Riot - Born In America Lyrics

Ball of fire in the sky the sound of solid steel
A flash of lightning sounds so frightening when the power's all you feel
From the leather of the fifties Murray the K and Alan Freed
Monroe and James Dean died for the silver screen Elvis made them bleed
Born in America oh yeah born in America oh oh
You wanna see a movie star oh Hollywood or D.C.
Politicians greed money's all you need the power's guaranteed
Vegas got the casinos and Texas oil wells
Got your Boston beans got your Frisco queens anything that sells
Born in America yeah born in America land of the free yeah
Come on rock the stages come on
Born in America oh yeah ah born in America whoa
Motor city motown chile dogs and baseball blue jeans and coca cola rock'n'roll
All born in America heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

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