Riverside - Living In The Past Lyrics

I need a place where I can belong
This alternate world is not my home
I suffocate here

The hollow laughs of the hollow man
Embarrassing carnival parade
Can't stand more lights

I don't care if those times are over
I'm not going to live like everyone
I don't care if those times are over
My future is living in the past

I feel like the touchstone
In a river of wounded hearts
What happened to our days?
They used to be so full of life
In a different way

Used to be so easy
Used to be so good between us
Words had a different meaning
The simple things were significant

I don't care if those times are over
I'm not going to live like everyone
I don't care if those times are over
My future is living in the past
Is living in the past

Even clowns don't scare me anymore...

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Riverside Living In The Past Comments
  1. Andrew Hostynski

    Wow!  There's a sound ....

  2. Abdel Hamid

    I was totaly deaf before disovering this band

  3. Ivailo Velev

    Amazing music! More people need to hear them!

    Anthony Davella

    They killed it last night!!

    Ivailo Velev

    Anthony Davella I saw them too! In March. It was amazing. I can’t stop listening to them now!

  4. Leszek Jedryk

    Piotrze 🙏Your guitar still whips 🎸🎶Forever

  5. Kate Murphy

    Moonrise are also Polish.

  6. Rogério Souza

    Banda semcacional, tem q vir no Brasil

  7. Ablasor s


  8. Lazar Jovicevic

    Although whole song is fucking great, the ending is just the most amazing part !

  9. Anthony Festa

    His Tone his fret board knowledge and phrasing and deep soulfulness will be sadly missed RIP PIOTR 🎸💔🎼🎶✌️farewell great spirit.

  10. Kate Murphy

    AND Moonrise!!!.........!

  11. Ian Rose

    Its official now according to the industry: Hip hop has surpassed rock as the most popular music genre in the US. Although there are many great rock bands out there, younger mainstream audiences have all but forgotten about it. Of course traditional jazz has its small core audience, but for younger listeners newer forms have emerged blending into a modern mix of neo-soul, hip hop, beat and electronic sounds attracting younger listeners (think Robert Glasper), I know rock will also transform and evolve into newer blends and invigorate the genre. I find that with YouTube and the net in general, we have an incredible fountain of music of all types flowing freely resulting in the fusion of many new styles. Im not sure about the direction mainstream music is taking in Europe, but I find that for the smaller prog segment here in the US, bands like Riverside, Steven Wilson, PT, etc. have been the heroes of the genre.

    Tom Jones

    Oh, I don't think so. There's a bunch of great new heavy bands, but it's arguably more challenging to find truly great stuff with so many new online platforms. Not that that's bad, and tbf perhaps that fact may well inspire some young headbangers to say "hold my beer..."

  12. David Bumstead

    this band is so 3heyhvcyf^%[email protected]%^*&^* fn good

  13. Whistledown1

    I have been listening to Prog for the last 40 yrs.  Starting to get bored with the genre until I heard this band. Love it.  Feel revitalised.  this music is the real deal.  I will certainly be listening to some more of the Polish bands listed below.  Great music from a great country ( i have never been but the have met some wonderful Polish people)

    Sylvain Milcent

    Late answer, but if you are bored with old prog (that I can easyly understand) try those bands (you may know some of them) : Lunatic Soul, Amarok project (Michał Wojtas), The Pineapple Thief ... and of course Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson solo albums

  14. Chococacaooo

    this song is a strong one, love it

  15. Ger Van Ginkel

    Don’t forget Quidam, Retrospective, Collage, Believe and Moonrise.

  16. Jade Star


  17. Sans Red

    Please Add it in description, Lyrics:

    [Verse 1]
    I need a place where I can belong
    This alternate world is not my home
    I suffocate here

    [Verse 2]
    The hollow laughs of the hollow men
    Embarrassing Carnival Parade
    Can't stand more lights!

    I don't care if those times are over
    I'm not going to live like everyone
    I don't care if those times are over
    My future is living in the past

    [Verse 3]
    I feel like the touchstone
    In a river of wounded hearts
    What happened to our days
    They used to be so full of life
    In a different way

    [Verse 4]
    Used to be so easy
    Used to be so good between us
    Words had a different meaning
    The simple things were significant


    Even clowns don't scare me anymore


    thank you so much

    Ivailo Velev

    The lyrics are so great! I can relate

  18. labrat8782

    Eastern Europe period may be the savior of tasteful well made music, plus the fans that appreciate it. With few exceptions the United States is in a horriable shape with a whole generation largely ignorant of music worth listening to and record companies allowing the bands creative licsence to do what they want. it seems beyond what was played 30 to 40 years ago, the only new music I want to hear is Prog or Metal.

