Rob Stone - What I'm 'Bout Lyrics

[Rob $tone:]
I pull up on your block, I'm winning when I pop out
I pulled up, bagged a pretty bitch, ain't even have to hop out
Well damn, I guess I'm hot now, I fuck it up and rock out
Stuff a knot up in my sock, an extra TEC up when the cops out
Well oh my God
I'm known to shake 'em up when I be slidin' out, I'm trippin'
Catch 'em slippin', pull the Glock out
We all we got, my brothers at the top
We in your pockets, need the guap and all the bitches in your contacts
And don't stop that, baby throw that wop yeah
Do it how I like it, I'ma hit it when it bounce back
All white Lam looking like a light flash
Diamonds on me dancing, got me looking like I'm lightskinned
I look like damn, bitches looking like damn
Who the fuck is that, it's young Rob, Gucci'ed Louis'ed down
I spent a bag on a bitch then went to fuck her friend
All around the world I get the bag then run through again

Pipe down nigga, pity and you pout nigga
Yeah yeah, I'm getting litty in your town nigga
What I'm 'bout nigga, titties, Henny, big amounts nigga
Yeah yeah, I'm in your city making rounds nigga
What I'm 'bout, hit the Grammy then I shout, yeah yeah
I hit the bitch then kick 'em out nigga
What I'm 'bout, this is really what I'm 'bout nigga
Yeah yeah, I hit the city make it bounce

[J Davi$:]
It's a vibe, bitch give me the light
Ho get out my face lil bitch, you know you ain't my type
I'm a shot caller, feel like Ben Baller
Twenty-four karats, you ain't even got a dollar
Feel like Stone Cold, you lil niggas bold
Try and run up on me, leave your lil ass in the cold
I'm the fuckin' man, you niggas some chins
Need a hundred fuckin' million, fuckin' hundred fuckin' grand
Lil bitch, ayy

[Rob $tone:]
Bitch I'm off the shit, ayy
Shit my wrist ache, I whip it 'til my wrist break, ayy
When I'm dippin' I'ma switch lanes
Out on Biscayne, where the bitches give brain, ayy
I'm the shit but never look stank
Eating big rings, sauce up on my big ranks, ayy
Man these groupie bitches insane
Don't make 'em give names, I'm balling out like King James

Pipe down nigga, pity and you pout nigga
Yeah yeah, I'm getting litty in your town nigga
What I'm 'bout nigga, titties, Henny, big amounts nigga
Yeah yeah, I'm in your city making rounds nigga
What I'm 'bout, hit the Grammy then I shout, yeah yeah
I hit the bitch then kick 'em out nigga
What I'm 'bout, this is really what I'm 'bout nigga
Yeah yeah, I hit the city make it bounce

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Rob Stone What I'm 'Bout Comments
  1. oriana biasioli

    this song needs lyrics!!!!

  2. oriana biasioli


  3. Chachie Lukan

    i choose this over X anyday omm

  4. BrokeBoi_ YT

    nigga this song should have 17 million views they sleeping hella hard on this song

  5. treshawn wilson

    Too bad this never blew up this shit brazy ⚠️🔥🔥

  6. Ridjell Upshaw

    This song still knock

  7. babi gurlcupiicake

    Gucci mane

  8. akot and ames

    Rob $tone is good💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💰💵💰💵💰💸💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵

  9. aye milly

    This song underrated af🔥

  10. Jesus Perez


  11. Javier Velador


  12. Christopher Davis

    This track goes hard

  13. JohnWill Jenkins

    How I just find this I live in sd

  14. Molina

    He has removed the official version?

    Nico Ortiz

    there is no official version, his music is not that popular and therefore he doesn't really put official audio out there.

  15. Stayreal75

    Gucci verse sound like he recorded it off his apple earbuds .


    Can somebody do lyrics

  17. Nico Ortiz

    1:01 beat drop

  18. David Lewis

    Gucci need to run for president

  19. The Savage

    Here for guwop

  20. Derrick Edwards

    This beat is to good for this song TBH

  21. Carolann Rubenstein

    1207 #THAGROVE

  22. FQ3N 173

    This Song hasn't enough views respect from Roma

  23. OsamaBinSexy69

    Lmao who is xxx? Wait who? Lmfao smh

    HilarioXBL _

    OsamaBinSexy69 never heard of her

  24. NG_Drax

    Oh shit that's rob stone I thought it was quavo lol I was so confused

  25. Nick Croft

    Shit is fuego 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Pasta Boi

    I’ve never liked Rob $tone or Gucci Mane. This is good though. 👍

  27. yungfoodstamps

    Is this a lullaby?

  28. Manny Bhullar

    aside da beef , dis go

  29. moises funes

    oh yeah oh yeah bvjeehehe

  30. Ugene Krabbs

    This shit a L idgaf what y’all boys...

    HilarioXBL _

    Kakashi Hatake lmao you probably an x fan that’s why x got laid out 🚨

    HilarioXBL _

    Kakashi Hatake I think this song is good lmao you saying it’s not dumb ass boii

  31. Thad Sanders

    This song WET!!

  32. Ruben Pineda

    Imma Spazz On em 👩🏾‍🚀

  33. Shawn St-Onge


  34. johnathan randolph

    Auyyeee this my number 1 song by him

  35. WP1 Foreman

    Why isn't this bigger?

