Rival Sons - End Of Forever Lyrics

The land separates from itself
And they call that one an earthquake
One becomes two people living for themselves
We call that one a heartbreak

There was a feeling that I used to know
We used to be closer than together
We said we'd never let each other go
Well this is the end of forever

Now, the end of forever (this is the end of forever)
This is the end of forever
This is the end of forever

I'd like to say I'm sorry
Sorry that we ever met
Both of us are ready to cut down the best
And the worst thing we've ever had

There was a feeling that I used to know
We used to be closer than together
We said we'd never let each other go
Well this is the end of forever

Now, the end of forever (this is the end of forever)
This is the end of forever
This is the end of forever
This is the end

This is the end of forever
This is the end of forever
This is the end of forever

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Rival Sons End Of Forever Comments
  1. lynnb

    Everytime I listen, I cry! Wow what a song!! The vocals are insane!!

  2. Angie Jevnager

    Jeff Buckley vibes in Jay's voice on this one. I love this fucking band!


    Kick ass band unrivaled been waiting a long time to feel my blood heat up like this...brilliant RIVAL SONS keep doing it .
    75 years old thought that it was all over? But thanks for putting the fire back in my soul and the awakening.

  4. Eddie Robbertse

    Kudos to RS's drummer! Dripping with hypnotic groove ... WOW ...

  5. G S

    Holy sh*t, so good - why don't they play this on the rock radio stations? If I hear Magic Carpet Ride one more time . . .

  6. nachjager

    Modern rock and roll at its best.

  7. Richard Willis

    Rival Sons, do me a favour...don't stop making music.

  8. Jane OC

    Seeing these guys in Ireland this month 😍😍😍😍🍀 so excited!!!


    Looking forward to seeing this band in Liverpool xx

  10. ZenithHunter

    Go watch this live in Manchester! Holy f*** he blows it away and itsonly got like a 1000 views!

  11. majikalmaiden

    sweet baby jesus...his vocals are otherworldly...what a band! This song is one of my favs

  12. A.D.

    People who are hard-rock-oriented and have genuine musical ability but cannot write good songs because they possess very very little creativity---this is how people like that write songs.

    Justin Robert

    @A.D. I'm not a leftist, that is the hilarious part. Nor did I tell you what to think in any of my responses. You're boring = you're boring. As in it was fun to write the first response and maybe 1 more was amusing, but now you are just babbling on about nothing to do with music or the initial message you actually wrote or my response. You don't even know what "constructive criticism" is as you gave ZERO constructive criticism to the Rival Sons in your initial message.

    Anyway, this is my last response, whatever you want to say is A-OK by me, bud. Knock yourself out and enjoy your free speech, but you're boring me. Peace.


    @Justin Robert Whatever, Weirdo.


    @A.D. Lmao you get bodied in the argument and you quit. what a pussy.

    Gerardo Spirito

    A.D. troll

    Elijah Rector

    You seem intent on trying to cram what you consider superior knowledge of the world and grasping for unrelated parallels of how tyrannical governments “worked hard” like this rock band, and how that doesn’t equate greatness. Well, that’s a stretch to say the least.
    And yes you do open yourself up for criticism when you choose to criticize.
    Now superiorly and quickly try and sum me up as social justice warrior or whatever term you think I am, because mud slinging works, and the couch warrior wins another debate. But do question your defensive and critical nature, before you write off what everyone is trying to get through to you.

  13. Fielding007

    Entire album is incredible, but then again everything they do is great!

  14. Bill Baldwin

    This album is a MODERN DAY CLASSIC!

    2019 Album of the Year!

  15. Dwight Townsend

    This song is about the end times!

  16. Say When

    Get so sick of people blubbering about Zeppelin, .. let's turn the page & give this NEW Band their due!

    AngryKoala Insane

    let's turn the page.. the JIMMY PAGE! lol

  17. Solaire Of Astora

    This band is this modern Led Zeppelin! great Álbum and song.


    Sacrilege. RS does not have one song that's as good and/or interesting as LZ's worst composition. You need an education.

