Rivers, Johnny - Jesus Is A Soul Man Lyrics

Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
And I'm sure sold on Him

Oh, they say that He's a square
That Jesus, He ain't nowhere
I know better, He lives in my heart
Jesus is a soul man

You can find Him in the Bible pages
Jesus, He's the rock of ages
Hides me in the cleft of the rock
Jesus is a soul man

Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
And I'm sure sold on Him

He calms the waves when the storm is ragin'
Keeps me safe when the devil's ravin'
He's my staff, He's my sword and my shield
Jesus is a soul man

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
The king, he said, In the fire you must go
He found out that the fire wouldn't burn 'em
They were saved by the soul man

Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
And I'm sure sold on Him

Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man
And I'm sure sold on Him

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Rivers, Johnny Jesus Is A Soul Man Comments
  1. Shirley Dunbar

    Beautiful well done

  2. 1955merllogsdon

    This guy is great!!

  3. Carlos Grammatico

    Lo escuchaba en el año 69, hermoso tema.

  4. Mike Madden

    Why is this so short? It should be almost 4 minutes!
    It really kicks ass toward the real end! Fading tunes
    out is a SACRILEGE!!! Even the longer version fades out.
    Do I have to die & go to Heaven to hear the ending???

    freecat beme

    maybe !  you have Great taste in music and men ! he is righteous.

  5. atua lasitani

    Yes Jesus is a soul man

  6. Carolyn Diver

    I love Jesus is a soul man and I am sold on him Thank you for Beautiful song, I love the song,

    Lois Hill

    Carolyn Diver No one can deliver like this wonderful man & his velvet voice.LH

  7. atua lasitani

    Jesus is a soul man 💟 I agree

  8. linda r. shaw

    Thank you Roger C.

  9. Derek Hazzard

    I like the sentiments as I'm a Jesus man too (and proud of it)

  10. Roger C

    Been a fan since early, early 60's. Johnny Rivers is a great guy, very shy, likes his space and gives you your monies worth every show and album. He is also a REAL BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN ....... Johnny knows who put him on TOP so he could witness to others.

    Mike Madden

    I saw God in a "Near Death Experience"! It was life changing! A bright Light,
    exactly as described in the Bible! God scheduled it when I was conceived.
    It was on the exact same day we took 4 hits of LSD each & went for a 240
    mile ride! I was stuck having to drive! An adventure of Biblical proportions!

    Mike Madden

    At about mile 125, I found myself driving thru an apocalypse of volcanoes
    & tornadoes, scared to death! My friend must have been scared too, as he
    drank himself out & flopped in my lap continually. I called for help & God
    came to the rescue! I bet He had a good laugh watching me dealing with this!

    Mike Madden

    God stopped the apocalypse, calmed me down, revived my friend &
    possibly took the wheel for a few seconds. He was very nice & helpful
    and He DID NOT say "Never do this again". He did want me to tell about
    this, but it took me a few minutes to decide to tell anyone such a story!

    freecat beme

    makes sense ~ Johnny is RIGHTEOUS FOR SURE...

  11. Evelyn Cutler

    I'm amazed. I didn't realize he went through all the changes that I have. I love the song.

  12. Donna Castel

    He is singing what he believes & I love it! Courage personified ! I admire him so much.



  14. Nina Ray

    We use to sing this in church for Heaven's Sake!!!!!

  15. robbo comeaux

    No wonder Bush was a fucking Idiot....

    Sam Thomas

    What you are using bad words???

  16. Neyji91

    Wunderbares Lied, sehr gute Interpretation. Und der Text entspricht der Wahrheit!!!

  17. nancy ellis

    this is the best rendition that i have found-I love this song and it was awesome

    Mike Madden

    I like the 3:51 version. Wish they wouldn't fade tunes out!
    I would like to hear the WHOLE studio tape right to the very end!
    Maybe they jammed 5 or 7 minutes. They were getting better & better!

  18. Ricardo Silveira

    Lindo hino Maravilhoso!