Riverside - Wasteland Lyrics

Wait in silence
Until the stars go dark
My companion
With your cracked, withered heart

That day is coming
I know that you're calling on me
That day is coming
I know that you're calling on me
I don't want you to make me wait too long
It's time to get on the road

Half dead colours
Residues of my soul
Caught by the wind
Thirsty for love

That day is coming
I know that you're calling on me
That day is coming
I know that you're calling on me
I don't want you to make me wait too long
It's time to get on the road

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Riverside Wasteland Comments
  1. Chile_Inmortal 777


  2. Nikita L

    The second part reminds me of Cardiacs and Tim Smith. Great!

  3. fpomini

    Tenho o prazer de ter conhecido Riverside há uns 12 anos. Só vi esta banda crescer mais e mais. Orgulho por eles.

  4. ewwwa007

    Dopiero odkryłam Riverside, pare tygodni temu, o wiele za późno. Gratulacje, jesteście niesamowici, wspaniale, że polski zespół ma tylu fanów na całym świecie! Cudowny rock progresywny czy whatever it is.

  5. flykeys

    9:53 Michał plays Theremin!

  6. Harry Kh

    Yikes .. anathema is better

  7. Leszek Jedryk

    Będę w Krakowie na koncercie April 2020 ! Who else is with me ? 🌎✌️😊


    ja też, kupiłem bilet

    Wmiare Nietypowy

    @flykeys U mnie też bilecik już czeka :)

  8. Richard Paulus

    Nice. Its like new opeth and ne maiden mixed together. Not necessarily a bad thing. I dig it.. very much.

  9. drzeissler

    First I thought Bladerunner 2049 Soundtrack :)

  10. ATS3788

    I like also Dudas other Project Lunatic Soul, is softer but very good

    Madame Napoleonka

    This project is amazing .

  11. Jacob Whitmore

    Was this in Glasgow 2019 tour

  12. flykeys

    Who's going to 2020 Riverside tour? I got a ticket , can't wait to see this wonderful band in person

    Jacob Whitmore

    I went to the 2019 one you will love them they perform perfectly and the songs are to good to explain(in my opinion)

  13. Rebellion PL

    Kunszt i precyzja 🇵🇱💪

  14. Frank Fitzgerald

    With all due respect to the new guitarist, who keeps up pretty well to play Riverside stuff, there's not much emotion into his playing and Piotr is clearly missed here as he made Riverside a real dark, progressive rock/metal band with an unique sound. This is only my opinion, somebody who's been listening and following to this band for almost 11 years as a die-hard fan.

    Jacob Whitmore

    I feel the same but i have only listened since adhd

    The Artist in His Studio

    Piotr was irreplaceable. His emphasis on melody and emotion (similar to David Gilmour or Steve Rothery) over speed and mindless shredding made him truly unique in the heavy prog genre and was a key component to the Riverside sound. A sad and tragic loss, but I'm glad the band has carried on. What they have is still very special but it can never be what it was with Piotr Grudzinski.

    Frank Fitzgerald

    @The Artist in His Studio exactly

  15. Mariusz Tyszkiewicz

    Great stuff. It starts rolling at 5.41s :)

  16. jason H. Zeger

    4:20 to 5:40 amazing...touch my soul and bring tears to my eyes

  17. jason H. Zeger

    better than studio version

  18. Markku Koljonen

    Jep! :D Tinja&Markku

  19. Christophe MARTINEAU

    there's something of King Crimson in this song


    No there isn't!

  20. Peterkufner

    Super Band. Danke

  21. Kate Murphy

    That voice!!!.

  22. Scarecrow

    9:52 Is that a theremin?

    Vincent McAbee

    no its my little brother when he stubs his toe

  23. Rip FreeMan

    This is excellent! Good stuff man!

  24. Wayne Nasiatka

    I saw them earlier this year at The Sinclair in Cambridge Massachusetts. The best concert I've ever attended. I'm 63 years old and have seen many. These guys are incredible live!!

    Tomasz Wołoszyn

    Agree. The best polish prog rock band ever! The highest level of music.

    Joseph Garner

    Agreed. They are on another level live. I’ve seen them twice in Germany and Estonia. Amazing both times.

    Leszek Jedryk

    Made in Poland ✌️🤞🤗🌎

    Rick Nicholson

    Wayne Nasiatka yes yes yes...incredible

  25. Kalina P.

    cudowne nutki, dzięki że jesteście i mogę Was słuchać

  26. Bill Williamson

    I laugh every time when I see the audience just still and eyes front

  27. Anthony Dennis

    I love this!

