Riot - Inishmore (Forsaken Heart) Lyrics

They say she's gone, gone forever.
Far away from the emerald shores.
I always thought, she'd leave me never.
Forsaken heart of Inishmore.
In the hills of Galway, I'll wait forever more.

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Riot Inishmore (Forsaken Heart) Comments
  1. BAYSTARS2020

    0:40 尻 見ねば

  2. Jigs Quizon

    0:40 — Most Japanese may heard this:

    (shiri mine ba)
    "Show your ass"

    Jigs Quizon

    @facayu Yup, indeed it's from Tamori Club's Soramimi Hour segment!

  3. ひとし中

    触琴線 和心