn't Me" from this album? My copy is at the Cottage. It's such a monster song that was overlooked by current corporate media. :-/

  8. dudewithahood

    Robert Cray has the best Blues Songs

  9. dorightbyyou

    hey i preciate that, i was'nt quite sure of that part and i just knew someone would help me out.

  10. Vgirlification

    Hey baby, I totally hate when someone comments to correct lyrics, so i guess it's a little self-hatred here, but this song is so close to my heart... it's line two starting with "big as life, she was waving me goodbye, fool that I am, saw it coming, and..." much love to you, Robert Cray made my fortieth birthday in a tiny church sized venue where the back row there was like the front row of a big venue, Easton Maryland..... thank you Mr. Cray, you thrilled the hearts of me, and my two daughters

  11. dorightbyyou

    i know i just tagged hall and oates because they have a song called she's gone.

  12. Rusty Reno

    This is on Robert's 1990 album 'False Accusations' not 'Take off Your Shoes.' It's also not a Hall & Oates song.