Robbins, Marty - The Hanging Tree Lyrics

I came to town to search for gold
And I brought with me a memory
And I seem to hear the night wind cry,
"Go hang your dreams on the hangin' tree
Your dreams of love that could never be
Hang your faded dreams on the hangin' tree!"

I searched tor gold and I found my gold
And I found a girl who loved just me
And I wished that I could love her too
But I'd left my heart on the hangin' tree
I'd left my heart with a memory
And a faded dream on the hangin' tree.

Now there were men who craved my gold
And meant to take my gold from me
When a man is gone he needs no gold
So they carried me to the hangin' tree
To join my dreams and a memory
Yes they carried me to the hangin' tree.

To really live you must almost die
And it happened just that way with me
They took the gold and set me free
And I walked away from the hangin' tree
I walked away from the hangin' tree
And my own true love, she walked with me!

That's when I knew that the hangin' tree
Was a tree of life, new life for me
A tree of hope, new hope for me
A tree of love, new love tor me
The hangin' tree, the hangin' tree, the hangin' tree!

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Robbins, Marty The Hanging Tree Comments
  1. AndrewBrewer917

    I think this song is about giving up on material and truly living

  2. Justice Backstrom

    I'll bet Suzanne Collins copied her "The Hanging Tree" song off of this... they's some similar.

  3. Janet Hu

    Movie Hanging tree : starring Cary Cooper and a leading beautiful actress. Marty Robbins was singing the title song.

  4. jeffy bee

    fuck this, I thought they were gonna hang someone. Love this man tho!

  5. Mark Stengel

    A great Gary Cooper film. This song sung by the great Marty Robbins told the story of feared doctor and his slave while mending the beautiful woman in a semi lawless mining camp out west. 🎼🎵🎶

  6. Clint Whatley

    My friend Martin Jurow produced the movie ...R.I.P.

  7. Glen Friesner

    Now this is country and Western music not like the junk they put out today

  8. Wilfred Saulnier

    what a great song and   singer  !......Wilf   Saulnier

  9. Catherine Mylar

    good god is this hard as fuck to find with that piece of shit from hunger games

    Josef Stalin

    Catherine Mylar what?

  10. Richard Perkins

    One of the best movies ever made. This is on one of the greatest music albums ever recorded.

  11. Shannon Middleton

    It is a good song

  12. Frank Williamson

    To really live you must always

  13. ToPkOrGiNz

    old golden voice

  14. sharon lint

    I'm fr om the uk but just love this kind of music and love in line dancing and want t get bck to going there

  15. The King

    Most ironic tree ever.

  16. MrRex1949

    Love this song the Hanging Tree. And love the movie the hanging Tree by Randolph Scott. Great flick. Need to see this movie. 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🤠


    Robert smith jr : You being 43 years old. It was before your time Robert. But you can see the movie The Hanging Tree on They show old movies or shows on Hey ! Glad you responded to me. I appreciate talking to nice people like you. Thanks there. 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸✌️✌️

  17. Edward Steven

    Wonderful western song and movie...the streng of love !

  18. MrOkayBar

    Just got done having a conversation about lynchings. Then YouTube Recommendations had this song.

  19. Michael Johnson

    Badass movie. If they make a new version,it's got big boots too fill. Starring Gary Cooper, Carl Molden.

  20. Kev Mccarthy


  21. Anita Perucca


  22. Miles Bennet Dyson

    I remember when this was a radio hit...back in 2077

    Justin Roman


  23. Tyrone Epps

    This song is on 🔥!

  24. Jimmy Dean

    Hmm, Marty or Frankie, difficult decision

  25. Justin Bender

    Kill urself or not, the song is about the change in your perception from before wen u would have been pissed over losing the gold, but once you thiught u were gonna lose your life and then waljed away from tge hangin tree, u didnt give a shit abour the gold u. Werw grateful and joyous at still bein alive.

  26. Justin

    General, another settlement is in need of our help. here i'll mark the location on your map...

  27. Jennifer Snyder

    thanks for sharing in such great quality, beautiful

  28. dan watson

    Found this in my dad's CD collection back around 1999 or 2000... and it's always stuck with me..

  29. ExodusBF4

    Icoming fallout new vegas fans!

  30. Pretzels

    Am I the only one who thought it said MARRY POPPINS- THE HANGING TREE the 1st time? 😂😂

  31. Plab fish TheAhegaoFaces

    This song is much better than the big iron and I wish it was in Fallout New Vegas. Hey! But at least we have this song on a Fallout 4 mod.

