Riot - Running From The Law Lyrics

Running from the law for something I did not do fearful of the lies fighting for the truth
I can't let them catch me my life it will be done so when evening comes I'll be on the run
Running through the hills got no place to hide racing with the wind I got you by my side
A fugitive chasing after destiny freedom never shines oh down on me yeah
Running from the law reaching for the sky never turn my back on shadows in the night running from the law
Their sights are set on me I must keep up the pace I feel them getting near I won't give up the chase
And when the morning comes if they're not at my door I'll keep myself alive running ever more
Running from the law reaching for the sky never turn my back on shadows in the night oh running from the law oh oh
Aaaah running from the law for something I did not do fearful of the lies fighting for the truth oh
A fugitive chasing after destiny freedom never shines down on me yeah
Running from the law reaching for the sky never turn my back on shadows in the night
Running from the law running from the law running from the law

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Riot Running From The Law Comments
  1. John Dubois

    I bought this album back in the day. At the time I didn't think too much of it. Wish I had it today, I think I was too young to really appreciate it back then.

  2. Deap Mathew

    Anyone know if this record is still available?

  3. randall scott burress

    this song still kixxx asss in 2019???????????????????????????

    Ryan Mcneila

    randall scott burress Obviously

  4. Frank

    I can't tell who stole whose idea from these guys or judas priest..go figure....

  5. randall scott burress

    "LET" ROCK?"

  6. randall scott burress


  7. randall scott burress

    OH STINK ? I"M A RIOT FAN************************************

  8. randall scott burress

    mostly diabolical way's it must stay?

  9. Peter Alsing

    What a great song... we are the 80:s....

  10. Sean Simpson


  11. randall scott burress

    green wire goes to orange and black to balck

  12. randall scott burress

    Power inverter don't need no help

  13. TCorporation66

  14. Sean Simpson


  15. Marco Polo

    A true Masterpiece, pity they did not play live after Rhett's departure.

  16. randall scott burress

    There is a RIOT fan in my house*

  17. randall scott burress

    just here for HEAD COUNT*

  18. randall scott burress

    Actually? ...I'm just running from the crazy-house*

  19. randall scott burress


  20. randall scott burress

    I'm not against the soldiers? I'm against the war Mr.TRUMP?

  21. randall scott burress

    i don't hide too good ? do i?

  22. randall scott burress

    I CAN"T RESIST? me?

  23. drummerboy 76'

    I barely heard this song today and I can't get enough of it!

  24. Monica Reynolds

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the sheet music to this song? Or how to contact someone to gain the legal rights to use this song in a choir setting?

  25. rbagel55

    Riot will always be one of my favorite acts from this period. They were just a bunch of simple blue jeans and tshirt wearing American guys, they had no gimmics, no outrageous garments. What they had was good songs and it was always kick ass rock & roll. American Metal at it's finest. RIP Guy Speranza, Mark Reale, Rhett Forester

  26. Brad Ellison

    Mark Reale was awesome.

  27. Brad Ellison

    Every Riot lp was f'n right on with the volume on ten!!

  28. Samm Rudas

    sounds like Judas Priest ..:) ..Great song

    Bor Htims

    The Ripper! Mark Reale R.I.P.

  29. Deap Mathew

    \m/ Running From The Law \m/

  30. Martin Carrillo

    this song has a priest vibe bout it! fuckin rocks regardless man!

    randall scott burress

    hide my bunny wabbit?????????????????

    randall scott burress

    look at the year? Ahead of their time!

  31. J.J. Decay

    The image on the the cover looks like an overgrown infant with a battle axe. WTF !? Ha Ha... The Music is ok

  32. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth

    Old school killer hard Rock/Metal.  I miss Rhett and Mark everyday.

  33. pvs vedder

    I here some judas priest in there

    Willie Vega

    pvs vedder big Man !!!! they were a little b4 than the priest guys got to America! or the NWOBM 1976 *1977 Riot is one of the Best Hard Rock acts of that era and I did say Hard Rock cuz Metal wasn't born yet!!!!

    metal warrior

    @Willie Vega we talk about 1983 now and not about 1977...and the Priest influence in this song is pretty obvious(and this is not bad at all)! Many artists were being influenced from bands that appeared the same time or even after them! Metallica always mention Mercyful Fate as their influence and also Mark Shelton of Manilla Road admits that the albums he released in the period 1987-1990 were faster and "thrashier" because he was listening a lot to Metallica and Voivod(both bands released debut albums after Manilla Road)

  34. piscian18

    ...just found this while googling "running from the law" how is this not the most popular song of all time?


    I will tell you, Its because the music industry does not care about putting quality music (rap music is testament to that) but interested in what they can sell. And because of their bad management and the up and coming glam metal bullshit, they never got the recogition for the great band they were, and they drifted apart. It is sad, because quite frankly this stuff blows away any of the newer stuff I hear. Riot was a band of ordinary American guys, no frills, not weird dress or outrageous costumes, just kick ass rock & roll about real life stufff. Face it, the music iondustry SUCKS

    Stefano Perticaroli

    I completely agree with you rbagel55. Music (and metal) should be considered just for what it really is, Riot was the symbolic case in which a band out of mainstream for trends and look paid with a really unrespectful recognition of their albums. Just ask to any non-metal listener, everyone knows Painkiller from JP, but who knows Thundersteel from Riot?

  35. Robert Nolan

    Great times... awesome tunes...80's rule!! RIOT!!!!

  36. Andres Escobar

    Nvm this isn't the one i was looking for

  37. Andres Escobar

    I dont like much metal but this is one of my favorite songs

  38. lasombra68

    I miss the music from this era.

  39. David Budrus

    If your kids ask you what true old school metal sounds like play this for them...

  40. DoomedHippie

    Timeless !!!!

  41. metalacera3


  42. warriorarts1

    R.I.P. Mark Reale

  43. Sad Mustard

    @stonekeeper86 thats what seperates the real guitarist from a fast one. there may be thousends of fasts but few of the kick-ass-ones :)

  44. Ritchy Metze

    Riot rules

  45. Stone Keeper

    Simple riffs that totally kick Ass!!!

  46. axinth


  47. Ricardo Ferreira

    This is classic heavy metal

  48. gavin lebo

    This fucking rocks...