r.i.o. - Life Lyrics

You can feel the sand between your toes now
Salty diamonds dry up on your skin
Ocean waves are kissing under the moonlight
The party begins you and start to think

And now you got all of the things you dreamed of
When your were a child
This is your life
Your wonderful life

You should know what your dreams are made of
So wake up, wake up
Cause this is your life
Your beautiful life

Look into your heart the world is smiling
Feel the breeze of joy can rest your faith
Summer beats are breaking up the silence
And you realize you have arrived

And now you got all of the things you dreamed of
When your were a child
This is your life
Your wonderful life

You should know what your dreams are made of
So wake up, wake up
Cause this is your life, your beautiful life

This is one love
One heart
One destiny
Everybody together
For life
For the good vibe (yes)
This is your life
(Keep it going keep it flowing)
Your wonderful life
Yeah baby
Live it up

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r.i.o. Life Comments
  1. Goncalo Pires

    Shame this song hasn’t hit the high mark like R.I.O music does usually

  2. IWannaBeInThis Moment

    A Summer Song in Winter ? 😅

  3. CrazyManuel94

    His voice + this beats = just perfect

  4. MiniMix Games

    Foda pa carai top👏🏼

  5. xxxRobsterxxx

    Ah this is more like it! Sounds like classic R.I.O. You need to do a new album based on this genre! ☀️

  6. traitle87

    smashing it r.i.o thats 2 for 2 loved the old school loving the new carrying that reggae club electro into the future thankyou and welldone

  7. Escapa Wanu

    Its RIO

  8. ШАЛАПАЙ 24

    Very good!

  9. DJ RASH

    R.I.O. ihr seid die Geilsten!!

  10. yvonne wanda garderewicz

    L. O. V. E. L. I. F. E. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dzix0N 1337

    Za robotę byś się wziął ! a nie o dupie Marynie podśpiewujesz

  12. 123 456


  13. Hannah B.


  14. SerG !


  15. Oleg Dimov


  16. OptimusPrime

    Mega music ...

  17. Martin Kurth

    Toller Song.

  18. MrCanet

    Light it up on fire Michann because this is your high life

  19. SofiaVita

    Cool 😎


    Guys give us a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtxmDZAUA9g

  21. lalogt77

    Excelente G con R.I.O., fantastica cancion... Gracias KTV

  22. Jose Daniel Herrera Ochoa


  23. Benni Bunni

    😍😍😍😍😍bäääääääm in ur face...but too late for a summer smasher...but its on repeat right now 😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Jonathan Merengue

    Positive energy only


    *Like si lo estas viendo con un pie sobre el otro :v*

  26. xandersons

    Rastaman radiates positive Vibration. bought!

  27. JoyfulWAVE - Producer

    Nice relaxing song...👍

  28. Jose Ramon Gorjon

    Very nice song

  29. Виталий Leto

    автор пидарасина тупая, караоке НА ХУЙ!

  30. Toneart Musik

    Musik : https://www.facebook.com/DJToneart/videos/393963224463550/
    Musik : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjwsQzWqVQs&list=PLXmAKc74u5_kTDTGv-05EnqobKV-4EkoZ
    Musik: https://soundcloud.com/tone-art-272300804

  31. HerrSensei

    Der Bass klingt n bisschen billo aber sonst cooler Sound :=)

  32. Illumi Music

    Love the beat on this one! 😍🔥

  33. Jr. Spencer

    Amazing tune!!! Nice work RIO 🤗🤗🤗

  34. Lautaro G.C

    Great track,one of the best of kontor this year.

  35. Bianca Halle


  36. César Gutiérrez Saavedra

    Suena genial!



  38. adel zaza

    If you want to see the complete videos of this website, please do not hesitate to send me a message and send me a full package.

  39. Goncalo Pires


  40. DanyWildTV

    yeahhhh !!

  41. E-Mile YTB

    This track is happiness ! 🌴🌅

  42. Saami. Khan

    Long time back
    Keep it up👊👊

  43. Saami. Khan

    Long time back

  44. keemo smsm

    Fosa Ghana

  45. Надежда Тихонова

    Отличная песня! Йохооооо!!!!

  46. Friendly Disiar

    please bring back the old R.I.O....the ones that made party shakers and turn this club around

    Gaming Pilze

    The time has change and this track is also a great Track by R.I.O


    R.I.O. and Nicco

    Pete Niet DJ

    @Gaming Pilze this track is almost monochord and that drop melody so bad, please don't compare.

  47. Bernie Man

    Wow para comenzar el día con mucho power.

  48. Moritz Woerner

    Sowas geiles gab es hier schon länger nicht mehr :o

  49. Reuven Zi

    Sounds like good old r.i.o vibes... keep it that way!

  50. SVK

    Танцует как Олег Монгол!👍😂 1:58
    Кто из России, ставь Лайк!

  51. PopHits BR

    Uoooooo hit global

  52. Gaming Pilze

    Wow! Ist ja mal mega der Hammer Song! 🔥🔥💥 Bestimmt eines der besten Lieder die R.I.O je rausgebracht hat. Der Style errinert mich aber auch ein bisschen an Gaullin.

  53. Дмитрий Фоменко

    Приколиный чувак

  54. Ondrej Ambroz


  55. Omkar Juyal

    *This is some hard n bouncy shit* 🔥
    *#PartyBegins* 🎊🍸

  56. Niklas Gronwald

    0:23 FPS drop 😬😂

  57. Aaron Bihrer

    I see R.I.O, I like the video

  58. Everton mendes c.

    nice beat..i love this.

  59. Lana Turzanski


  60. Julian Jung

    so nice

  61. prince hmbrm


  62. Weliton gois

    Bob marley liked 😎🤙

  63. Weliton gois


  64. Lino Löwenhaupt

    Bestes Lied der welt

    Mevlüt Aydin


  65. Destroy YT

    I love you