Rival Sons - Shooting Stars Lyrics

My love is stronger than yours
It's stronger than yours
It's stronger than yours
My love is stronger than your
Hate will ever be

And my faith is deeper than yours
It's deeper than yours
It's deeper than yours
My faith is deeper than your
Doubt will ever be

We move through the world
Like shooting stars across the sky
Splitting through the darkness
Putting the light into their eyes

My laughter is louder than yours
It's louder than yours
It's louder than yours
My laughter is louder than your
Shouting will ever be

And my dancing is better than yours
It's better than yours
It's better than yours
My dancing is better than your
Marching will ever be

We move through the world
Like shooting stars across the sky
Splitting through the darkness
Putting the light into their eyes

We move through the world
Like shooting stars across the sky
Splitting through the darkness
Putting the light into their eyes

We move through the world
Like shooting stars across the sky
Splitting through the darkness
Putting the light into their eyes

My love is stronger than yours
It's stronger than yours
It's stronger than yours
My love is stronger than your
Hate will ever be

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Rival Sons Shooting Stars Comments
  1. Joe Bergeron

    As long there are bands like RIval Sons, I will keep faith in the music industry.

  2. Nick Name

    My favourite Rival Sons track hands down

  3. cody williamson

    To all the haters "our love is stronger than your hate will ever be"

  4. Alexandre Alonso

    If someone is mildly smart, a huge gospel choir will assist this while being played live at the 2020 Grammys. Just saying

  5. Jenny Bergström

    I an swedish.

  6. Z Farmer

    Sounds like they listened to Moby Natural Blues quite a bit before making this.

  7. Adolfo Marineto

    What a fucking masterpiece . Respect

  8. TheShauNanigans

    This shit is amazing!!!

  9. Szymon Grzegorczyk

    IT is amazing. I couldnt stop listen. Thanks for this Masterpeace

  10. Jewles Bakic

    This song goes out to my ex's , to words......
    Check mate

  11. JanOoo F

    Wow!!!f#ck me...

  12. Christopher Harlow

    This is epic

  13. Jamessmack

    Too everyone dissing this song. Plz tell your greatest accomplishment. I’m being dead serious too. Hurry everyone is waiting.....

  14. Susanne Tiainen

    Genius 💎💖

  15. keith troy

    this could easily be the opening song to the soundtrack to the next GOOD season of True Detective. TOTALLY see this happening

  16. Dr Nisu Unn

    this should totally be a single

  17. mikes5637

    Incredible song. Like a gospel song that transcends all religion.

  18. Alfredo Sabbagh Fajardo

    A mi humilde juicio, de las mejores canciones de esta maravillosa banda. Es un himno que personalmente escucho por lo menos dos veces al día.

  19. SATURN Style Diamond Hair

    Can I get a AMEN !!!

  20. Nathan Belles


    The Joker: 1:25-2:00

  21. thornike qutateladze

    You are Kings of new Rock 'n' Roll, You are giving me the strength to carry on thank you very much, Brothers thank you

  22. Michael Till

    What a band what a track can’t stop playing it

  23. T Missing Link Videos

    Great song

  24. VukohodNihili

    one of those songs that will last (alongside with "Carry on my wayward son", "Sweet home Alabama", "Born to be wild" or "Conspiracy with the devil") as long as the humanity will last on this fucking planet!

  25. Magda Cendrowska

    Moby - Natural blues ;-)

  26. david lynch

    Man,when the crowd sings this back at a gig ..,..shivers🤘👍

  27. Sp Mcdade

    I love this.

  28. raphallusek

    Every time I hear this song it remains me of that:

  29. Patrycja Musiolik

    https://youtu.be/z3YMxM1_S48 anyone?

  30. Guillermo Ortega


  31. Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    the soundtrack our lives... rock n roll yeah

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero


  32. Glenn D

    Come back! Come back Rival Sons! to the Midwest!!! 👍👋🙋‍♂️

  33. Fast Forward Charts

    This is wannabe track to newest Fast Forward Charts - polish rock-alternative charts played at Radio Aktywne. You can vote at it on www.fastforwardcharts.com once a day. New chart will be played and published at Sunday 18:00 CEST


    Shut the fuck up with your terrible music.

  34. Draakhul

    Perfect closing of a perfect album. One of my best purchases ever.

  35. Grease Monkey

    Best song ever! I can't get enough of it!

  36. M N


  37. shannon howard

    Just saw them in concert with STP in Dallas.
    I blown away how amazing Rival Sons were! They did this song. Words can't describe it. You have to see them live.

  38. Will Leonard


  39. Susan Moran

    Gospel choir hand clapping required. Excellent lyrics. Rival son's are one of the best modern blues bands around

  40. Eric Parrish

    My new favorite band

  41. Shawna Eadie

    Can't get further than this track to listen to the rest of album! Vocals brilliant.

  42. John Otto

    Can't wait till 9/21 ..this new CD brings more vibrance to an already fantastic band

  43. ANTOMIN 1

    Give a like if you are here researching pretension

  44. Markus Fons


  45. Manu

    ohh my god!

  46. Geo76er

    Don't you just love a good choir singing in unison.

  47. Scotty Oz

    Why am I hearing these guys only now???

  48. DesignerFromMars

    The band should call upon a local choir group to join them on Shooting Stars in every city they play in. Also if there is ever a video made for this song it should be done in a flash mob way in the middle of a busy city gathering spot like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxLbmnvMWM0

  49. G S

    Great final cut!

    My love is stronger than your
    hate will ever be.

    Well said and very pertinent in these sad times.

  50. jodel yokel

    someone bring me bigger speakers. mine can't be turned up high enough!

    marlene andrejko

    jodel yokel ,right?!? Giant old school speakers, cranked up and rattling the windows!

