Riverside - Escalator Shrine Lyrics

We are escalator walkers
In the brand new temple
Came to reshape identities
Shed our skins, be reborn

And feel the same
Feel the same
That no one here is real

We are moving standees
In the shrine of choices
Incarcerated between floors
Of hope and disappointment

We feel the same
Feel the same
That no one here is real

We feel the same
Feel the same
That nothing here is still

We are stairway drifters
Made by cyper paper
Google boys and wiki girls
Children of the self care

We come to pray every single training day
Looking for a chance to survive
Buying reduced price illusions
Floating into another light
Melting into another lonely crowd

We feel the same
Feel the same
That no one here is real

We feel the same
Feel the same
That nothing here is

Used to have our love
And now disposable needs
Used to have our souls
And now refined new skins

Take, use, throw away, forget

Dragging our feet
Tired and deceived slowly moving on
Bracing shake legs
Against all those wasted years we roll the boulders of sins
Up the hill of new days
(Up) the hill of new days

In the arms of the setting sun
Our burdens cast shadows over fiery ground
Catching final rays
We try to reach the journey's end before the sun will die

We sense we're almost there
But the night comes too soon
And we crawl in the dark
Not ready to face up
To unknowing lies
We ache to go back

But we can't stop
But we can't stop
So we walk ahead
So we walk ahead

But we can't stop
But we can't stop
So we walk ahead
So we walk ahead

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Riverside Escalator Shrine Comments
  1. Just Another Cuber


  2. Gergő Kiss

    Amazing track!!! <33333

  3. Solid Snake

    I always love playing the main bass line when there's a bass guitar around. People will ask me if i came up with it myself lol

  4. Ivailo Velev

    This is so great! I respect this band a lot!

  5. Рысец Обыкновенный

    9:52 - Type O Negative, is that you?

  6. Delfin Capuchino


  7. Anthony Festa

    Piotr 💔🎸

  8. Laura Ciocoiu

    We are escalator walkers
    In the brand-new temple
    Came to reshape identities
    Shed our skins
    Be reborn and feel the same
    Feel the same: that no one here is real
    We are moving standees
    In the shrine of choices
    Incarcerated between floors
    Of hope and disappointment
    We feel the same
    Feel the same: no one here is real
    We feel the same
    Feel the same: that nothing here is still
    We are stairway drifters
    Made of cyber paper
    Google boys and Wiki girls
    Children of the self-care
    We come to pray every single training day
    Looking for a chance to survive
    Buying reduced price illusions
    Floating into another light
    Melting into another lonely crowd
    We feel the same
    Feel the same: that no one here is real
    We feel the same
    Feel the same: that nothing here is still
    Used to have our love
    And now - Disposable needs
    Used to have our souls
    And now - Refined new skins
    Take - Use - Throw away - Forget
    Dragging our feet
    Tired and deceived
    Slowly moving on
    Bracing shaky legs
    Against all those wasted years
    We roll the boulders of sins
    Up a hill of new days
    Up - Up a hill of new days
    In the arms of the setting sun
    Our burdens cast shadows over fiery ground
    Catching final rays
    We try to reach the journey's end
    Before the sun will die
    We sense we're almost there, (We sense we're almost there)
    But the night comes too soon (The night comes to soon)
    And we crawl in the dark, (We crawl in the dark - x2)
    Not ready to face up (Not ready to face up)
    To unknowing lies (To unknowing lies)
    We ache to go back (Ache to go back - x2)
    But we can't stop
    But we can't stop
    So we walk ahead
    So we walk ahead

    Walk ahead

  9. Paweł Rapczyński

    I leave my interpretation of the song. It is quite long, but readable in few minutes :) Enjoy.

    First of all keep in mind the one brilliant metaphore: people moving by escalator stairs.

    Lets start with the idea that originally, before story begins, people are outside the "shrine".

    (The first part of the song.)
    People then want to go to the "escalator shrine" (you could say: the shrine of escalators) to refine themselves ("be reborn"). From the context we can conclude, that the "shrine" could be the Internet itself ("Google boys and Wiki girls"). And we can be anyone in the Internet - we just need to "Shed our skins".

    When we enter the shrine and then step into escalator stairs we stand, yet move forward. No action or effort required. Just relinquish the free will, because we are already bound to experience either of two outcomes: hope and disappointment. But do not worry, if you do not like the floor just take another scalator to take you to the other floor. After all it is "shrine of choices". We just need to pick proper escalator and let it carry us.