  28. Mariusz Pająk

    Zabójczo pięknie 😈😇

  29. MrHistorian123

    Amazing band.
    Riotr Grudzinski can never ever be replaced, but Jacek does a very fine job and is clearly a great guitarist.

    Slawomir Adamski

    The name of new guitarist is Maciej Meller and he is really awesome musican .


    @Slawomir Adamski Apologies - misread the web page.

  30. Anna Barańska

    Amazing :)

  31. Janusz Błąd

    No i mnie zaczarowali na amen!

  32. Madame Napoleonka

    Unique video . This band is amazing . Mariusz Duda has a fantastic voice !

  33. Kat Czart


  34. Sumiran Gazmer

    they play theremin as well??

  35. Luis Jover Comas

    Un tema muy a lo Jethro Tull y Morricone. Curioso cambio en este tema.

    CS Experience {Cochè Vil}


  36. zgietus brufin

    nr1 great Polish band

  37. Garry Byrne

    Needs Mellotron...

  38. Nicu CipA

    more live footage like this, please!

  39. Piotr Omelańczuk

    Pain in salation

  40. f*ck google

    and this looks like its from prague? why do i always find a great band shortly after they were in my town?:D

  41. f*ck google

    holy smokes this is great!

  42. Pablo G. Ortega

    The three first notes on the keyboard remind me of The Shawshank Redemption scene....

  43. Rushabh Shah

    Come to India and we promise a better crowd response than this!

  44. Clay Hackett

    Brilliant use of the bass guitar.

  45. Dead Man with Pitchfork Arms

    This sounds so much better than the studio version production-wise! The drums sound way more powerful than the ultra thin sound of the album and the bass and guitar distortion sound way better too. Wish the album was mixed better :(

    Jacob Whitmore

    Listen to the vinyl it still isn't as good as live but better than audio file or cd in my opinion

  46. MetalomaniaC \,,/,

    Riverside is the best!! Prog visionaries!! \,,/,

  47. Vladislav Stamov

    Live in Sofia

  48. Lubomirski Lubo116

    Riverside-są moi faworyci!

  49. Fryderyk Chopin

    Wstęp niezwykle podobny do ścieżki dźwiękowej z filmu American Beauty.

  50. Katja Andersson

    What a show. Enjoying every second. Love it!!! ❤️

  51. Wolfgang Krauth

    so unglaublich gut. Ich freue mich auf das Konzert in Karlsruhe im September.

  52. Mark Ramsey

    Riverside are the only band I've listened to where every single thing they have produced I love from beginning to end - as well as Lunatic Soul. From this perspective, to me, they are they greatest band ever through sheer consistency of quality

    Brendan Eason

    This. I love every single song that Mariusz and Co touch!


    Another one like you both here. No one else can compare to Duda's writing

    MetalomaniaC \,,/,

    I also agree. They dont have a bad song or an album I just like a little. It's all top shelf stuff!!

    Peter Kaminski

    same here

  53. Joe Hollyrock

    Excellent show !
    Saw them in a small venue in Brooklyn. They kicked ass !

  54. Antonio Pedrajas Aranda


  55. Valen Sinclair

    I see Riverside...I upvote

  56. Raphael Velazquez

    La resistencia al cambio....en memoria de Piotr Grudzińki, bravo por Riverside

  57. Mary Chris


  58. thomas fester Addams

    Pink floyd meets modern prog.. and it's amazing...

  59. Brendan Eason

    They have such great chemistry on stage! With each other and the crowd! When we saw them in Boulder, they were making eye contact with the crowd and just so engaged and present. Amazing to see even regardless of how perfectly they play! Plus you gotta love what Mariusz calls his "Woman voice" :)

  60. Filip Biedron

    Where was this concert filmed?


    Oberhausen, Germany

  61. Alfons Van Vorden


  62. Donna Keller

    Saw you in St Louis MO last month. One of best shows I've seen in my life. Music was perfect.

  63. Nastaran

    His voice!!!💗💗💗

  64. Mac Prus

    nice song but dont like the "hammondish" keyboards... sounds like the new Opeth which I can't stand

  65. Wojtek Roś

    Świetny kawałek. Szkoda, że Riverside nie będzie supportem Tool'a w Krakowie w czerwcu. Wtedy by się ziściło największe moje marzenie :) ehhhh marzenia

  66. P. Maldonado.

    Wow.. que gran banda hermoso sonido..👍

  67. DatFaceDoe9873 -

    The new Maiden? Love it! First riff!