    Phil Lop

    labrat8782 wow pretty one sided and very ignorant if you think that the USA doesn't have good prog. USA has some of the best prog, and so does Europe. You should do a little more research bud

  19. brazwen

    Towards to end sounded like Dream Theater.

  20. Polly Luxton

    I've come via Porcupine Tree and Katatonia. Very happy with the results!


    Polly Luxton Whats great is, as usual in rock, these bands have musical family trees with musicians that have played with other musicians of the same genere. Steve Wilson of PT probably has collabarated with the most. practically everything that man has touched has been pure musical genius imho.

  21. Mariusz Nowicki

    Riverside is a
    Polish band but till not so long ago they were more know outside of home country.. since our music industry seems to be more focus on western "hits" than they home grown bands.. don't ask me why.. anyways I am happy that despite of all we have band like this:) I have opportunity to listen to them live on Woodstock stop Poland! Magical!! Can't wait to see them again! :)

  22. m3allem71

    Riverside will forever rule ! Don't give up on the band Duda. Do it for Piotr man!

    Neil B

    You might know this already, but they're back on tour again. Grab a ticket if you haven't already. :-)


    Sure I know. Thx Neil

    March Stardust

    And for us too! (Certanly,he did). And now the best,are you ready? New album this year!!!♡☆♡☆

  23. Seven Seer

    most under publicized band of all time


    rip Piotr.😢

  25. Manfred Lodes

    Piotr, danke für all die Tollen Songs.

  26. MorsiOna

    Great band. For me this song is inspired by Opeth porcelain heart (not copy just inspired)

  27. Natalia Sttrazzeri

    Rest in peace, Piotr Grudzinski :'(

  28. neferahmore

    R.I.P. Piotr Grudzinski :'(

  29. Marco33185

    R.I.P Piotr Grudzinski

  30. Vasarav



    beautiful indeed

  31. Sphinx al

    I think that's one of their best songs.

  32. Carla Ferreira

    Love this! Riverside is gorgeous!

  33. goldenhill



    +goldenhill nope, this is Riverside my dear :v


    +goldenhill definitely influenced by them

    Robert Nieborak


  34. Marija Dimovska

    what is the song that is most impressive in your opinion ?.is there any song that u think has special artistic value...?

  35. Marija Dimovska

    I am so happy that this band exists it gives special dimension to world of music.....extremely deep and original

    Marija Dimovska

    I love their music so sincerely

  36. Klaatu

    These guys need to hook up with Alan Parsons, Lenny Zakatek and Steven Wilson to make the ultimate supergroup.  Add in a little of Wilsons meaningful lyrics, Zakatek's gritty/funky voice and Parsons mellotron/sax solo to their awesome sound and blood would be streaming from my ears.

    Ahmed Hafez

    @Klaatu Try listening to his solo project "lunatic soul', you might like it.

    Ahmed Hafez

    @Ahmed Hafez by "his" i meant Mariusz Duda, the Vocalist and Bassist.


    SW and Mariusz Duda have already collaborated. The song's title is "The Old Piece". Go check it out.

  37. Klaatu

    These guys are just freekin' awesome.  There is nothing like this being done in the U.S.A. 

    Anthony Davella

    SAW THEM LAST NIGHT!!! Get your ass out there and see them!!

  38. Olu Pareja

    Happy to have found this great band!!!!!! 

    Soumyadeep Datta

    me too. riverside is the most awesome progressive rock band according to me. nd i can actually relate life with their songs. Its such a pain that their guitarist is no more.I just think they are they best that can be.

    Gilles Rech

    Olu Pareja yes me too

  39. Paula Skelton

    Love These Guys!!!!!!

  40. Charlie Quinn

    This Band is, was , and always will be one of the 'Coolist " Bands out there. I've been listening to them for about five or six years now and Love them more all the time !!!! I Love the hammond playing of Miikel Lepaj  on all their stuff, and live they are ' Fantastic  ' Don't want to hear anything bad about this band !! They work too hard to be put down.. ......