    Jacob Truhill

    @A.D. Led Zeppelin isn't as great as you are pretending they are. I love Led Zeppelin but here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MviBlaTIV-s) is them at their worst. This is garbage. Rival Sons is really damn good too.

  18. Kimon Vezyrtzis

    Intro reminds me of "Blackest Eyes" by Porcupine tree....Anyone else? Great song

    Stephen Thomas King Kong

    Kimon Vezyrtzis

    Luis Azúa

    Me too! Came into my mind instantly


    This shit is simply Magic, thank you guys for the good music

  20. Pat King

    Flame Thrower

  21. Jack Walley

    Love that throwback to Zeppelin at 3:02



  22. Crispino Pastore

    There is no other band that sounds like these guys. They fit into their own genre in such an original way. Jay Buchanan is so underrated. His style and range incorporates entire genres from different eras in time. He hearkens of Robert Plant and 70's and 80's arena rock, and then also sounds better than all of the great grunge crooners of the 90's, Nirvana, STP, Pearl Jam, etc.... Greta Van Fleet my ass! I'm tired of reading about that comparison. That band of novice kids cannot even remotely compare to this. This is what unique, catchy, creative, melodic and emotive music sounds like. Great job, boys!!!!!

  23. Breedlove334

    I feel bad for rival sons they do not get the attention they deserve. Instead Zeppelin 2 gets it all ...and not the album 😂

    François Tarrida

    Do not worry too much for them. 10 years ago they played in small clubs. Now they headline shows in 1 to 3k halls and sell them out across Europe. The US is starting to catch up too. Rival Sons will be here a long time


    I agree every album is incredible. I luckily got to see and meet them at the 105.5Wdha acoustic set amazing musicians and people

    François Tarrida

    @Breedlove334 #1 mainstream rock single this week in the US. It's happening :)


    @Breedlove334 more like led zeppelin fanboyband 100 but with a good manager, greta van fleet will die very soon with album like their last one do not fret.

  24. mark hancock

    Sounds like a bond tune.

  25. HODL the ODL

    1st Class Tunage. The Whole Album Rocks.

  26. Tom Stevens

    very powerful amazing song! just great, like the whole album

  27. Natella Alimuradli

    The best band ever !!!

  28. Dan V

    Amazing album!

  29. Andrew Horner

    What A Tune. Best Track On The Album For Me. Jay's Vocals Are INSANE. 🤘

  30. asxtc

    Maybe 80% of the production time went into the drum track....but fk did it pay off!..they sound fkin awesome..

  31. Uschi Alisa Urban

    .."there was a feeling that i used to know"..
    😍😍😍 i felt this album will be something special!
    I Love the pain in this lyrics, perfect sound to surround them💖👍🏻

  32. Lycan

    Love the artwork, just as much as the song!!

  33. Gavin B.

    Love this song! That distorted guitar intro is vaguely reminiscent of System of a Down's 'Chop Suey' - maybe it's just me! I can hear many influences of songs through, that take me back to the end of the 70's and beyond, but overall there is a modern and unique Rival Sons feel to everything. Don't ever lose what you have, all the greats have built upon the shoulder's of giants.


    Its...its just you lmao

  34. Tommy King

    This track is incredible! Well done boys you've done it again! So excited to see u on the 5th in Birmingham! Can't bloody wait!

  35. Paul Jamz



    What a groove!

  37. Gerardo Spirito

    Jay God Buchanan

    Anne Marie

    Without a doubt... Amazing voice

  38. Victor Novaes

    Essa música não aparece no canal deles.

  39. stratmagic

    Guitar tones are off the hook

  40. Dwight Townsend

    This song is amazing!

  41. Jane Troup


  42. Walt Heisenberg

    Creepy good!

  43. Davide Spirito

    So grungy so good

  44. Ma Zolo

    Gives me chills!

  45. Szymon Lewandowski





    Same comment under almost all of the new songs lol. Such creativity.

  46. bthyname1

    Great Stuff

  47. Daniel Sánchez Restrepo

    The best song of the album

  48. Александр Новиков

    Strong song, good arrangement!!!