RITUAL - Using Lyrics

Using again

Couldn't see it at first
Losing parts of myself
I was trying to help
But you brought me down
First you take what you need
Then you take what you want
But you can't take what you've done
So you pushed me out

Didn't need till you came up in conversation
Soon as they mentioned your name
I didn't need to hear
I know exactly what you're doing

Starting with my touch, your body, his bed
I heard you're using again, I heard you're using
I'm like, "Oh my God," you're off me, who's next?
I heard you're using again, I heard you're using

It was fun but it hurt
Losing me and myself
Such a heavenly hell
So why do you always burn?
Did you realize I'd gone?
Know I shouldn't return
But I'd just do it again
Dreamers never learn

I didn't need till you came up in conversation
Soon as they mention your name
I didn't need to hear
I know exactly what you're doing

Starting with my touch, your body, his bed
I heard you're using again, I heard you're using
I'm like, "Oh my God," you're off me, who's next?
I heard you're using again, I heard you're using

I heard you're using
I heard you're using again
I heard you're using

Starting with my touch (My touch)
Your body (Your body), his bed (And his bed)
I heard you're using again, I heard you're using (Mm)
I'm like, "Oh my God" (My God)
You're off me (You're off me, yeah), who's next?
I heard you're using again, I heard you're using

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RITUAL Using Comments
  1. Roșca Claudiu

    This is if you can do not know what or i'm 415 Years Old school of public health i lost you a call center the 411 Weekly's day i f**k Fire Us Cry 411 Weeks Years

  2. Weliton gois

    Medusa best remix of this year💪😝🤙

  3. OfficialNaye

    OMG This music video!!!!! Undesirably Awesome!

  4. Kalina Zawada

    I thought you were Kesha at first :0 I miss Kesha :(

  5. F Novi

    This song should go trending 👍👍👍👍👍 i just heard it today and i'm addicted already 😊😊

  6. Rob Andrews

    Wtf? This vid is dope!

  7. sara____z 22

    Love this song😍

  8. かおり


  9. bimo satrio

    I hear on spotify :v and was really good song to hear

  10. OKSoundID

    Syn Cole Remix

  11. karan kapowski

    This video is amazing, my favourite part is when then take pictures in the club looking happy then go their separate ways frowning

  12. corkoran

    Original Bad !! Remix Meduza AMAZING !!

  13. TAYLONY Official


  14. amy simpson

    The power of social media is shown in this song/video,but i feel using,could be about drugs or any addiction x

  15. Risma Diandra

    This song is amazing and deserve more viewers❤

  16. Anita Anurag

    Black mirror

  17. pongser 2000

    follow ig https://www.instagram.com/fafahasans/

  18. DãFɨɳɳ

    I read the title RITUAL using with Emily Warren

  19. Sounds By Request SiouxAcyde-Beatz

    It's definitely different from the chainsmokers, stuff. But Emily is a versiral talent.. The video is a very.good. great job.

  20. Just retrospect

    Who here hates social media for this reason?🤔

  21. Charles .nuttin

    Wait so why did she. Start losing likes and fans

  22. Misssaps

    Best music video ever !

  23. KLYDE Official

    Been listening to only this for 4 days now ! love it, the video is so 2019 relatable af

  24. wanshei

    great! a song about some twat with narcissist blah blah blah syndrome

  25. Abbey Adams

    This video is so true and so amazing!

  26. zingg

    I feel bad for the boyfriend 😢

    Just retrospect

    Only person so far has sorrow for him

    Kiara B

    especially when he was like babe? look at me and when she rolled over from him on her phone in the bed. yea that was rly sad 😿

  27. zingg

    Basically my life except some things

  28. Ashia Nikki Gimenez


  29. Punt Clubseven

    Thank you 🙏

  30. Kono Dutch

    I know he wants me to behave myself.... Im considering it.... Just need to get some things out of my system before i grow up

    Kono Dutch

    Act my age i guess is expected.

    Kono Dutch

    How do people my age act?

    Kono Dutch

    I feel like im dying

  31. DJ_Dell

    뮤비잘만들었다.. 씁쓸하네..😢

  32. José Rcoha

    will digital lies, 5G, psychic drug medication, network depression be the ultimate destiny of mankind or another bland joke?

  33. Nishanta

    This song . Wow 😍

  34. Oki Irawan

    Underrated song.. Hope more views will come..

  35. Vivien Nagyova

    nice concept... it is all true and it is also sad :)

  36. Aljohn Nava

    This is an amazing music video! Very relevant!

  37. Lashorna Washington

    That f up keep it up no means no

  38. Chanel Oberlin

    how can people ignore this song?!

  39. Kriz

    So is this song about the evil side of Social media ??

  40. GCGamer

    Perfect Videoclip!!!

  41. Aaa Bbb

    2 years ago videos like was telling us to change to avoid a future like that, today their are showing our present...sorry world, we failed

  42. Violet Grape

    tik tok squad be like...