  32. Trey Jacobsen

    I'm trying to find a song from around this time about a man who was accused of killing someone but he wasn't guilty because he was actually sleeping with his friend's wife at the time.

    Anyone know this song?

    Marty Robbins

    Lone Fullmetal the Reba song, the night when the lights went out in georgia?


    Lone Fullmetal while I am not certain but there is "They're hanging me tonight" and "El Paso" that are both about a girl

    Michael Wofford

    You might be thinking of Long Black Veil by Johnny Cash.

  33. BC Stud

    They will be singing this at GITMO soon !

  34. Marlene Sullivan

    Martys A LEGEND..💕 Thanks For Posting..

  35. Detective Inspector

    Boom chick a boom on the Riff with a simple story/song with words that are simple & heartfelt about a meaningful & current subject, like all good country songs used to be..
    Respect brah :-)

  36. Signalstat Steve Douglas

    Just saw the movie on grit TV the other night. Love this song

  37. Doc MacLaren's Tinkering

    We are watching the movie right now

  38. Daegan Depert

    I’m in 6th grade and I love Marty Robbins it sucks now that all the music is rap

  39. Joe Koncz

    Reminds me of the North County Post OFfice where I sang this daily to the other Mailmen

  40. Brad Lindsey

    What a voice.

  41. AeliosZero

    This song sounds incredibly good on my speakers for some reason

  42. 179cpv

    If only the narrator of Cottonwood Tree could have been as fortunate as the one in this song.

  43. 179cpv

    59 people left their musical taste on the hanging tree.


    Their musical taste that could never be...

  44. Sir Francis Drake

    Americana Senor.

  45. ShadowKat Sam

    2017 Still Miss Marty. Just reminiscing ;) not here from Fallout, even tho i've played them :)

  46. Bill Bright

    Take the gold,, but please,
    don't take the girl.

  47. Jane Archibald

    I wonder how many people thought this was the hunger games so

  48. mr. warmth

    i have to lie down my diabetis is hurting my legs very sorry, your nice people.

  49. mr. warmth

    had to pee

  50. Roger Kay

    No-one better...................

  51. Chris Turnbull

    I came here from the hunger games


  52. stlgtrace

    Every song on this album is fantastic! One of Marty's best! Fantastic songs!

  53. janice graham

    i listen to marty almost every day he has a voice like no other. i don't care for country music today. its like listening to hard it will be acid country!!!

    Ernest Clements

    Big iron the greatest country song ever

  54. kingbushwickthe33rd

    Underrated WESTERN from 1959

  55. mr. warmth

    my brother and uncle and i used to play and sing different towns sure miss them

  56. Don Hawkins

    I remember when this was a radio hit..back in 1958..

    RFK would've been A ok

    I don't really like Frank Sinatra, I feel like he uses his voice as a substitute for good lyrics.

    Bill Venero

    September 1959

    Keith Evans

    The eternal boomer

    Miles Bennet Dyson

    I remember when this was a radio hit...back in 2077

    Cillit bang limescale remover

    @Dorsey m Pretty sure thats a different Crosby m8

  57. Thomas Holland

    Marty Robbins was a brilliant Country & Western singer.

    Brad Lindsey

    He tells a story.

  58. Sandman

    My uncle was a police officer, and one time he told me a story about a case were he went into someones house, and this song was blaring over and over again. When he went into the garage, they saw the guy had hanged himself.

    Kenneth Jacobus

    From the movie, Dr. Frail's first wife died in a fire and he came west. My recollection is that he caused the fire because his wife was being unfaithful. He met a second woman in the gold camp, and was able to love her after they took his gold and did not hang him.

    Darth Musturd


    George Orwell

    Somehow you're the only other person I've seen on here realize this.

    "A tree of life, new life for me. A tree of hope, new hope for me. A tree of love, new love for me."

    It was definitely about "starting the next big adventure", or in other words, death.

    That's the brilliance of it though. The most tortured messages are usually hidden beneath the veneer of cheerful optimism. It's just an added bonus that it allows almost anyone to derive some pleasure or catharsis from listening to this song.

    Zboy 115

    Holy fucking shit, that’s fucking dark than the song

    Kelly D

    George Orwell The lyric is actually “almost die” and he later he “walked away from the hanging tree” - neat trick for a dead man. The song was created specifically for the 1959 film “The Hanging Tree” and written by the composer of the soundtrack; Marty Robbins just performs it. The lyrics are not allegorical but simply a quick synopsis of the movies story. However, having said all this, songs can convey many different meanings to different people based on the listeners own experiences or thoughts. If that is what makes it appeal to you I’m not knocking that, I only want to point out the facts because I love its theme of redemption and personal growth.

