Rivera, Brent - thank you, brent Lyrics

Thought she could be the one, but I don't like brunettes
Then she dyed her hair blonde, and now I'm obsessed
So I looked in the phone book and I sent her a text
She said 'who the heck is this?' I told her it's Brent

One time I saw her, it was the morning
I swear she got hotter, yeah she looked amazing
I opened the door, it was really heavy
And then she walked inside, she looked right at me
And then she told me:

Thank you, Jeff (Jeff?)
Thank you, Ted (Wait, what?)
Thank you, Fred
I wish she knew that my name was Brent
Thank you, Ned (No!)
Thank you, Steff (It's Brent!)
Thank you, Fred
I wish she knew..

I just don't understand
My name is pretty easy
I know you know who I am
Wait, why don't you know who I am?
All of my crushes don't like me back
But this one gon' last
Cause my name is Brent and I wish she knew that

One time I saw her drinking a Slurpie
Then she tried to open a bag of beef Jerky
But she couldn't do it, so I went to help her
I opened a bag up
She put her hand on my shoulder and then she told me

Thank you, Jeff (Jeff?)
Thank you, Ted (Wait, what?)
Thank you, Fred
I wish she knew that my name was Brent
Thank you, Ned (No!)
Thank you, Steff (It's Brent!)
Thank you, Fred
I wish she knew that my name was Brent

Thank you, Brent
Thank you, Brent
Thank you, Brent
I wish she knew that my name was Brent
Thank you, Brent
Thank you, Brent
Thank you, Brent
I wish she knew that my name was Brent

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  1. Connie Vasquez

    Brent is my favorite youtuber better than anyone I want / need to meet him thats why I did a bio on him and I got his merch HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY BRENT WE LOVE YOU

  2. #billieEilishismyhero #iloveyoubillieilsh

    Thank you for posting this,Trent...wait Rent,um Ted? Fred? Tell me again?

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    Why is not you girlsfriend lexi h

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    This was the first video I saw when I was your fan 🥺🥺

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  7. Magdalena Vsco girl


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    This is so sweety

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    XD I love this and I listen to it when I have free time

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    Cringe has killed me😂

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    thank you, brent.

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    Love you brent

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    I'm sorry Eva....

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    U cheated on eva

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    That was a good song brent

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    i like this because i'm single!!

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    You are favorite YouTuber I love your videos the only thing I want for my birthday is to meet you

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    i love the song make a lot of songs

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    thank you, brent

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    Brent I look up to you a lot you are the best can I have a shout out by you Brent you need to know this I think about you everyday you are like the older brother I have always wante no joke can I have you as my brother

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    Hello blank I'm a big fan and I subscribe

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    When my 2 year old brother heard this song he started to sing thank you Brent

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    I love this video BRENT!!!!!!

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    Good music

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    Brent said his name like one thousand times it's either Lexi is deaf or has a concussion oh and plus Ben is way to ugly to get a girlfriend but I still like the song

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    Really you're crush is lexi,and you good at singing

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    Brent and. Lexi has a chemistry together ❤️

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    And I wish Brent and Lexi would be together they should date I ship them

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    My name is pretty easy♡😂😂

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    Thank you jeff

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