Riot - Outlaw Lyrics

Down below the border,
He robbed a bank in Mexico.
Half crazed on tequila,
He had a, half million in gold.
There's thunder in the ground,
And he could hear the sound.

A showdown in the distance,
They're gonna ride him down.
Bet your life on the silver ball,
Spin it, 'round the wheel.
Will it land on the black or the red?
The outlaw's got no deal.
When he gambled with women,
He kept an ace up his sleeve.
He always got what he came for,
He never played it clean.
Then he was blinded by passion,
Playing a game of fools.
Thought she was lucky,
Thought she was his best bet,
Guess you find out when you lose.
Bet your life on the silver ball,
Spin it, 'round the wheel.
Will it land on the black or the red?
The outlaw's got no deal.
Bet your life on the silver ball,
Spin it, 'round the wheel.
Will it land on the black or the red?
The outlaw's got no deal.
Bet your life on the silver ball,
Spin it, 'round the wheel.
Will it land on the black or the red?
The outlaw's got no deal.
Bet your life on the silver ball,
Spin it, 'round the wheel.
Will it land on the black or the red?
The outlaw's got no deal.

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Riot Outlaw Comments
  1. Holland1312

    Love it !!

  2. kelly alexandra ordoñez

    It's great song

  3. Atomic Tim

    Here we are in 2020 and realizing this great music is timeless !

  4. Lonesome John

    I can't remember who turned me on to this band and this album back in the day, but I'm forever grateful. The epitome of '80's metal right here.

  5. Ray Tamez


  6. James Chriss

    I have to tell you, Riot's Fire Down Under is one of the greatest albums ever made, PERIOD! This elevated hard rock to a new art form. The groove they hit in the last minute and a half of this song is insane!

  7. Kristian Tyler

    This is a timless classic, it will live on for a hundred years. Love it.

  8. Kzoo Detector

    56 poseurs lurking here.

  9. Ely Lara

    I was 11

  10. Jesus Saves

    This band shoulda been huge!!!


  11. lawrence tsosie

    This is what sponded all that is wondering around today.

  12. Suavratman

    Forgot about this album until I saw Gary Holt with the shirt ...

  13. Giuseppe Lanari

    Fuori Legge.

  14. S KK

    True crime...
    This is never played on regular rotation on terrestrial rock stations.

  15. robb ballard

    56 clowns...

  16. Melvin Martin

    Hell fuckin yeah outlaw got no fuckin deal

  17. Natalie Logue

    Favourite song

  18. mike b

    Riot was fucking AWESOME!! SOOOO UNDERRATED!



  20. playitnow

    This song and magic maker are my fav!

  21. Silver Skateboarder

    still amazing after all these decades..a masterpiece!

  22. lorenzo martinez


  23. Iosif Pateroulis

    greay song, i didn't know this band until now

  24. Duncan Mac

    yee pluckin haw abaY!!!

  25. Leovardo Alvarado

    Está rola me describe perfectamente en mi adolescencia(hoi tengo 53) pero cuando la escucho ,me siento de poca madre,nunca olviden estás rolas

  26. ecfnw9

    Lost a life long friend today. This song was mine to him growing up. RIP Brad. Gonna miss ya you outlaw.

  27. Traveler Metal

    Will never get tired of this song. Some of my fondest memories are belting out the chorus at the top of my lungs while hammered.

  28. Wargod60

    First Riot album I ever bought. I have everyone now.

  29. Leonardo Willi

    It never made sense to me how they didn't break out much bigger than they did. They certainly had the sound and the vibes to be huge where some that came along just didn't have it but seemed to get promoted harder. Yeah, these guys got hosed by contracts - and when Rhett came in, man, they had all the elements. One of those bands that should've been main street, at least as main street as this was back in the day. We cranked them up and turned everyone we knew onto them.

  30. MrLive2win

    This metal is so heavy they should charge by the pound.

  31. David Crabbe

    Hell..Maiden was never this good HEAVY METAL...OLD SCHOOL???YEAH YOU BET. UNIVERSITY KIDS

  32. Peter Alsing

    Can ever forget this song in Midsummer in the summer 1983, my girlfriend say this, do you remember, i was sold...
    First song from RIOT. The Best Band Ever...

  33. Shattered Empire Golden Greg Williams

    Headbangers still love this album metal lives forever

  34. Patrick Williams

    The singer in this lineup turned down an offer to front Anthrax back in the day.

  35. Peter Alsing

    Remember my girlfriend 1983 have u her this song? And I was...

  36. Melvin Martin

    Hell yeah tis outlaw got no deal

  37. olli ketonen

    one of the best albums ever

  38. Frank Landry


  39. Frank Landry


  40. MordredTheMightyMetalhead

    The Donald Trump Song

  41. Frank Landry


  42. Peter Alsing

    Summer in --83 never forgot this summer, fin women and drinks. And this song wow...