  68. Feeder Fishing Films

    бля, всё что после Second Life Syndrome унылое говно.....

  69. Zack Brumis

    Dallas show was splendid!

  70. Paweł Tomaszewski

    Czekam w Lublinie 6.09.2019. Yeahhh!!!

    Robert Nieborak

    też tam będę , a 16 06 2019 Chełmstok na którym występuje RIVERSIDE

  71. Kali Anon

    My Oh My... !!! ❤

  72. Dan Hoerle

    Like opeth but more celtic. Fantastic

  73. Dan Hoerle

    Celtic flavored prog rock love it first time hearing.

  74. No Bozos

    Seeing them tonight in Salt Lake.


    And how was it?

    No Bozos

    @Evelyn It was fantastic. I was at the barrier just in front of the stage for the whole show. Duda was directly in front of me. I really didn't expect to get that close. I doubt that they will be playing clubs that small next time around.

  75. Wendell Wood

    Had a great time watching these guys perform at the Boulder Theater in Colorado last night. They're excellent live.

    Russell Jones

    Same here. Man, oh man, what a show!

    Brendan Eason

    That was an incredible show! Can't wait for them to come back!

  76. Brett K

    Show on Sunday in Chicago was life changing. Another bucket list concert check off. Hopefully they'll come back again.


    Hey, I was there too!. And Riverside never disappoints.

    No Bozos

    That's good to hear. I'm seeing them tonight in Salt Lake.

  77. haroldobv

    Incrível, fantástico essa banda, excelente essa postagem, parabéns !!!

  78. thed1337

    Jeju, jak te klawisze mnie relaksują, dziękuję!

  79. Pavlína Havlíková

    7:40 Mitloff singing behind Mariusz' back :D gold

    Brendan Eason

    Haha! That's great! It's heartwarming and inspiring to see how much they love playing their music! Cannot wait to sing along at their show in Boulder in two days!

  80. nocarey

    thank you!

  81. Kat Czart

    Zajebisty utworek 👏👏🤘

  82. Andrzej Brzeziński

    Zajebista muzyka, zajebista trasa i w tym koncerty uwielbiam ich od pierwszej płyty, a ta płyta to mistrzostwo świata.

  83. dervaumann1

    Thanks for bringing back the Theremin

    Felix Mauler

    I saw Inter Arma recently also bringing it back although not as great as here I fear :D

  84. Andrzej jan

    Kawał świetnej muzyki.Bas wymiata.Wegorzewo Pozdrawia Riverside😁

  85. Saeju Jeong

    Love them so much. Thank you, Riverside.

  86. Konst B

    как же... мать его... охрененно...

  87. Joshua Pendley

    Saw them tonight, front row too. Amazing.

    Mike Palmore

    Tonight for me!!!

    No Bozos

    I was front row center two nights ago in Salt lake.

  88. Рост Бач

    Шикарная прога от потрясающей группы! Так прогрессик рок и должен звучать. Эталон для меня лично! Удачи и творческих успехов музыкантам :)

  89. zoltán ács

    Nagyszerű - go on

  90. Toomas Toimeta

    what is the black box-thinc connected between mic and mic cable ?


    It's called an Opto-Gate. Singer's head presence in front of the mic sensor. If he's not there, the mic automaticaly shuts down to prevent it from amplifying Mittloff's cymbals :)

  91. Mary Chris


  92. Ted Rood

    Looking forward to your St Louis show May 20th!

  93. Caio Biagiotto

    A polished polish band <3

  94. Egor Lebedev

    Pink Floyd + Anathema = Riverside !!!

    Wiesia Gowarczów

    odniosłam podobne wrażenie


    I always thought Pink Floyd + Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree = Riverside. Anathema is also epic tho

  95. Krzysztof Dargiewicz

    Riverside The Best Polish Band :)

    Эдуард Ланшин

    I thought the best world one

    Mike Kiss

    The best band on the planet!!!!

  96. lukkee82

    Geniuses at work 👍

  97. Jack Crow

    Missed my chance to see these guys in Chicago. I REALLY hope they come back.

    Adrian Garcia

    They will be back in Chicago in literally 3 weeks ;)

    Mark Keller

    May 19 at chop shop 8pm 2033 w.north ave.