  51. Alfredo Sabbagh Fajardo

    En lo que a mi respecta, es la mejor canción del último año. Directo del cielo rockero. En un mundo justo, Rival Sons debería ganar Grammy

  52. Bruno Romani

    Jay is simply amazing..what a band!!!

  53. iluvrocknrap

    This song is epic!

  54. Dave Tait

    I witnessed them playing this absolute belter of a tune yesterday at Kendal Calling. Biblical. So much passion and soul.

  55. Sam Fisher

    This song moved me.

  56. Marijuana MaMa#1! Knelsen

    MarijuanaMaMa1 is ALIVE! Hospitalized demoralizing insanity to yhe Brink

  57. Dr Nisu Unn

    song is exactly 4:20 long. nice

  58. Thomas Heinzmann

    A new Hymn. See you at Karlsruhe

  59. ROCK UNCLE Production

    Profound lyrics great band...

  60. Susan Moran

    Makes me feel like joining a gospel choir and clapping my hands. That is so good. Will they allow a Buddhist in to a gospel choir? Good work Rival sons.

  61. Christos Vatzolas

    Just amazing

  62. Anton Smith

    Is Feral Roots the best record by Rival Sons?


    I would say yes.

    François Tarrida

    Absolutely. Most complete one

  63. Mário Marinato

    That's my favorite song from the album. Absurdly amazing.

  64. freeeeeman952

    My eardrums thank you

  65. JUST bigbear

    Hei arons klasse

  66. 99v8cobra

    Rival Sons is awesome

  67. Surgar Kay

    Yeah I hope so too and the future 8,753 and what has been be and my life mine you keep what u created 12,331 .25652 and I will live for me now and never look back or go back to betrayal in life love or friendship

  68. Dale Granda

    Just a beautiful song.

  69. Aristocats

    Jay Shemihazah !!

  70. Jason Hardy

    I am not a religious person, this song makes me believe in Rock N Roll! Well done.

    John Willes

    I've never felt hope in humanity as much as I've felt since I heard this song. Goosebumps.

  71. Rogério Campos

    Amazing this song

  72. Herman Singh

    Saw them in Sacramento last night.amazing band..talked to Jay Buchanan after the show. Nice man took the time to talk to me.great singer.

  73. Doug Yazell

    Not Zeppelin, excellent like Zeppelin.

  74. Sangberg

    Ohh,hey :)

  75. Panic Station

    Weird flex but ok


    Dead meme.

  76. Eric Shivvers

    Cannot wait to hear this live!

  77. MAX Profit

    Moby's natural blues vibes here

  78. wawazat


  79. Jointehpuff funs

    In love with this song, hits hard. ☺️👌💕

  80. Abraão Oliveira

    Awesome. Thanks.

  81. Anne Gwinner

    unbelievably 🎵🎶

  82. Sean Antley

    I saw them live at Trees in Dallas, April 4th, 2019, to a sold out crowd... when they did this song, it looked like to me that there was barely a dry eye in the place. Such an amazing and soul grabbing track!!! Thank you Rival Sons for an incredible show!!!

  83. Travis Scott

    Get some...

  84. Blue Luna

    love it.
    on repeat!

  85. José Ramón Herrero

    Qué maravilla de tema.

  86. Jordan Frankel - Security Expert

    Amazingly crafted song. Killer guitar..

  87. Alex Blast

    I took shrooms last weekend in an intense storm and my friend played this song a couple times and lemme tell ya....

  88. Debra R


  89. electrichellfire

    Another lame album from this shit band of today. Good old shit rock that the ass clown Eddie Trunk endorses so you all fall in line to pretend you like the album. I am 63yrs old and I own a massive record collection from over the years. Greta Van Fleet is a way better band by far and occupy my collection on red and yellow copies.


    What is so immature on what I stated little boy. Please enlighten us without your stupidity. Regards

    Gerardo Spirito

    ElectricHellfire greta van shit


    Wow, get ya ears checked old man.


    My ears are fine little boy. You should get yours checked.


    @electrichellfire Nah, clearly yours stopped working a long time ago you old puke.

  90. Serhio 1000

    I think this song is doomed to be one of the biggest hits - people will be playing this on guitar everywhere

  91. MrWilfredo


  92. Ann Harmon

    How are not, this an amazing collection of talented musically men, not more known? How can this be?

    François Tarrida

    Music industry. But it's picking up

  93. Dillon Krix

    "my dancing is better than yours"

    How does he know lol

    François Tarrida

    Have you seen Jay on stage? :)

    Dillon Krix

    @François Tarrida unfortunately no but I'd like to sometime in the future.

    François Tarrida

    @Dillon Krix do! Best live band you'll see, I can tell you that

    Paisley Lasha

    @François Tarrida I love you😂

  94. Tero Rantaruikka

    I want to see this performed at the Grammy’s after they win Album of The Year.

    Brad K

    Ewww...They are WAAAAAAAAAAAY too good for that crap organization.

    Janko Jankovic

    @Brad K Cannot agree with you more my friend! Good bands making amazing music do not need validation by the Hall of fame or fuckin' Grammy's or, especially, cesspool that is MTV.

    Mia grace

    They’ve been nominated for album of the year ! They will definitely win

  95. Paul Kenny

    A song about love and hope - thank you Rival Sons for making such moving music.

    Song even better when performed live backed by a choir - loved seeing them in London!

  96. dishirai

    This should be the chant for the modern era - whenever the world needs encouragement to triumph over adversity. Which seems too often these days.

  97. schajter42

    I rule the Universe!!! With MY LOVE!! 💛💙💜💚❤

  98. Malorie Whitworth

    Fucking goosebumps