Riverside - Left Out Lyrics

Huddled in the corner, disillusioned
My lifeless stare is fixed on your silhouettes
You're disregarding me, passing me by
Like I'm not even here
Maybe I'm not
Maybe I'm somewhere else

I used to be one of you
With the same spark in my eyes
And now I don't belong to this place
It's a matter of merciless time
I wholly vanish

Candle guttered out, beauty elapsed
Could've been so wonderful

One day we could've met
And believed we might live that way
Far away from the din
Envious looks and chase for the prize
We would have remained ourselves
Without killing our feelings slowly day by day

One day we could've won
Without taking away someone else's pride
We would have become strong
Walking through our life side by side

We could've missed another day
Not knowing how to talk, where to go
We could've missed another night
Only for what?

The dream went away
And you came with your dark hair loose
Ruthless cold reality, oh how I hate your truth
Don't turn your back this time, just look at my eyes
I won't break down, I'm going to fight

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Riverside Left Out Comments
  1. Marko



    What kind of knuckleheads would dislike this marvelous masterpiece?? Only 40 headless or reggaeton fans😒

  3. Nabil Emad

    Just imagine Gavin Harrison playing the drums to these melodies

    Luiza Pop

    omg, yes!

    Jeff Hill

    No. Gavin's playing, though in my opinion one of if not the most talented drummer on this planet doesn't fit. It would change the music. Piotr's drumming is the perfect fit musically.

  4. mikel aparicio

    nice piece of art!

  5. Mary Chris

    🦋ヽ♡`♪`༄◦✧` 💖

  6. Dana Anderson

    If you're still tapping your toes after this one, then jes. Have another go.

  7. Richard England

    Without a doubt some of the best music I've heard in... forever. This transcends just being good music, its timeless art. Masterful work.

  8. David Groll-Cook

    Such a fantastic album. I love this song

  9. Anthony Davella


  10. Ivailo Velev


  11. Ivailo Velev

    This is a masterpiece!

  12. Ivailo Velev

    They performed this song last night! So magical!! ❤️

  13. josh williams

    Hey you 34 dislike button bitches, go listen to pitbull or Bieber. Riverside is obviously beyond your scope of musical reality, but if you really need that desperate few seconds of fame to feel empowered then here you go basement trolls...


  14. call me a disappointment

    Lol szukałam kolejnych piosenek do posłuchania i tak doszłam do tego wideo. Nawet się nie zorientowałam, że to polski zespół. Co za zbieg okoliczności.

  15. Hicham EL MAHJOUBY

    piece of art = Riverside.

  16. Mariola Poland

    kocham ta piosenkę

  17. 19Circles

    Duda, Dude.

  18. Mad Dog

    Dżizas! Przecudna gitara Piotrka!

  19. Edvin

    The heavenly Floyd-like tunes of Piotr

  20. kevjards

    Marillion were always my favorite band.Then i got 6 cd's of Riverside.Marillion were relegated to 2nd.

    Ԝändёr Măn

    don't relegate Marillion. both are amazing! my top 5-
    1. Porcupine tree
    2. Riverside/Marillion
    3. Anathema/Katatonia
    4. Rush
    5. Pink Floyd

    Bruno Lima

    @Ԝändёr Măn i hope you mean Marillion with Fish, not S. Hogarth.

    Ԝändёr Măn

    @Bruno Lima both are great! S. Hogarth is a versatile singer!

    Bruno Lima

    @Ԝändёr MănI wasn't referring to either singer's ability; I was referring to the quality of the music which, in my opinion, was nuch higher during the Fish era.

  21. Tim Wilkins

    I have always heard a very strong Pink Floyd influence with Riverside. Other bands are there as well but Floyd appears very strong

  22. Ana Laura Leyva Luna

    Miss you Piotr...

  23. nails_n_nature

    Wonderful song

  24. Kate Murphy

    It would be impossible not to enjoy this.

  25. Enzo Galli

    semplicemente MERAVIGLIOSA

  26. Lena Matysik

    1:18 łooooooooooo
    Gitary prosto z nieba
    Guitars from heaven!

    Robert Nieborak

    Lena Matysik tu wszystko gra

    Lena Matysik

    Robert Nieborak Zgadza się 😊

    Robert Nieborak

    Lena Matysik utwór (bo przecież nie piosenka) ma prawie 10 lat a tu komentarz z przed kilku dni ,miło przeczytać, że ktoś się jeszcze zachwyca muzyką ... pozdrawiam ;-)

    Lena Matysik

    Robert Nieborak Tak, słucha i to całkiem spora rzesza odbiorców! Ponad to Riverside ma naprawdę masę fanów za granicą. A może nawet wiecej niż w Polsce. Ja zespół usłyszałam jakieś dwa lata temu i zakochałam się w tej muzyce. A utwór 'Left Out' słucham dzień i noc! Cudowne. Wspaniały band.