  43. Terry Dintelmam

    I remember buying this album when it first came out, Believe it was an 81 or 82

  44. Tompa M

    Met these guys 1981 backstage at Heavy Metal Holocoust in Stoke UK. Great guys especially Guy Speranza. RIP.

  45. Jeroen Roy

    Now that 's an Anthem!

  46. David Crabbe not sure wot this album has in production coz I know spit about the tecnical side of all that but it certainly has that freshness...maybe unlike Sabs etc it just dont sound OLD.. its like Montrose first album .They sound like school kids in a garage...but when I listen to it often it also has power to rejuvinate me and then i mistakenly go outside makes me feel and act like the nutty kid I used to .the solo is awesome though...sorry I just luv wot I luv is all...its scewed to wall genesis of heavy metal and compared to most in 40 years its awesome...just an opinion...HEAVY METAL RETRO HETRO ROCK FOREVER..

  47. Dania Verduzco

    like if this track is good to get drunk

  48. gfrkiss

    1981...Hammersmith Odeon....London....what a band..

  49. Christoph Riederer

    200% Energy, one of the ten best Albums ever!!!

  50. Lannigs Deloin

  51. Stephen Loveday

    Pure class!

  52. 18dot7

    Simply awesome, that's what it is ... Crank it up and enjoy!

  53. Lonesome John

    The epitome of '80's metal. Every song on this album was great.

  54. phil de Blois

    awesome band

  55. Corrado Siciliano


  56. Corrado Siciliano

    This album rocks! Always has and always will!!

  57. james vincent

    Thunder in the ground

  58. Rodrigo Godoy Gatica

    Besttttt band ever....csmmmmm

  59. Zach Liang

    excellent intro

  60. Thunder ous

    brings back memories of taping songs of the radio saturday nights at midnight

  61. olli ketonen

    their best album. still awesome

  62. Régis Blanc

    so fucking orgasmic !!!

  63. jackk sslater


  64. Pizza Pepperoni

    ¿Que dice el borracho del final?

  65. Sergio Noli

    bellissima canzone , grazie.

  66. Master of Muppets

    Awesome song. Great album.

  67. Iconoclastic

    This riff is a like a big kick to the fucking guts.

  68. rbagel55

    American metal just doesn't get any better than this ! And this is an example of how fucked up the American music industry has been, they shoved this talented band aside for no real reason, they flooded the market with too many glam metal bands during the 80s, that people got disgusted with it, so they had to kill it. It was run by a bunch of cuthroats and I am glad Napster and YouTube took them down

    Rob Shelton

    Well said, friend!!

    Uncle Remus

    Amen Brother

  69. Heavyer Cuadra

    02:57 Ahh fui a Mexico a buscar lo que queria y lo consegui con el oro por que me encanta el oro .pero no quiero nada oye hermanito aqui en Mexico se vive con fuerza , las mujeres lo dan todo, porque soy el rey de la selva...........

    Dania Verduzco

    no te pierdo por nada, por el tequila es que te tengo en mi enjambre
    hermanito estoy aquí en México
    con todos mis amigos en un pueblo maldito y no me importa nada
    nada! yo no había probado el tequila
    jajajaj! mi vida! es lo que debí hacer hermano
    oye! hice lo que te vi hacer hermano
    no me importa nada, nada nada
    vivir mi vida!!!!

    Heavyer Cuadra

    Dani Steel muy buen complemento hay 3 detalles pero muy bien.


    Muy buena oreja hermanitos

  70. Ferny Gallardo

    q tiempos, RIOT

  71. Sahara

    1588 Outlaws love this song!

  72. Crusty Farts

    Love this album so great.. Next album restless breed kicks a lot of ass too

  73. Børre Bjerkland

    Still great today

  74. salvador romero

    dont forget april wine too

  75. MasamuneZenith

    Anyone wanna translate the spanish near the end of this track? I'm curious.

  76. David Day

    35 fucking Madonna fans don't like this tune. Piss off. This band rocked and was influential for so many others down the road to the point that they were blatantly ripped odd. Seriously under-rated

    Anki Hansen

    I like Madonna and I like this album, is that a problem?

    Gabriel Rearte

    David Day a major influence in the young thrash/power scene

  77. whitney C

    Great band,them and UFO are the best by far!!!

  78. BobbyWhitehead

    for sure the most underrated hard rock band of the 70's and 80's...and this may be the most under appreciated rock album in history. great production, great writing, great musicians....too bad they didn't get huge like they deserved


    Nah this is metal!

  79. Randy Hoopaugh

    This takes me back to a time that hard rock/heavy metal were still closely related....


