Rivermaya - Pure Lyrics

Here are my words that describe you
An angel in a world of confusion
You give me light when I’m in the dark
You give me strength when I am weak
Baby listen to me now
You are all I need
All I want is you
Here is my heart that belongs to you
Nobody takes good care of it like you do
You keep me going, you keep me sane
You shower me with life like droplets of rain
My heart beats for you
You are all I need
All I want is you
Here is my soul that belongs with you
It will forever be right by your side
You are so pure, like the rainbow that I see
I want to hold your hand for all eternity
You’re the one for me
You are all I need
All I want is you

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Rivermaya Pure Comments
  1. shinshaneirish aishiteru

    Astig ng pag kanta quality Rivermaya d best

  2. Json Bernardo

    song hye kyo

  3. Agustinus Lumbantoruan

    i love this song

  4. althegreat17

    ok nman boses ni mike.. pero sa tingin q lang ha?? my limit boses nya compared ky rico and bamboo na pde pang rock mellow and etc.. piz rok on

  5. 愛羅

    di ko alam kung bakit favorite ko talaga ang boses ni mike elgar... ahhh basta! go daddy mike!

  6. ritz zee

    nice vid..:D

  7. ip0ts

    this is the ONLY song that i liked on rivermaya's BUHAY album..

  8. Anna M

    i love her sooo much ^-^!!!