Riverside - Coda Lyrics

Night outside grows white
I lie faceup in my shell
Open my eyes, don't feel like falling into blank space
Had allowed that life to drift
For I've chosen a different trail
When darkness fades
Don't feel like falling into blank space

Want to be your light
Illuminate your smiles
Want to be your cure
Bridge between self and us
Want to be your prayer
Wipe the tears from your eyes
When the night returns
I won't collapse
I'm set to rise

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Riverside Coda Comments
  1. Yacine Louadj

    Marius Duda is a creative genius in a sense that he encapsulate the meaning of life in one Minute plus.... beautiful piece of music ...

  2. Patrick Wielsky

    Liebe Euch...

  3. DerekMichaelRaimann

    This is my favorite Riverside song, enchanting and beautiful!

  4. rockinfine

    great mood piece with meaning, love it!

  5. Karol Kocjan