  27. Kate Murphy

    Sounds like Yogi Lang

  28. Mariola Poland

    19 osobom slon na ucho nadepnal

    Grzesiek a

    Wolą Zenka albo Slawomira;)

    Mirek Bieniak

    @Grzesiek a Miałem to samo napisać, ale zapomniałem nazwiska Zenka, a Sławomir, to nawet nie potrzebuje nazwiska. Jpdl! :)

    Grzesiek a

    @Mirek Bieniak Zenek Martyniuk

  29. Heikki Pitkänen

    Reminds me partly about amorphis songs. This is first time to hear this one.

  30. Anthony Festa

    Rest In Peace Piotr Grudzinski 🎸💔🎼🎶🎵

  31. animesh sharma


  32. Anthony Festa

    It puts you in another place.

  33. duncan fraser

    Love this RIP Piotr

  34. Ana Leyva

    Can't listen to this beautiful song without crying Piotr... <3

  35. Jess WetMachine

    absolutely stunning song

  36. Luna2023

    Waoow marravilla, morí!!! Con esta canción... 😢 ❤!!!

  37. Chococacaooo

    You blast my mind, it's amazing


    i love it!!

  39. Jakub Milczarski

    Reminds me of my late 20's... Amazing song

  40. Russ Bere

    Has a feel of opeth about it. Just incredible.

  41. Master Of Puppets

    133,813 have heard this crap and puked all over themselves.

  42. G.K

    Tüm müzikler harika.

  43. The Authority

    You play in bands when you are young...keep the dream when you don't make it and have to get a proper job...time goes by...you think you have heard it all before...then I heard Riverside...the band I always wanted to be in and the music I heard in my head but didn't have the talent to play...every album has been a joy... maybe I will start a band again.

    Rag eN

    Exactly my thoughts when I first listened to Riverside. Only difference, I actually started the band I wanted :P


    That's what I am doing now...starting a band

    Martin Beauchesne

    Man I know exactly how it feels. It happened when I found the album Portal of I from Ne Obliviscaris back in early 2013.


    You are most certainly not the only one.

    Mucomor Grzyb

    At first I knew Riverside and it ssucked me in at full . Then I have started listen Steven Silson and PT and with all respect , PT and SW is really good but is not putting me in the other world apart a few tunes I realy like . Im a musician and I listen all , details , chords , rytm section ( aspecjialy - I'm a drummer :) ) and riverside is more complete for me , and starting from first album , each is completly different and all are good . So, Personaly , for all , I will put Riverside before PT, SW , and others I know .

  44. Doriana Vargas

    Wow, conocí este grupo gracias a Zellen (cómo el 70% de las personas aquí presentes :v) y sinceramente me encanto!!! nueva fan

  45. antichristliche Aktion

    I can smell Opeth here.


    The song construction reminded me of A Fair Judgement so much, I can't help but agree

    antichristliche Aktion

    True; it must be the guitars' sound too and his voice.

  46. Dariusz Kisiel


  47. Tudro


    juan vega


    Doriana Vargas

    baia, komo lo zupo? XD

    Javi bueno

    Y me encanta

  48. Santicapo Crack

    Zellen Me trajo aquí

    Steven Guilarte

    ami tambien :v

    Jay Valentine

    Pues ya somos 3


    SOMOS 4

  49. progressiverockrocks

    This is the music I expect to find when Im arriving to the holly gate


    theres no holy gate lol, it was only made up for ignorant people to feel more comforted before they die. When we die we are most likely reincarnated into the next living thing born. Our concious energy probably leaves our body(energy cannot be created or destroyed, only redistributed) and finds the next avaliable vessel


    Probably so. But thatt was not my point. You have to listen to this song and then tell me if that wasn't heaven


    I'm not too fond of the idea of comming back as a piece of grass ....but I defanatly understand ...

    Hicham EL MAHJOUBY


  50. duncan fraser

    Piotric at his very best still miss him RIP:) Riverside live long and Prosper

  51. Desiderium

    The beginning reminds me of Spec Ops: The Line; anyone else?

  52. Ewa L

    Właśnie dorosłam.

  53. Sander Muller

    Piotr, you will be missed :(

  54. Anette Adamek

    Piotrek.... dziękujemy :(( [*]

  55. Kiran Nair

    RIP Piotr :'( A master of tone and feel.

  56. Vera DuUg

    Your tunes will follow us further on through life and you will always be with us ....R.I.P Pjotr :(

  57. Sam Sneed

    We'll miss you Piotr

  58. arwenajr


  59. bjnck6425

    nadal nie wierzę , graj nam tam za tęczą najwspanialsze solówki , nigdy nie zapomnimy , nigdy [*]

  60. Mike Litoris

    Goodbye Piotr, we will all miss you.

  61. vechta65

    RIP Piotr

  62. File R.

    Mariusz Duda is Polish Steven Wilson

    Warren Cooper

    Larry, you're only old when you won'y try something new! The modern talent that's as vibrant and as imaginative, as all us vets heroes were, some more inspired by the legacy, others, no so much, but, as a more mature fan, I salute the younger generation, who have perfected sound and stagecraft, which, mostly was haphazard at best, in my early live gigs! No matter, if it still wires you up, makes you sit up and listen, then whether it was made in'74 or last month, Hey, It works! Love and peace from Manchester, UK.

