Robbins, Marty - The Beginning Of Goodbye Lyrics

Last night I heard a record playin'
On the radio, as I walked through the door
And the song revived some sweet old memories
'Cause I knew I've heard the tune somewhere before

I stopped a moment and I listened
And then I finally realized
That you were here the night you wrote it
A song called The Beginning Of Goodbye

I knew, that night, that it was over
And that I couldn't keep you. Should I try?
'Cause you were really talkin' to me
When you wrote The Beginning Of Goodbye

You left, and patiently I waited
'Cause I believed you'd write to me
But you don't have time there for an old friend
With your new friends in Nashville, Tennessee

I knew, that night, that it was over
And that I couldn't keep you. Should I try?
'Cause you were really talkin' to me
When you wrote The Beginning Of Goodbye

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Robbins, Marty The Beginning Of Goodbye Comments
  1. Edward Peterson

    So great.

  2. Ryan Bikers

    Country muziek met hart en ziel...Marty Robbins...gevoelens vertaald in muziek....

  3. Lena Andersson

    Fantastic BRILIANT LOVELY SONG BY Marty, I REALY LOVE THIS one🎤🎸🎼📻🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊💕💕💕💕💕

  4. betty stephenson

    just a beautiful song by marty love it

  5. Axis and Allies Boardgame

    Everytime Marty opened his mouth to sing, it was pure gold. He left us much too soon. I was 12 years old when I came home from school that day in December of 1982, and I cried when my mom told me he was gone.

  6. betty stephenson

    one his alltime great song s

  7. Duane Yazie


  8. Raymond Young

    love the words to this song

  9. shirley ward

    Beautiful song!!!

  10. Kevin Sharp

    The best

  11. Raymond Young

    what a great song

  12. Carl Hart

    My favorite song by the greatest C & W singer/songwriter ever. Thanks.

  13. Linda Martin

    Marty is a great singer.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👏

  14. Jackie Anderson

    just another great from marty robbins

  15. Betty Culp


  16. Primrose Haran

    fantastic love this song and marty the greatest singer ever thank you for this lovely post

  17. Judith Jones

    Hope Marty knows how very much we are still and always will enjoy his music.

  18. Judith Jones

    When nothing else works play me some Marty Robbins

  19. Carl Hart

    God I love this song.

  20. Shirley Lawlor

    Just lovely could listen all day

  21. Terry Staves

    It does not get any better than this

  22. Primrose Haran

    truly stunning singing from the best marty

  23. Primrose Haran

    I could listen to marty all day and night love this thanks

  24. Unknown Hidden1

    Greatest country western singer of all time .

  25. Marie Hardyman

    Only Marty and Elvis. Apparently they had the highest regard for each other.

  26. Erica Case

    Marty gave this song to my grandfather Floyd Lanning (his ex guitar player from the 50s) in 1974 to record on his only record label Charger Records. It's on my channel go listen!

  27. joyce sebestyen

    What a loss

  28. gayle shaw

    Awesome song.

  29. lavonne murdock


  30. Judith Jones

    This man could certainly sing a great song

  31. Shirley Marquardt

    did marty write this

    Alan Towncar

    yes he did

  32. barrygioportmorien1

    Another great song by the one and only Marty.....

  33. latokatn506

    Yep One of the greats RIP

  34. webbjr37

    Thought i'd heard about all Marty songs, but somehow I missed this great oneThanks

  35. Betty Peel

    Hi Thoma donnie . Remember me ? I forgot my account password . but here I am
    Betty Peel , from Glendale AZ. I know how much you love Marty , always my man

  36. Betty Peel

    I lost my youtube account password .
    Still Marty will always be my mam heart and soul forever

    Cathy Ricker

    Marty Rob bins is one of the best around I loved his music n him rip

  37. Donald Prince

    Très bon chanteur, décédé trop jeune pour plusieurs!

  38. Alan Towncar

    Marty was Good & Country

  39. Margaret Brown


  40. Rick SayJr

    Marty Robbins doing what  he did best singing from the heart !!!

  41. Lucy Kelly

    Love this song!  Always was a fan of Marty - wish I could have seen him live, he seemed such a funny guy as well as a fantastic singer

  42. Zane Starr

    During the early 1970's for a short while this man sang my life!  He seemed to know how I was Feeling with many of his songs.. Check out the album, 'This much a man'
    you will find me in there!

  43. Rita Fellin

    He was a good singer.

  44. Hamilton Gray

    He sings from his heart

  45. Sandra Nicholsn

    I haven't heard any country singer that can sing as well as he did. What a multi talented man. Thanks for help keeping his memory alive.

  46. betty peel

    Hi Peter , can you post the song by Marty on the Lost and found album . It is called I need you to hold me together . This is a very beautiful song . thanks .. Betty

  47. Ray Pryke

    This is a lovely song.

  48. Alexander den Grooten

    Hallo Peter, ook ik ben een groot fan van onze Marty.