  59. Tonithenightowl

    I'd listen to Marty sing the alphabet.

    dracon van hogenagen III

    yes country today has contaminated the name of country. this is now western


    @dracon van hogenagen III ...Do you want a second try on that comment?

    Vivian Mahoney

    Tonithenightowl me too.

    Marcus Hefner

    Tonithenightowl wouldn’t be so great

  60. mr. warmth

    thats what i do with punks

  61. mr. warmth

    gotta piss my apple will play for you

  62. Amandine Quintana

    best song !

  63. Juan Navarro

    Precioso tema!Hermosa pelicula,y una leyenda del cine como Gari Cooper!

  64. David Kvaratskhelia

    I came to town to search for gold
    And I brought with me a memory
    And I seem to hear the night wind cry
    "Go hang your dreams on the hangin' tree
    Your dreams of love that could never be (could never be)
    Hang your faded dreams on the hangin' tree!" (the hangin tree)

    I searched for gold and I found my gold
    And I found a girl who loved just me
    And I wished that I could love her too
    But I'd left my heart on the hangin' tree
    I'd left my heart with a memory (a memory)
    And a faded dream on the hangin' tree (the hangin tree)

    Now there were men who craved my gold
    And meant to take my gold from me
    When a man is gone he needs no gold
    So they carried me to the hangin' tree
    To join my dreams and a memory (a memory)
    Yes, they carried me to the hangin' tree (the hangin tree)

    To really live you must almost die
    And it happened just that way with me
    They took the gold and set me free
    And I walked away from the hangin' tree
    I walked away from the hangin' tree (the hangin tree)
    And my own true love
    She walked with me

    That's when I knew that the hangin' tree
    Was a tree of life
    New life for me
    A tree of hope
    New hope for me
    A tree of love
    New love for me
    The hangin' tree (the hangin tree)
    The hangin' tree (the hangin tree)
    The hangin' tree

    lm deCusatis

    thanks a lot. great song.

    Soggy Cat

    Didn't like the comment because it was on 69, good job

  65. Judy Foxkit

    Love this song! And Marty Robbins' voice...

  66. Robert Young

    Thanks so much for posting this old western classic from Marty! Timeless...

  67. Xauld

    One of the catchiest songs.

  68. Guillermo Balbontin Noval

    The best western in the cinema history!

  69. christine stevens

    My dad had this LP and Marty Robbins was a favorite artist of his.

  70. MyAlbert47

    marty robbins the hanging tree and tex ritters do not forsake me two of the most stirring songs ever real class

  71. Shoobee-Doowap-Baoh

    This song has to be racist...

    Iain Eggelbert



    What you guys dont hear it?
    (it's more of a joke)


    +burfdawg ....ANAL PENETRATION IS THE BEST!!!1!11!1!1


    I'll take your word for it

  72. Monica Araya

    que linda ...para llorar!!

  73. RustyNailGaming

    Fallout 4 music mod got me here x)

    Bill Younger Younger

    shaft by Issac hays

    Bill Younger Younger

    Issac Hayes shaft
    by chance

    Whiskey Woodard

    What mod??

    Ivan Ivanov

    @Whiskey Woodard "more where that came from" for fallout 4

    Whiskey Woodard

    @Ivan Ivanov thank you legend

  74. Crazeyfor67

    The 30 thumbs down folks should be strung up. :0)

    Dee Mueller

    Maybe they were looking for the hunger games song BY THE SAME NAME?

    Common Logic

    Face it...this shit sucks..

    Caiden Miller

    the people who disliked should be hung on the hanging tree

    R. Crompton

    Probably leftists who oppose the death penalty

    Alex Breining

    Crazeyfor67 *hanging tree’s full*

  75. Leslie Barnard

    This is a great song, by a great performer, for a great movie ! Thanks for posting. :)

    Josef Stalin

    Leslie Barnard what movie

  76. ReddNekk13

    This song was nominated for a Oscar for Best Music, Original Song at the Academy Awards for 1959.

  77. sonia sofia leydisophia

    Genial temazooo"de la pelicula del ahorcado"!!!


    The BEST sound around,MARTY ROBBINS.