  36. MaxFit98

    Shit slaps


    Foda! 🇧🇷

  38. Abraham Tarin

    Dope shit 🔥🔥💯

  39. Alejandro Rosa

    W for daygo

  40. Evelyn Davila


  41. Paul Cedillos

    Blivk blah you guccccciiii

  42. Jeremy Morrow

    Look up Ninety8 on soundcloud, next upcoming rapper

  43. Anthony Fyers


  44. KThiddencityking

    real san diego rapper kthiddencityking not rob stone

  45. TRIPLE O.G

    Underrated asf

  46. ThrowSomeMore

    Fuck Rob Stone, but this song is pretty ightt

  47. LiL Crook


  48. Alexandru Simion Todica

    Why this only got 100k views? 🔊🎵

  49. 3nrÏQÜEDUHH VãLeÑZzz HŒ

    Rob stone should try to post on Elevator

  50. SABBATH27K! TV

    Robb stone a bitch

  51. Vince Sparacello

    dis man gucci out here grinding

  52. kuku dre

    The beat is so ass! rob stone verses was wack as fuck Gucci told him to change this wack ass beat and maybe the flow and the bars would change

  53. Giovani De La Cruz Ramirez

    The real shit this is the funny

  54. Elijah Lopez

    Nah sound like cloud

  55. The legendary King Karasu

    ...Am I the only one who thought he was naked with only a shirt on in the pic ?...

  56. Lanksey

    looks like gonna blow up again with auto tune :P

  57. Duran Ryan

    Song sounds better on 1.5 speed

  58. Yousef Shofar

    Only here for Gucci

    Brandon Disesa

    Yousef Shofar then make like a dick AND BEAT IT

    High Ninja420

    Stayed for Rob 🔥I feel you

  59. Tynumba Seven

    This album is so ass I thought it was gone be better🤦🏾‍♂️

    Tynumba Seven

    Jason Diaz Meza and I’m not hatin its not hating sayin somethn true

    casey robinett

    na u hating this shit slaps harder then your dad ya bish

    casey robinett

    and I be feeling like the man when I got fifty bands on me

    Tynumba Seven

    casey robinett you look and sound dumb If it so good why none of his songs on the hot 100 ? Album ain’t even crack top 10 he wack now

    Tynumba Seven

    casey robinett get a job? Boy stfu shit ain’t even hit 1 million views yet but it got so hard 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  60. 90babyjoe


  61. Mene Lik

    This been stuck in my head for a week. I neex help

  62. Cruuucial

    This shit pop

  63. Brady Gentry

    i just found this fire ass song

  64. Humberto Espino

    this song slaps harder than my dad😂😂

    Colton Lacamu

    slaps harder than my stepdad


    Slaps harder than my step step dad

    Mamas got some explaining to do.

    Amez.1k —official

    I slap harder boi

    Erick Barraza


  65. SlickRickDaShooter

    If u dont like this theres a 98% chance ur emo

    Brandon Disesa

    SlickRickDaShooter OR A BITCH

  66. SlickRickDaShooter

    This shits a fucking slapperr this will be a hit playing everywhere real soon

  67. xjaybeats


  68. christopher lopez


  69. Vee Reign

    The beat at 0:31 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤙🏾

  70. Daniel Salas

    Guys come on this song is good it deserves more likes and views

  71. Nicolas Aragon

    nice song

  72. Mateo Kings

    Coming from a fan of X this shit bangs, fuck all y’all hating

  73. qtDrxpz

    This is a good migger song

  74. Cristian Villarreal

    Only here for gucci 💯


    Nobody care nigga

  75. GabrielSellintheTraphouse

    Daygo Daygo Daygoooooooooo 🏢🏪🏬🏨🏣🏛🏙

  76. lil Clif

    Fuck rob stone, fuck rob stone, fuck rob stone, fuck rob stone

    Brandon Cook

    lil Clif you triggered?

    Cashout Christian

    lil Clif fuck Xxx fuck Xxx fuck Xxx


    Hatin on a nigga for makin some fire rap instead of that emo hiphop shit 🔥💯

    J_BREEZY 300

    BUT WHY ?

  77. uhp.phil

    Used it for this > song is sick.

    Robert Wallace

    uhp.phil sick video bro!! Invite me to the next party lol


    Haha thanks man!

  78. MacRJ Arizona

    Who else got it on repeat??

  79. josue gomez

    Fire af

  80. Blank

    This song gon blow up quick

  81. Adrien N

    Can’t deny this shit slaps even if you hate rob 🔥🔥

  82. Cassard Sinclair

    You send your friend

  83. zachary boone

    I got tired of it by the 3rd Listin

    High Ninja420

    Nobody cares

  84. P-Eazy99

    This song bumps idc what anyone says.

    Ausencio Barrientos 13

    Truu 👑 Shit

  85. Levi Hooper

    this song needs a music video


    i cant believe he still havent released a vid, this is a hit

  86. Donavan Garrett

    Ayeeee i see you Rob

  87. Eric Peterson

    This song bangs

  88. Dirty Snipes


  89. Sendrick Sanchez

    1207 to the top ✊

  90. 3rd Dayproductions


  91. chanpobchanpob

    Why this song wasn’t famous

    casey robinett

    if some dude posted ur baby mama and ur kids names u would fuck them up on sight no warning whats wrong with Rob doing the same?


    it needed better promo he should have put it on world star .

    Arnulfo Lopez

    Been saying that six months ago mate

    JW Winnington

    Haise late but I think it’s cause he independent now. He said his label just wanted to keep pushing chill bill


    Since his bad name in 2017, Youtube did not recommend this song unlike his other songs.


    Que merda

    Aron Rivas

    Tu madre es una mierda

    Aron Rivas

    Luanzinho GAMEPLAYS tu madre es una mierda

    D Benzos

    sai fora brasileiro do caraio

  93. Camron Harris

    This shit str8 not really all that