    We enter the kind of store, where we can buy cheap illusion rather than expensive reality. In case of the Internet this might be true. Do not you see how everyone is good and the overwhelming happiness encouraging you to stay in this world?
    All it takes is to take a deep dive into the pleasant, fake reality where all of our individual dreams related to the other people manifest themselves. So, we are finally admired, we got some likes, we are beautiful. We can easily cover our drawbacks, as noone will ever notice we have some. We are perfect, which is exactly what we wanted before entering the "shrine". We have "refined new skins".

    (The second part of the song.)
    Now, we exit the shrine.
    We replaced the feeling of love with disposable needs. We sold our souls to have a new, shiny skins. We "evolved" without the need to feel attached to anything or anyone. We just have our needs and after they are fullfilled we can get rid of them and forget. And pick a new one. The "shrine" taught us that it is everyone's responsibility to deliver everything we demand from them.

    (The third part of the song.)
    A long time has passed. It is very hard for us to move on. It is because we accumulated a big amount of "sins" and "all those wasted years". It is a burden we have to carry upon the "new days". Living in the world of illusions left us utterly vulnerable for deception.
    The sun is setting. Its light, which we now crave, shines through us casting shadows. We might have just realised that the "shrine's" lessons have led us to the dark path. The sun is our last hope. But the ground already burns. This "ground" is everything we have been in contact with throughout our life - any place, people, our home, our land, and finally - our favourite Internet.

    We "try to reach the journey's end" before the imminent doom ("the sun will die"). This doom is the turning point from which we cannot go back. We "sense we're almost there". But what is the journey's goal? It seems we forgot it, so the journey cannot even end. It is too late anyway.
    The doom approaches leaving us to struggle in the dark. We desperately and painfully want to go back after we realize that. It's impossible.

    We can't stop. We can't stop because after we left the "shrine" we still have its escalators' momentum. Outside the "shrine" we must still imitate the escalator's ride. And so we move, slowly.

    The outro of the song is grim. We are already done. All we can do now is sit and sing the children song while watching our final extinction.

    Thank you for reading.

  10. Meenu Gupta

    Porcupine Tool..

  11. Mariusz Przyjemski

    Słuchanie to sama przyjemność

  12. Master Of Puppets

    repetitive , hackwork

  13. Master Of Puppets

    these pooftery never fail to suck it hard


    Shut it dingus

  14. Kazem Bazyar

    Pure progressive rock and genius lyrics.
    Excellent peace of art !

  15. Jacques

    Sounds like kansas + Pink Floyd + Dream Theater

  16. louis martin

    does anybody know what this song is about

    Evyn Chambers

    The alianation of late capitalism.

  17. Richard Robbins

    Nice somewhere between Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield very nice guitar/ bass work out - Riverside is one of my favorite new bands - love the singers voice and they can deliver live - without doubt. very nice music.

  18. Razvan Grozavescu

    Excellent song from an excellent band

  19. Dr Vlad Music Channel

    Κομματάρα! Ευχαριστώ!


    Χαίρομαι που σ' αρεσε συντροφέ μου !!!!

  20. tlentlen2


  21. French Guy

    amazing music
    I am a fan now, after one year ago when I accidentaly found them on YT

  22. Samit Paudel

    To those who doubt about Riverside, this song is the reminder that Riverside are the best band ever. This ain't their best song too... Escalator shrine captures the essence of Riverside how they are always evolving, how far they've come from The Same River.

  23. Luis Mota

    awesome track. 9:53-10:35 reminds me of type o negative.

  24. Samit Paudel

    Riverside have evolved so well.

  25. kakkoiBakemono

    666 likes :D

  26. Damian Małkowski

    Genialne..a końcówka utwóru to jak odlot w inny wymiar...

  27. Vatro Skok

    Stop comparing this music with other music, it irritates me.

    Brandie Gravitt

    Paradoxal Mindfucker 😎😎😎


    You are 100 % right !!!!!!.

  28. M. R.

    @ Beautiful slipper sliding. . 😑👑👢

  29. siroccored

    Genialna muzyka, wysoki poziom. I pomyśleć, że odkryłam zespół tylko dlatego, że jeden z członów grupy zmarł. To takie smutne. Ale teraz będę wierną ich fanką.

  30. Piotr G.

    Dla mnie utwór doskonały. W szczególności partia zaczynająca się od 7:00 minuty - majstersztyk, jeden z moich ulubionych motywów w ogóle. Zresztą cała płyta na bardzo wysokim poziomie.


    Piotr G. Dokładnie, druga część utworu powala!!!