  79. acla9000

    Frankie Laine's version was practically spoiled by the arrangement that accompanied him due to seem somewhat 'cheerful'; so I prefer this one (with Ray Conniff's orchestra and chorus by the way), which gave the song a more dramatic and suitable atmosphere. Thanks for posting!

    Red Car

    @acla9000 This original form movie soundtrack.

  80. scott tompkins

    It's not even close to the origanil version


    Its not that Hunger Games crap so please go to another video


    Yea it's nothing like its self

    Roger Huff

    +scott tompkins bullshit


    +scott tompkins It's the same version that's in the Gary Cooper movie at the end of the film. You're an idiot. You're why I support abortion rights.

  81. scott tompkins

    This song is shit

    Wyatt Collins

    @Coansnipes It's a common expression, dumbass.


    @scott tompkins Why is that scott, not enough heavy bass and screaming for your wretched taste?

    Wyatt Collins

    Guys, let's not make fun of him. I think he is deaf.

    Alan Cassaro

    +scott tompkins I know the singer isn't blowing himself like Alice Cooper or black Sabbath. But this is what they used to call "MUSIC".


    Gr8 b8 m8

  82. Missy Wiley

    My dad has this cd. This is my favorite song.

  83. Swagtastic Squirrel

    I'm only 16 years old and Marty Robbins is amazing

    Shon Edwards

    Hi guys.  I was a little guy when I got this album, probably 10 or 11 and still have it today.  All this is wonderful music.  I also still really miss my grandpa who gave it to me, and I'm already nearly 50!


    I'm 15 and I agree. I don't agree with the other guy though. Todays music had much to offer, just don't expect to find good music on the radio.


    @pikafuckinchu Well, that is what i am basing my comment on. I just don't like music i hear on the radio.


    @Shon Edwards I too have the album, and it is amazing. I'm sorry that you lost your grandpa.

    Lagrange Point

    No one cares about your age, bub. Ooh, look at me, I'm speshul, I'm a teenager and I like old music.

  84. James Anderson

    Two of my favorite talents here. Gary Cooper who starred in the movie The Hanging Tree and Marty Robbins who sang the theme song to this movie.

    Harold Williams

    Like the Hanging Tree Movie They show it on T.V. quite often...Gary cooper is one of my favorite old western actors along with Audie Murphy Randolph Scott

    Kieran Nichols

    Harold Williams what channel is it on

  85. Tashi Wangchuk

    love this number.


    I own the Hanging Tree.

    Roger Huff

    +KARMACHOSIS so do i its got all of martys songs , im 71 and you sir?


    @Roger Huff I'm 43.. I own it as/in a metaphor.. for investigation purposes..
    This was all just a part of my personal "OP".

  87. Willie Lee

    Does it get any better?

  88. Conley Anderson


    Desert Fox

    nah I only do that to people I know :P


    Same. I'm so used to youtube links being rickrolls...


    Hey gramps, you got capslock on!

    Thomas Holland

    Perfectly True Conley. I love marty robbins too. he was great

    Wyatt Earp

    I really hope ur still alive and happy :)



  90. Garry Heath

    What a talent, I would rather listen to marty than any of this modern crap, the legend lives on!!!!

    Missy Wiley

    Me too. Ballads, especially western ones, rock next to Christian/Gospel music.

    Richard VanConett

    @Missy Wiley Christian music suck the d classic rock n country is were it's at

    Missy Wiley

    Have you ever listened to Christian music? It's great. 

    Richard VanConett

    no im just defending my opinon very strongley

  91. Felipe Bandito

    Outstanding voice!

  92. Maj-Brith H

    He is really telling a story!

  93. bresson eric

     the hanging tree j'adore ce western avec gary cooper et karl malden éric de bourgogne


    Anyone know who the god was who played guitar on this? Probably the same person who played on A White Sport Coat. Love that sound.


    I think it was Bobby Sykes.??? AKA Johnny Freedom

  95. 757Jasper

    What an astounding voice!
    There was nothing he couldn't do with it.
    We really miss these great singers.
    Marty Robbins  Matt Monroe 
    Frankie Laine  Nat King Cole
    What a legacy they have left.

    Ane Siham Abascal

    757Jasper 8

  96. G. Rieck

    what the....!!   major flashback.  stumbled upon this while looking for something else. my parents had this album when I was a small child.  I listened to this album  a lot... (hey, it was better then their other albums.) 

  97. Ron Bishop

    This was one of my parents favorite movies. They both loved Gary Cooper and lived not far from where this film was made. Thank you for bringing back memories of my youth.