    Very true

    Metal Zboy

    I always tell people that this Album was the missing link between 70's hard rock and 80's metal

    Jeff Hadland

    Thanks!! This's better than Quiet Riot.

  80. alessio marano

    never heard it before! good

  81. Daniel Himmel

    "Will it land on the black, or the red, The outlaw's got no deal..."


    mad track that one !

    Daniel Himmel

    No doubt!

    Harley Thomas

    Totally badass lyrics.. the song tells a story you can see in your head.. totally badass

  82. victor arias

    Riot chingones!

    hernando ramos

    Jeje habló español

  83. christophe thourot

    clearly man !! close to 50 year old, but it's  my youthness !

  84. Robert Rosell

    Pure Metal

  85. Jim

    These guys flat out ROCK! One of my favorite albums of all time. Has stood the test of time since 1981. RIOT Rules!

  86. Martin Carrillo

    with my hand on my cock and horns to winds im the fuckin outlaw! RIOT RULES!

  87. DANIEL VALLE [email protected]

    amazing song...i hear this at age of 11 in Tijuana, México...keep in my veins.

  88. banger107

    One of the most brilliant songs ever!

  89. Gabriel Rearte

    Back in the day, this was the heaviest band along with Judas and Mötorhead. Definitely, the first power metal band of all times


    Mercyful Fate, Venom and others too...

    Gabriel Rearte

    These boys were delivering pounding metal before MF and the iconic Venom. They were ahead of his time. When the underground metal scene explodes around 1980, they have 3 classic albums under his belt


    well, if you listen to all Riot discography, isn't all about Metal, so calm down. First 5 albums have nothing to do with power or speed. One thing it's true, that they are class.........

  90. veli pekka Niinimaki

    best of Riot..really like this album

  91. James Smith

    This song rocks!!

  92. Rene Otten

    All headbangers loved this album back then....

    Lonesome John

    Still do mate, still do.

    Jack A. Lope

    You either knew who they where or you never heard of them. I would be rocking these guys on my pioneer cassett deck in my 63 Dodge Dart and people would be like, "Who the hell are these guys?" RIOT! "You mean Quite Riot?" No! Just RIOT! Another band like that was The Rods.

    S KK

    Still do.

    Bob de Diego

    Then and now M8

    Lonesome John

    Still do.

  93. Hitman GFX

    26 Linkin Park fans do not appreciate true metal.

    This was fucking amazing, especially by 1981 standards (and especially for American metal)

    Danny Hood

    +Hitman GFX Yeah definitely, Riot was different because new wave swept USA And metal was forced inderground, I just remember MYV wouldnt play this, Iron maiden maybe 4:00 in morning if you were lucky , They refused too play metal faggots

    steve arbogast

    I had an older uncle growing up who bought so many awesome records by bands you never heard on the radio, but we're better than the rock bands on the radio, or, at least they weren't of the "cookie cutter" style of same old, same old, and this was one of the bands. I grew up on some rate and awesome bands and it taught me to do the same - to never follow trends, and go with your gut, and buy shit that's real, written by real artists, who play their asses off.

    I can't believe this band wasnt bigger.

  94. SpikeMichaels

    why do they have a hamster on their album cover, WTF

    Sammi Curr

    its an evil hamster cuz he listens to this music

    Steve Radell

    +SpikeMichaels it is a seal, it is on all of them - at least the first few

    Gabriel Rearte

    +Steve Radell Still appears in the cover of "Army of One". I found this avatar amazing and über original

    Tihadaru Shurren

    +Sammi Curr looks like a sloth...

    Kathy Stover

    +SpikeMichaels its johnny the seal Riot's mascot. Thus the song Johnny's Back on Thundersteel :)

  95. Lita Keaton

    Riot - Outlaw - Fire Down Under (1981)

  96. Michael Buser

    FUCK YAHH!!!!!!!!!

  97. Dillon Aubin

    Is it just me, or is this the most well produced rock/metal album of all time?


    I think this is from far the best Riot album, alongside Narita and Rock City
    Sadly, after those albums, it just turns into some speed power metal band :(
    The actual Riot is called Riot V and has nothing to do with the old one, because they only say ''we'll go back to thundersteel era'', even though 90% of their fans came from the three first albums (this, rock city and narita)

    Adam Turner

    Definitely up there.. Warrior is my favourite all time behind hallowed be the name. That says summat to say this was almost a decade before.

    Tim Brockmire

    It’s pretty bad ass....after all these years. I’ve had this on vinyl since back in the day.


    Nah! Probably would be Powerslave. Nah i think it is Powerslave. Martin Birch.

  98. Leprosy

    Had this record way back when. So glad I picked it up. I don't even remember how I stumbled across it. Probably MetalShop. The only show with teeth