  49. thomas downie

    Hi Peter from Scotland to the Netherlands ,its good we have something in common the love of "Marty bless you "Nutter"

  50. betty peel

    Hi Lisbeth, I'm so glad you love Marty .
    One day years ago I had heard him on a TV show , that he had said he was afraid he would not be remembered. And I said oh no Marty as long as I'm alive you will be remembered. I have loved this man forever . I still cannot except he is gone .I did meet him one time ,and he was a beautiful, kind man .
    I will cherish that time for as long as I live . Thank you Lisbeth for loving him .
    Betty from Arizona , USA

  51. Lisbeth Lindgren

    hello everybody ! I love him too.
    Lisbeth from Sweden

  52. betty peel

    Hi Peter , ..Thanks for posting this beautiful song . I am a true Marty fan, but did not have this song . I called all around Nashville Tenn. and I did find it.
    It has many others on the album that are also beautiful.
    I Need You To Hold Me Together, and Til Hell Freezes Over, and many more .
    I really enjoy this CD . Thank you so much.....Betty .from Arizona.

  53. betty peel

    Hi Thomas ,..and yes I think I just may have seen you in your kilt .HA HA
    They were dancing in them. I said to myself , that looks like Thomas ..HA ha
    Thank God my kids are all grown and on their own . Love my 4 girls .
    It also gives me a room for Marty's room..Good hearing from you.
    Keep loving my man . ...Betty from Marty's home town ..beautiful Arizona.

  54. thomas downie

    HI Betty did you see me in my "Kilt ! ,nice legs "Huh ? Ha Ha nice to hear from you ,hope you and the kids are well .Marty still lives through nice folks like you "ENJOY" the Man take care Betty your new found "Friend Thomas.

  55. betty peel

    hi Thomas . I just watched a program from Scotland .
    Barrel racing ,and dancing .
    Thought of you and your wife , loving Marty Robbins, my man
    Betty from Arizona , Marty country Keep loving Marty!!

  56. betty peel

    Hey Peter ,there are thousands of Marty NUTS, but I remain number one . ha ha
    I have loved Marty since age 15 . I ask my mom ...Who IS THAT BEAUTIFUL
    MAN SINGING, with the most beautiful voice I had ever heard . He is mine for life!!!

  57. Peter Heeringa

    Hi Betty and Thomas. That makes 4 Marty Nuts fans. My son and I are equal crazy Marty lovers. I started collecting Marty's music way back in the 70s. Have all his music now, and still scanning youtube for the things I come across. Dedicated for life is what I call it. Other music comes and goes, but Marty's music stays forever...
    Greetings, Peter from the Netherlands

  58. betty peel

    hey Thomas I sure like the name, Nuts, and I have one up on you . I am retired . lost my husband a few yrs ago, he was a dear man that also loved Marty, so now I do as I please ! Marty is a big part of my life ,even more now then ever . more time to be Nuts .HA ..I love it . treasure your wife!!

  59. thomas downie

    HI Betty "NUTS", That makes two Marty "Nuts".Lucky you going to the Museum I would give my "Wife away for that "Ouch " didn't see you standing behind me "Dear .You know Betty I need "Twenty vision looking back .Thanks for being a good friend Marty is in-bedded in our hearts good health.

  60. betty peel

    Hi thomas I meant to tell you ,that have been following Marty forever,and if you need to know anything about him just ask , I can probably tell you.
    I went to NashvilleTennessee to his museum.So you call me nuts if you want...ha ha
    I also have a room in my home, called Marty's room, with lots of stuff.
    You may know his history, but he was very ,very poor growing ,up, so this little,poor boy made it to the top. I'm so proud of him

  61. betty peel

    HI Thomas , I'm so proud that country people in Scotland are
    enjoying my man, Marty. I also use to know Hank Williams , but liked the younger one best, but they don't come close to match
    Marty Robbins . No one ever will. Thanks for listening to Marty.

  62. thomas downie

    "HI Betty .In Scotland country is always been big ,my Dad loved Hank Williams.I liked his Son ,until I heard the greatest "MARTY",Your kids have good taste .Bless them

  63. betty peel

    Hi thomas . I will always love marty . I don't listen to many others
    His voice is so beautiful,that no one will ever match .
    I was only 12 when I first heard him on the Grand Ole Opry.
    Now all my kids love him too . I will keep his memory alive as long as I am.

  64. thomas downie

    "Marty "GODS gift to the people "The preacher of love He shows it on his shows

  65. thomas downie

    "HI Betty.NO one can touch Marty ,for feelings he puts into a Song ,all the greats are good "But couldn't hold a torch to the greatest .Keep on enjoying his music Betty.

  66. betty peel

    you got it right webbjr37, Marty is the best country singer Period.
    no one will ever take his place!!

  67. betty peel

    thomas ,you feel exactly like me Marty will never be forgotten.
    The best there is!!

  68. betty peel

    Marty Robbins is the best singer I have ever heard I have loved him forever.
    This is one of his best songs he has done .
    Thanks for posting this beautiful song. I don't have this song ,and was so happy to see it posted for others to enjoy.

  69. thomas downie

    it will never be "goodbye Marty. Your still with your fans

  70. webbjr37

    Never heard this but love it, not only is Marty The greatest countgy singer he is the best singer period
    thanks for posting

  71. Jack Kane

    The great marty robbins, he will never be forgotten if you like good old country music the way it should be sung,thanks for posting,jack in Ireland

  72. rockeycountry

    So awesome.......Love Marty......Thanks for posting

  73. Peter Heeringa


    Thank you CaptainSato. It's good to see that Marty's music is loved around the world, from the Netherlands to Japan to name some countries.
    Greetings, Peter

  74. TheCaptainSato

    One of my favorite Great Robbins song from Lost and Found" !!!
    Thank YOU for posted it.