Riot - Twist Of Fate Lyrics

Feeling trapped I'll soon succumb
The hour strikes I'll turn and run
A piece of dream inside my mind.
I feel entombed I must remove
With depth of reason I should prove
Give me trust for all is true
Only one, I enlist to follow on
From the dust all our ashes will be gone
That's right.

So I traveled on.
On into the darkened night.
Only you don't turn me down.
So I carried on, on into the dark and light.
Twist of fate is all I found. yea.

As I clean and dress my wound
The cast of blood and bone I lose
The penchant filtered thru the sky
Only fortune my mistake
Soon to pay for vows I break
I'll search for solace deep inside
Only one, I enlist to follow on.
From the dust, all our ashes will be gone.
That's right

So I traveled on.
On into the darkened night.
Only you don't turn me down.
So I carried on, on into the dark and light.
Twist of fate is all I found. yea.

So I traveled on.
On into the darkened night.
Only you don't turn me down.
So I carried on, on into the dark and light.
Twist of fate is all I found. yea.

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Riot Twist Of Fate Comments
  1. God

    Amazing, Di Meo sound like Mats Leven here

  2. Krzysztof Smyl

    Riot Heavy Metaal Rules Still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Black Cat

    Mike dimeo husky tuneful voice gave riot a blues vibe dig it

  4. Milady Riot

    Miss you Mark Reale! ❤

  5. TCorporation66

  6. anakwawasan 2020

    Riot is underrated band..and if not because of internet..we all..losing this good stuff...

  7. stiv pens

    Една от най добрите песни на Riot.

  8. randall scott burress

    Eat this with a pitch-fork and a shovel>?>?


    Exelent power full Band, yeah!

  10. TCorporation66MG

  11. Metal gods

    Riot The best Band of Heavy Metal !!!

  12. Talaramama

    its like ozzy rainbow savatage iron mainden megadeth judas priest combined :))

  13. Aquatics Ninja

    Great Album

  14. S. McCammon

    Absolute mince, average rock from the once best rock band ever,. This could never stand beside the Fire Down Under album, Guy Speranza will always be the Riot vocalist - I remember buying Restless Breed and smashing the record to make bass plectrums. It was a crock of shit with Forester.

    Cee Cirice

    You're so edgy.

  15. MetalMusicFromAcrossTheWorldYT

    Absolutely great track!!!

    \m/ \m/

  16. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth

    Great track here.  Mike "thats right" DiMeo was not the strongest Riot vocalist but he sounded good here.  I think his greatest moment was the "Nightbreaker" album. Oh yeah.....Tony Harnell on the back up vocs sounding killer as usual. The Mighty Tior.....Shine On!


    @***** Mike def has that blues swagger which is why I like him.  For the same reasons I love Rhett.  I don't think Mark Reale ever chose a bad vocalist for his band. I really miss him. Shine on bro.


    awesome that comments are still flowing on this thread. especially seeing as i saw Riot live last night. Amazing show. The new singer Todd is no slouch. the great vocalist streak continues.

    José Ramírez

    Johnny is his name, I have the Thundersteel CD and it has the Seal dressed as a superhero and the name "JOHNNY" above him.

    Incantation Agency

    The seal mascot is named Tior (an anagram of Riot) but is also sometimes known as Johnny after the character in the song "Johnny's Back" from Thundersteel.

    Aquatics Ninja

    RIOT! I think they deserve more recognition

  17. Hernando Díaz

    this song is amazing, I don't understand why it's so unknown

    Thundersteel 1988

    Damn right!

  18. Alex Fotios

    Great - just great!

  19. Ivaylo Petrov

    Where is the 'on the wings of an eagle' by spiral towers?

  20. SYLO

    I have loved Riot since i first started working with them some years ago! Not another band like them

    pvs vedder

    two things , when was this song from , an are they still around an playing an if so where .


    @pvs vedder This song is from "Sons Of Society" (1999), one of their best albums in my opinion. Riot are still going strong under the moniker Riot V. They released "Unleash The Fire" last year and are currently on tour. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow they are playing two shows in Greece (and I'm gonna be there!), Saturday is Sweden Rock time and then back to the US. They also play Rock Fest Barcelona in July. For full 2015 tour dates, go here:

  21. Yuda Ben

    omfg fucking epic shit!

  22. Leovillacamello

    Karthus as twisted fate

  23. arpezzios


  24. Miriam


  25. ZelddaLinkFreak

    Holy fuck.... Found this accidentally, this is awesome.

  26. nickyhawk81

    oh yeah!

  27. Meteoros

    @yadiheavy THANK GOD NO

  28. J. B.


  29. Bryan Mocha

    intro is like speed of angra

  30. vernon otherbull

    this song made the band again after the last singer due to an act of bullshit, power up again

  31. vernon otherbull

    this song made the band after they lost the last singer due to act of bullshit.

  32. Claudio


  33. EnemyAce

    Man, this album is damn good.

  34. Ricku13

    so true's definition of metal is extremely underrated only because shitty bands are promoted to the crowd for commercial reasons

  35. masterpatric07

    riot reunion is a fact.tony and don van staver are back.

  36. masterpatric07

    we wish!!!

  37. Ricku13

    damn sorry for the reply xD

  38. Ricku13

    why the hell does such a kick-ass song have so little views?? thanks for uploading!!!

  39. Vggamegod

    great song! gotta look into these guys a bit more!

  40. Lewis

    Pure Awesomeness, any similar bands to these

    Aquatics Ninja

    Try Viper Soldiers of sunrise