  31. vivalamoxie

    By far my favorite and most profound song by a band that has ascended to another level of fucking amazing! this album is the bees knees and all that jazz! :'D

  32. Shriya Sridhara Maiya

    My reaction in words =>

    "Oh.....well, nice start, a tinge of jazz, cool.......ohhh wow, that bass and guitar.......oh it's ending?...wait, no, there's more....what's with this eerie stuff?.....holy shit, what is with this song?....NOOO....don't get cooler, 12 minute songs take forever to download....but I want you so bad, my love....want this song.....want.it...period."

    pfft, I sound like such a drama queen, damn you, riverside :P


    yeah that is what I think about them

    Shriya Sridhara Maiya

    @Count Dracula ikr :o

  33. nostalgiaTune

    Just found Riverside and was listening to this album, lying on bed, slowly drifting to sleep. When this song kicked in, I somehow felt much of pleasant energy filling my soul. Catchy rhythm, slowly exploding atomosphere and lyrics are just incredible in this song

    French Guy

    nostalgiaTune same here.....

    louis martin

    Sure is


    That's my favourite way to listen to music like this, in a dream like state "semi-conscious", yet hyper conscious.

  34. Alina Zhukova

    To me, this sounds like Pink Floyd and Dream Theater collided into one song. It's amazing.

    Cargus Bralem

    +Meesh Waldorf I can hear a tiny bit of Opeth in here as well

    И. Аистова

    Alina Zhukova I can hear mostly Emerson, Lake and Palmer in this song, both in vocals and bass line:-)

    Einbert Alstein

    Alina Zhukova and with a bit Deep Purple and Sabbath in it ;) outstanding song!


    Pink Floyd, DT, The Doors,Deep Purple, ELP, Black Sabbath- we have everything in one track. This is magic of Riverside, magic of prog rock.

    manuel gomez

    Not all prog rock "sounds like Pink floyd 🤦‍♂️

  35. YaroSz.

    ...a ciarrrrry, na późny wieczór, właściwie noc...


    @***** ...;-))

  36. Andrea Vittoria

    This song has such a powerfully meaning to it. Amazing song

  37. Michel Millerioux

    magnifique <3 j'aime beaucoup ce groupe ♫♪♪♫<3

  38. Scott Vogler

    I can't get over how truly brilliant and genius this song is. Hits almost every genre of rock seamlessly. 

  39. lemuffinity

    The more I listen to that song, the greater I realise it is!

  40. Aaron Kennedy

    Absolutely unbelievable track.

    Aaron Kennedy

    Back again. Still maybe the best track Riverside ever made. Has it all.


    And back again ....again......again....

  41. Scott Vogler

    This was a free commercial for Riverside. I bought their album on Amazon the day I heard this song and now I'm in to Riverside. They're amazing. Gene Simmons says rock is dead...nope...you just have to look for it and support it! 

    James Leffel

    @Scott Vogler Gene Simmons isn't a musician -- he's a marketer.

    Scott Vogler

    @James Leffel Point well taken

  42. orphaeus99

    The last 5 or so minutes of this song are just brilliant. Just the mood of the last few stanzas of lyrics, the "We can't stop..." with its soul-breaking sense of defeat, and dat outro...no words.

    James Leffel

    @orphaeus99 That 3rd movement tho!

    Cargus Bralem

    +orphaeus99 I'd say the first 12 minutes and 41 seconds are the best part of this song

    Brendan Eason

    The ending nearly destroyed all other music for me with how incredible it is!

  43. Mark Home Studio

    Riverside - Progresja Club - Warsaw Live 26 04 2014 vol. 5

  44. Inth

    This is actually the first video on YT I see, that has 0 dislikes ..wow xD

    Andrew Dunleavy

    That was the first thing I noticed on the page.  Riverside never disappoints.  Never.

    Jake van Schaik

    @Inth and then some numbskull downvotes it. lol. how can you NOT like this track?

  45. Joanna Jałowiec


  46. patrick bouillaud

    magnifique musique

  47. Ehsan F

    Such a great playlist! nice job

  48. 72Z15SS

    Amazing musicians! I found them by accident several years ago and was hooked instantly!!!

  49. YourFurthestReaches

     I can't stop listening to this on repeat. The riff is so amazing. Love Riverside!!!!

  50. TripleFermentation

    The time signature is not 5/4. The entire riff is 19/8 (5/4 and 9/8 alternating).

  51. Karolina Nowaczyk

    Ostatni miałam okazję widzieć ich na scenie festiwalowej i pokazali klasę jak zwykle. Tylko ludzie jakoś nie umieli się "bawić" przy ich muzyce...