  41. M Vianney Bonilla

    chicos me encanta su propuesta , creo que aun no son tan conocidos por lo que veo me encanto el song de before es realmente bueno la letra me conmovió 

  42. Massimo Salari

    ...and Opeth

  43. Darkmoon0999

    Im amazed, im becoming a huge fan of Riverside!!


    Me too this is among my first listens to this band, and I love the atmosphere!

    Soumyadeep Datta

    this is true....riverside came into my knowledge from a click on a suggested youtube video of rapid eye movement(full album) then i explored this band. nd this song is simply my favourite song among all. atmosphere is too good.

  44. Fidel Velasco Gordillo

    buena canción para escucharla en carretera rumbo al sur...... 

    Chris Gomez

    hay inmensos motivos para que quienes lean esto no tengan idea de que quiere decir, en que contexto, no hay necesidad de entenderlo, pero es interesante

  45. Enes Kılınç

    Riverside, Lunatic Soul, Indukti ... so many good prog bands, wtf poland ???

    Larry Teague

    Yes I know. Many great music hall performers play in multiple sets. Duda is in that crowd easily.

    Let Me In

    @EnesLive check out polish band "Coma" - especially albums "Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków" and "Pierwsze wyjście z mroku". All songs were wrote in polish language, but I'm sure You'll enjoy :)

    Jacob sSs

    @Let Me In coma is fuckin best! "Zbyszek"

    Ola Grochala

    @Enes Kılınç I am from Poland. I am very proud :)

    Ola Grochala

    @Ondra Prekop Wow :)

  46. Thewitch61

    I deeply LOVE YOU, guys!!! <3 Riverside <3

  47. fullmetal pooper

    how a simple random click on the suggestion could bring so much pleasure? :P

  48. beto galindo

    me sono a porcupine tree

  49. dreamelka59

    Głupiec czy udaje?

  50. TauntOfCuscany

    My personal highlight of this song is the organ-solo at 6:35...

  51. murrinito

    Joe Satriani Silent Predator by JD Carricatti

  52. Holdsworthands

    03:12 opeth - Porcelain Heart (min 06:21) hahahaha

    love the two bands hahahaa

  53. LKV

    Speechless :-o So damn great music.

  54. Pete Muzz

    To the people of Poland - Thank you thank you for the best band. Be proud. Its a shame most of the world has to listen to mainstream shite. So much feeling, emotion, power, talent. Hours and hours of spine tingling enjoyment. Thanks to the internet to find bands like Riverside, PT, Ozrics, Opeth etc

    Abhishek Chaubey

    you just named top 3 of my most favourite bands of all time

  55. David PCPark

    na zegarku jest taka sama godzina co na księżycu

  56. Sandikus

    my favorite band ever. no one gives me such emotions. i was lucky to see them in italy in my city years ago. riverside forever!!

  57. Jose antonio Vidal

    estos tios son muy buenos...................

  58. russ bere

    Wish rubbish UK chart music would wake up and realize the true meaning of a band....These are superb along with P.T, Ozrics, Hawkwind and Rush..The list goes on....

  59. scomged

    Children of emotions, if I may say so... Chopin, Zbigniew Preisner, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Andrzej Dragan, Riverside are just too few mentioned artisans of Poland... love from Romania!

  60. L0gin951

    Our history is sad. Our present times are sad. So why we shouldn't be sad, and write sad songs?

  61. HoTi

    30.04.2013 Isle of Palms / Charleston (US) - The WindJammer
    02.05.2013 Atlanta (US) - Vinyl @ Centerstage
    04.05.2013 Gettysburg (US) - Rosfest 2013
    05.05.2013 Syracuse (US) - Mac's Bad Art Bar
    06.05.2013 Dunellen (US) - Roxy and Dukes
    08.05.2013 Chicago (US) - Double Door
    10.05.2013 Raleigh (US) - The Pour House

  62. Mike Vincent


  63. belramusic1

    this band have an amazing vibe about them. love the guitar bits.