  43. Felipe Brockveld

    you want me to suicide Stefani?
    just say it

  44. DJ Like

    Much respect for this - a song and yet one of the most important messages of the century. There is a massive warning in this video regarding augmented reality allowing us to see a persons popularity and social progress or decline. It felt dangerous just watching the content in this even if it wasn't intended to be a look at augmented reality because just the information alone can have negative consequences. We need to be prouder of how we use social media rather than the illusion we are liked because of it. Social platforms should also praise users for their positivity and highlight any user on their front pages for their positive contributions. Not always just artistic or popular contributions by celebrities.


    I cant handle sm of eng😂😂

  45. Dan ini

    Confort I like it

  46. MALEK GX 777

    69 Comment and I'm number 70

  47. stuffdduck

    Big message yo! This is fire xo

  48. allive girl

    I already in love with this song

  49. RebelliousVandal 2nd channel

    I am the only one here who also feels like this song is not at all about social media ruining society, but something else worse? Like cheating or even doing drugs, overdosing depression medication?

    Behnam McDelijani

    It's about anything that makes you act like a brainless slave.

    RebelliousVandal 2nd channel

    @Behnam McDelijani i may agree with you! 8:)

    Just retrospect

    @Hawa Musa agreed


    Probably both

    Jarvis Wai-Ki Clarke

    That was my first impression; however, after the second listen, it became clear that it was about a relationship. That said, the lyrics could easily apply to drug use. It is a beautiful song...

  50. Adélésia

    this song :O

  51. gonzalez 7k

    Emily warren nailed it

  52. Joh Wax

    She's look like Kesha OMG! I was thinking It was her.

  53. DJ CROSS254

    its the best song have listened to this july

  54. Yunita Kyu

    Really like this song ❤❤❤

  55. Andrey Gluhov

    You look Amazing!🙂🌹🔥💔🇺🇦

  56. SteveGabsent Music

    Subscribe on my channel please...😞

  57. SaCha Cover

    The truth, everywhere

  58. Natalia S

    this is giving me LANY tour flashbacks. This song is soo beautiful

  59. Manjeet Singh


  60. BrickedCat101

    Ritual makes so many good pop songs but people just don't see it, it's lil Nas and all the shit tryna fit in with what the popular people listen to its patheticccc

  61. Thank you, next HK

    I come here after Dua posted on her ig stories

  62. ExceptWhen

    I'm sorry but it's not even close to your high quality music. I'm disappointed.

  63. lms.alfred Hmar


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    Who came for Dua's insta stories?

  65. Spotify Top New Released Songs

    Top 1 in my latest video such a wonderful song❤

    Subscribe to my channel if you want the content guys😊

  66. tharila quinger

    Why is' RITUAL' so underrated I love them so much.

    Angelika Joanna

    tharila quinger I think they're gonna be big one day and we will feel proud for being here from the beginning

  67. rob steiner

    Nice vid.nice concept, but the song was written about 'using' drugs again, not social media.But both are an addiction. Good way of popularising the track though, those clever music industry people....

  68. Martina Piskorová


  69. עמית מסניק

    Love it🖒💕

  70. MR K-RO

    That piano and them chords give me The Fray vibes. Such a good track

  71. Виктория Высоцкая

    Oh my f god!! So much love from Russia❤️❤️❤️❤️ more magical music please💔💔💔

  72. トッポ

    great video

  73. Choi Joshua

    The song is a sad story about the loved one using drugs again but the video is cringy middle school deep

  74. Ana

    Black mirror vibesss

    Ciera Wheeler

    Literally my first thought

    Patience Louis

    True to that

    Alice Lu

    no just drugs

  75. Maria Blanco

    Can someone tell me what this song is about? I LOVE it I’m just a little confused on the meaning behind the lyrics!

  76. MTV Addict

    Who was the video director?

  77. mmansuri91

    Together singing the Chorus was a bad idea i think ! But it’s a nice song ‘

    RebelliousVandal 2nd channel

    Actuallly i love it, i really do like it. So many people - so many opinions.

  78. E J

    I wish there was a version without Emily >.<

  79. Michael Masebe


  80. J H

    So sad...these people

  81. Jai Mishra

    Emily warren deserves the world

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    Emily warren is on fire.

  85. Justin Ward

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    The power of the social medias on our lives in 2019, a real dope

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    when i first listened to this song in 2017 at LANY concert i felt in love and now listening to it again omg wow! So beautiful thank you! <3

    Natalia S

    @its kris them*

    its kris

    @Natalia S yeah right them. I'm sorry.

    Natalia S

    @its kris it's okay but it's important to remember that there are more people in the band and they deserve recognition

    its kris

    @Natalia S yes u r absolutely right

    Natalia S

    @its kris <3

  92. effy

    Your voice...

  93. chris

    holy f Gerard's and Emily's vocals goes so good together

  94. Callmejojo

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