  52. corbob10

    The last two minutes of this track are.... wow.

  53. cristicombei

    Best song on this album.

  54. Alexander Dimitrov

    Just as incredible as eveyrthing else from Riverside !!!

  55. Icaro Carvalho

    Between 4:50 and 5:32 I thought I was listening to Deep Purple.

  56. dzamija922

    4:36 is Sabbath bloody Sabbath, last riff. Basically the same riff. I know it wasn't on purpose, but goddamn it's identical. xD

  57. Reconnective Healing Emsdetten

    This is the first band I feel some kind of gratitude for finding themselves together.
    This is Porcupine Tree mixed up with John Wetton, a little bit of Pink Floyd and a heckofalot versatility and creativity on just three chords...
    I wish all the luck to them, but I hope they will never find the way to the biggest stages.
    Sometimes I will hire them for a gig just for me myself and I!
    ...with Porcupine Tree and John Wetton as support act.


  58. marcel coro

    No doubt is a very good album but I fear they look for a more sells... the way that ruined the career of a very big bands in the past like Genesis or Marillion. In other hand any band have the right of make his music evolve and they maintained a very high standard of complexity in their songs, so let's keep faith in the Poland masters.
    I saw them live last year in a little place in Barcelona and I enjoyed very much. A real strong live band. I you have the chance don't miss them.

  59. BlueMoonSaber

    To each their own. Personally this is my favorite, and that's something because each of their albums was my favorite at the time of their release. Like you don't think they could do better and they still somehow manage to top themselves. In any case, I think we can agree that this is a solid album at the very least. More power to this band.

  60. Snordix

    Pretty amazing lyrics for the whole album, which by itself is an extreme rarity. None of the generic nonsensical gibberish which is found everywhere.

  61. Richard Zsigmondy

    Hmm..I think they are "just" Riverside. (Now they were going to US and Europe tour).

  62. Orphydian▪Gaming

    similar from both lyrivs theme, style and even cover art with DTSystemathic Chaos

  63. TwinRavens

    Anyone figure out the time signature at the beginning?

  64. marcel coro

    I love Riverside music... but this is not his best album. I'm hoping for something like the epic metal prog Anno Domini High Definition or even the good prog songs of the EP Memories in my head. This cd seems more simple, like rock for a bigger standard target of listeners. Anyway, Riverside rules! I hope see them in Barcelona this summer.


    Way better than all daily news and 10 minute fix off all things that will only matter

  66. Wojciech Trefon

    Do zobaczenia w czwartek w Mega Clubie w Katowicach!
    Płyta świetna!, co by nie mówić nasz produkt eksportowy!

  67. Pawel Hyrkiel

    Quite a good song; definitely Pink Floydish, there were parts that almost made me think that I was listening to Pink Floyd; haven't listened to this song and nothing else by Riverside, and I really don't see this band fitting into the metal genre.

  68. TwinRavens


  69. bianconerokop

    Riverside went all Dream Theater in this song. But what a fucking amazing song this is!

  70. MiaWaren

    Absolutnie najlepsza płyta w dorobku! Panowie, oby tak dalej!

  71. ihmisotus83

    I just fell in love with this song! <3

  72. Juan Sebastián Sánchez Dávila

    These guys are trully the Pink Floyd of metal..

  73. Assem Akhmed

    This and "The depth of self-delusion" and "Feel like falling" are amazing.

  74. soypa scoypa

    Riverside was excactly the missing part of MUSIC!

  75. Wojciech Trefon

    Po prostu świetna robota Panowie! Czekam n koncert w Katowicach,
    11.04 w Mega Clubie.

  76. elektrykbestia

    Super Bomba!

  77. elektrykbestia

    Fajnie ze dziewczyna lubi Riverside!! :-) Pozdro..

  78. Kamran Rahmani

    I will be there too!

  79. olivedenice06

    Excellent ! Best track of 2013 so far !

  80. Carl Porter

    Going to see them on May 2 in Atlanta Georgia.Cant wait gonna be awesome

  81. Karolina Nowaczyk

    CUDO! Riverside po raz kolejny pokazali na co ich stać! Genialna płyta!

  82. Tencho Petkov

    My favorite from this allbum!!!

  83. Luluzao

    Uriah Heep is strong in this one.

  84. Jarno Hakulinen

    I really can't wait until I get my own copy of the CD...

  85. Konrad

    great quality thanks :) I'm happy when the CD is in my postbox!