  64. Karol Bagiński

    nice said dude (if I can say that)

  65. Gia J

    A masterpiece

  66. Lyn Monfort


  67. Sami Murad

    use torrent

  68. Wide000

    Again, i appreciate all the groups you are mentionning and many more. I have been listening them for years and still do. I am not a "child, but a 49 years old man... It's just that I don't see what it change to the greatness and uniqueness of Riverside... Thanks for your opinion though.

  69. IAmTDurden

    I've heard all the ones you mention and i disagree. Yes, prog has a history. While the old stuff was good, Riverside is not the same thing but a development. Not an "improvement", but a progression, one step forward. So in one way, it's all new.
    There, I just did a "progressive" version of your response. Hey, it's all original.

    Sorry, vote me down again, chillun, but King Crimson, Early Genesis, ELP. Even pre-"Dark Side" Pink Floyd and Rush. They RULE. These guys don't.

  70. Hedeskog89

    Buy it!

  71. Syahid Sajjid

    anybody knows how to download this song?

  72. Wide000

    I know all the originals you are mentionning and i don't agree at all. Sure, this is prog and prog has it's history. However, as good as the old stuff was, Riverside is not a repetition but really an evolution. I don't mean ''better'', I mean a prolongation, another step on the way. In this sense, it is all original.

  73. IAmTDurden

    You need to go back to the originals. This stuff is ok, but it's not original.

    King Crimson, Yes, Early Genesis, Emerson-Lake-and-Palmer. Even pre-"Dark Side" Pink Floyd and Rush.

    This stuff is just riffing on stuff they already did. Decently, but not "Woah!" impressive.

  74. Radek Domek

    Reading the comments makes me think that, again, Riverside are more known and appreciated outside Poland. There are many fans here, but still.. Love the song itself and Riverside's abilities speak for themselves. Great band!!

  75. Hedeskog89

    Dammit... Camel as hell the last three, awesome!

  76. elektrykbestia

    Couldn't agree more!

  77. gianma93


  78. gianma93

    @mvincent1968 Ok, no problem dude, Theocracy, Mechanical Poet, Anubis Gate, Shadow Gallery. ;)

  79. Mike Vincent

    river side is one of the the band you can find emotions in music

  80. Mike Vincent

    they are not brilliantly perfect however you say there are many better bands, just let us know at least couple of them,

  81. gianma93

    Not bad, but thre are many better bands out there.

  82. gianma93

    Not bad, but there are many better band

  83. Femto

    Eargasms everywhere! omg....

  84. Alex Nelson

    same thing happened to me. introduced to Opeth, then found Porcupine Tree, then Riverside, now my favorite 3 bands!!!

    Kevin Manoto

    Same bro

  85. fr2ncm9

    Ever check out Post-Metal? I'm always looking for new stuff. About two months ago, I discovered a band Named "Russian Circles". Their latest album "Empros" is amazing!
    No lyrics, just pure, unfettered musical talent.

  86. EmptyParty7

    I feel truely in touch with my penis

  87. pat61l

    haha wow same shit with me amazing bands. but dont forget rush!!!!

  88. ireneusz kowalski

    amazing stuff ! dzieki !

  89. Arte House

    Always good.....

  90. veneamerican

    that ending ... OMFG .... I came

  91. BarrytheCuda

    @lecheparavaka i should too.. :) Peace and Respect from Turkey!

  92. lecheparavaka

    i like so much this band!!! its weird i like so much Opeth too...

  93. lecheparavaka

    @BarrytheCuda i have to go to Poland before i die. I have to see the land of Chopin with my own eyes...

  94. Daniel Gámez

    This is a pretty good song, I think is not the best from Riverside, but it has extremely solid work on it and maintains itself as interesting

  95. NilReccuring

    I discovered Riverside about a week and a half ago, and in that time they have escalated as my favourite band of all time. They're just dripping with proggy goodness.

  96. StringOgre

    3 people are retarded

  97. stigkab

    Best song 2011! Best "album" too...

  98. Icipher

    Well, a main difference is that Avenged just have a more or less straight forward approach to, everything. It gets boring much easier, because you can't just enjoy it in a relaxed state as easily. Riverside, howeverm you very easily can. Their music has more atmosphere and aesthetic to it than Avenged, so throwing in different guitar sounds isn't as necessary and keeping one tone doesn't become as easily tedious/monotonous. That isn't to say that a nice effects board couldn't add more, but...