Riton - Ginger Lyrics

Who has the ginger?

I woke up one day and planned to get reckless
Felt myself and put on my best necklace
Posted in the group chat, who wants to faaji?
They were only down for the after party
Hmmn, my body is ready
And it's sweeting me like I have jedi jedi
Who else would be hype? Who has the ginger?
Only this guy that I know through my sister
So I hit him up and told him let's roll
And he told me he'll pioneer the parole
Now it's a movement
The night can't waste
So I got some henny out the stash for a taste
Went out for pre-drinks, squad was chill
But as the time passed, shit got real
I mentioned the movement they said they'll come through
Now them too were ready to do the do

The whole squad turnt and the music is flames
And we don't even know anybody here's names
Can't even front, I have no regrets
Lowkey one of my best nights yet
Oooh I'm on a big wave
Everyone around me prolly feels same
Nothing can phase me now

Who has the ginger?
Who has the ginger?

What am I gonna do
I only have a three man crew plus two
A crew regardless, oya let's move
We can find a spot in the city for the groove
Get to the zone and bredda it's lit
Never seen a crowd get wild like this
The babes don't care and the guys are fit
Reckless mission is now accomplished

The whole squad turnt and the music is flames
And we don't even know anybody here's names
Can't even front, I have no regrets
Lowkey one of my best nights yet
Oooh I'm on a big wave
Everyone around me prolly feels same
Nothing can phase me now

Who has the ginger?
Who has the ginger? (Daammn)
Who has the ginger?
Who has the ginger? (Daammmn)

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    synthetic cotton

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    Best song

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    This is Azealia Banks if she didn't have such a bad attitude 💁🏻‍♂️

    Stella Aurelia

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    Its fucking shameful to see the slum village and instantly just KNOW thats south africa, like don't hit me up pretending otherwise, I FEEL it even tho I know she's nigerian, and guess what I'm fucking right, it is SA, course it is

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    She uses Nigerian Pidgin: "My body dey sweet me like jedi-jedi" [I'm feeling sweet like I have anal piles - weird!]

    Onyinye Muomah

    Video was shot in SA. Song is in Nigerian parlance. Kah-Lo is Nigerian

    Cheekybird 65

    Ye boi❤️ looks south african sounds nigerian i love it

  92. paul hunter

    the video says to me who wants the agent that stops hiv leading to aids the ginger - brown the remedy? the way the rich control the poor - with disease and the treatment. your poor because you need the treatment. we are rich because we gave you aids and made you poor. but you make us rich - who wants the ginger. the cure so they live on and keep spreading the diesease. etc etc

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