    Anthony Davella

    @Warren Cooper This rivals Floyd. I mean that in everyway. KILLER!!

    Warren Cooper

    There are so many talented bands/artists out there, I'm not just a prog fan, the whole world of music inspires me! There may be a few too many bands that're content to emulate the bands that influenced them, and I'd list hundreds, I admire those who take their inspirations, add their own slant, and diversify, foremost in my mind are Riverside, Porcupine Tree and the collabs/solo's. And I love those artists who really mix things up, making a label/categorization impossible. And each work brings new surprises, different directions, I think SW, Gabriel,Bowie, Sylvian,Byrne, Duda are the masters in changing the game. But at the end of all conversations, it should be music that moves, and inspires, takes you in and doesn't let go! I'll go further Floyd have had some very mediocre moments, Meddle, DSOTM, WYWH, excepted, Riverside have never had one average output, some of their output may not universally appeal to devotees of the earlier works, but they are not compromising, I respect that, more than anything.

    Anthony Davella

    @Warren Cooper great comments Warren

    Anthony Davella

    With a much better personality, man they kicked ass last night!!

  63. Patrick Wielsky

    the dream went away  and you came with you dark hair lose ruthless cold reality oh how I hate your truth, dont turn your back this time  just look in my eyes, i wont break down im gonna fight!

  64. Patrick Wielsky

    Groß, ganz groß der Song...ihr wisst gar nicht wie sehr mich dieser Song berührt... allles hören ist die Devise.

  65. Alberto Aquistapace

    beautiful.great and perfect.....

  66. Burak Karahan

    amazing piece of music

  67. monecker84

    Sounds a bit like Deep Purple. :)


    monecker84 Because the favourite keyboard player for Łapaj is John Lord

  68. Ber Ber

    my favourite of riverside


    Prince, of all the possible futures, this one held the most promise, but something has changed...

  70. A OV

    that piano...

  71. iyam spartacus


  72. Igor Volkov

    Прекрасная музыка! У меня эта песня вызывает грусть о чем-то утраченном...

  73. Kamilovy Kamil

    Jeden z porządnych Polskich zespołów :D

  74. bassguy

    This is very good, and I don't like new metal or progressive bands normally!  Great songwriting, melodic singing, and about the song, not just playing to show off all the time.

  75. Can Aşıcı

    Fuckin perfect 

  76. Young Derk

    those synths are pleasing my ears

  77. sofia gug

    porcupine tree,anathema,antimatter,tides from nebula

  78. Orfeas prountzos

    thank you for the info!

  79. Henrik Falkenfleth

    ok thx for info - shows how little I know about my European neighbours.
    You should check out American Music Club - United Kingdom (a more drak and melancholic version of REM) or Mystery (can) or Retrospective (pl) or Sabia (dk)
    Enjoy friend

  80. Orfeas prountzos

    sadly it was directed to sawdust2805 and it is greek. Althought i should inform u with the meaning of it which is :Could u please inform me of any other bands with the similar type of music.

  81. Henrik Falkenfleth

    Could you run that by me again - please
    My Polish is a bit rusty ;-D

  82. Henrik Falkenfleth

    The start/guitar reminds me a LOT of American Music Club - United Kingdom (titletrack)
    Know it's different style of music - but still
    Great bands - both

  83. Henrik Falkenfleth

    Now you've got a new friend
    Check out Airbag - All Rights Removed. I'm sure you'll like them too
    Btw. they are from Norway

  84. Nisan Yağmuru

    And so?



  86. Stephan Araman

    so much emotion entrenched in a single piece

  87. zombiezombie1977

    sweet beloved music perfect cure for my soul...

  88. sawdust2805

    Αν δεν έχεις ακούσει,ψαξτο λίγο για Pain Of Salvation...

  89. Orfeas prountzos

    to akouw kai anatrixiazw....prosfata anakalipsa tous riverside!Pes mou se parakalw oti ksereis kai alla bands san k autous me thn idia poiothta mousikhs!!!!

  90. Severina Danielova

    I sooooooooo love it!!!!!! Fullfills my soul every time

  91. Reconnective Healing Emsdetten

    Did John Whetton resurrect??? He is still alive, isn´t he??

  92. Reconnective Healing Emsdetten

    They are developing so awesome!!! Saw them at a very small stage in germany this year, it was so brilliant, everytime I hear RIVERSIDE I get into superlatives.
    Folks: BUY THESE CDs!!! JOIN THEIR GIGs!!!
    Never heard so much versatility and creativity on such a few harmonics.
    This band acts as an excellent team. I could start drooling about their music.
    In a few decades, when I can afford it, I will hire them for a gig just for me myself and I!
    Passing away can´t be a big deal then...


    Reconnective Healing Emsdetten a hey loner. Get a life. Stop living a delusional world

  93. russ bere

    Just how to shut off from this cruel world....This is amazing....

  94. Bambooandlotus1

    Love this... thank you ....♫♪ Լღvє ♫ ♪♪

  95. Zero Bedshaped

    oye... no mames! esto es genial bro :O

  96. Sylwia B

    it is good to have a good friend :)

  97. bernardo jaramillo

    que gran banda!!! exelente!!!