Rings Of Saturn - Abducted Lyrics

Blasphemous man made abomination born
Creating something that's never been made before
Savior where are you now
Wreaking terror through the sky
Hate envelops every soul
Your fate no longer in your hands, mind control to the fullest extent,
demise of humanity
Severed heads overflow as the spree continues
Man destroys man, the ultimate killing machine
Resistance-a ticket to sure death
Słońce zachodzi
Death now rules this hated land
man made abomination born
Spawned the destruction machine rises
Eaten from the inside out
Every last worthless piece of fucking shit dead

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Rings Of Saturn Abducted Comments
  1. oscar orozco

    when his voice echoes it just releases the most badass vibe ever

  2. College Gainz

    This is the kind of music the aliens from Area 51 listen to lol

  3. Dave Morris

    0:53 to 1:40 Your welcome

  4. Maciej Pankowski

    słońce zachodzi

  5. Some Kinda Dude

    Message to the drummer:
    dear arms
    i hope you grow back
    cuz you arms were on fire 0:24

  6. Some Kinda Dude

    im so frickn scared right now........dude wow

  7. Jeffrey Zewen

    The album art is very retro sci fi is this what galaga look like in real life?

  8. RavenTheCat

    this is beautiful

  9. jesus hernandez

    My fucking song favourite, like?

  10. Relinquished

    banda pichicatea

  11. • Conex •


  12. InfinityPotato

    Słońce zachodzi!

  13. Camiel P

    its like imagine if frequencies had a physical form, and you would push them all inside a way too tiny box. thats how i would describe the orgasmic intro sample. im glad the sample is least orgasmic compared to the riffs the vocals the drums and the production. what.

  14. Leandro Alvarez

    Aliencore it's a joke, is TECNICAL DEATHCORE

  15. todo meco ste vato siono rasa

    Oie ese cumbion alienigena :v

    Ahmed OwO

    ahre xd

  16. Dødsvelder


  17. Merky Merk

    I still jack off to this album


    Merky Merk me too

  18. Neta Bolt

    1:00 reminds me of those gripping claws in the fairground...
    the whole album reminds me of Arcade Games though...

    by the way, this is deathcore, no aliencore or Technical Death Metal...

  19. I.Games (off)

    While hearing this, i cummed like 53 times...

    ...cause I raped the "replay" button.

  20. Alejandro Reyes Quintana

    how come it says "Vocalist: Peter Pawlak"

    James Hardwick

    This was before Ian joined the band

    Trey Greypaws

    Wish Peter was back...I really don't like Ian just sounds like any other deathcore vocalist. Can't even listen to their newer stuff because his vocals just...ruin everything

  21. shadowtakamiki1

    👽 core is sick

  22. meth0d

    I made this song my alarm a few months ago cause it annoyed the fuck out of me, but the more I hear it the more I like it. I find myself nodding my head back in forth with my eyes still closed in an attempt to headbang to the part at 1:06

  23. Connor Gray

    Is this a legit band?!? HAHAHAHA this is shit absolute SHIT HAHA wtf that fucking intro hahahaha


    blatant troll is blatant

    Connor Gray

    dont have to think hard to know this is shit

    The Depths of Abjection

    It's extreme metal. You don't have to like it. And nobody wants you to like it anyway. Not sure you ended up here in the first place.

    Randy Newman

    Connor L. Gray you're an abysmal abcess of putrid vaginal excrement. i had no idea one's opinions were actual facts. your "facts" are better than another's "facts". you're a worthless troll. eat some cheetohs

    Connor Gray

    Jeepers Creepers where did you get those peepers, could've called me an idiot, or wrong but nah you went full emo weeb, jeez hope i don't rawr XD

  24. RHIV

    Their best album and song in my opinion. After this, it would be, "Grinding of Internal Organs".

  25. R Saldivar

    well ive tried to like rings of saturn. ive listened mulitple times but it dosnt catch my attention. im a big death metal fan but i cant get into this.


    Lugal Ki En is my favorite by far


    Don't bother their stuff after this album. It gets too death-core with the vocals and riffs. Sounds like shit. The second album is ok, this one is 1000 times better though.

    Neta Bolt

    i agree. i just ordered the first album and just need to wait. i dont bother to buy the others. this one album is their very best. their last album is just not that great. it lost the originality and intense riffs.


    Go check out Vomit Stain. Do it now and then come back and tell me you love it.

    Arthur Daffos

    R Saldivar its understandable, the over-technical guitar might sound cringy af

  26. Blaise

    aliencore lol

    Horchata cuh

    hey its fucking raw shit 😂😂

    Leandro Alvarez

    Emi彡 I prefer say: Tecnical Deathcore

  27. David Silva

    brutality allways the best sound...!

  28. The Night Stalker

    Destroys Thy Art Is Murder

    Dylan Culver

    Rings of Saturn play their stuff live all the time

    Dylan Culver

    Since Ultu Ulla has come out, which ones the most technical?


    NeedITDeathHeated i think you never seen those guys live man


    I wasn't aware there was a rule against liking both bands...

  29. MsJoey

    Sweet music for my ears

  30. The Night Stalker

    @***** you don't like this one??

    The Night Stalker

    Try it

    The Night Stalker

    Waaaaay more Death Metal and not so obnoxious as their second release

    The Night Stalker

    Not really first albums good


    try 'immaculate order' or 'utopia' for starters .

    The Night Stalker

    @Dally that album sucked that's when they went full on Deathcore mainly chugging with a few sweeps that vocalist is obnoxious first was better

  31. Patrick Mccool

    fucking Brutal!

  32. thatPUNKdude

    This genre is hilarious. He could be changing the lyrics to the song every night and nobody would notice. The instrumentals are definitely technically sound but this just sounds terrible overall. It just sounds like a mish-mash of noise.

    D3LTA WAV3

    +thatPUNKdude I like the lyrics because I can't understand them.


    +thatPUNKdude You hear noise, because your brain is just too slow for this, man.


    +thatPUNKdude Mainly because the production wasn't very good. However, Dingir and Lugal Ki En are fucking amazing.

  33. Logik426

    2:14 - WAT? Is he actually singing in polish? "SŁOŃCE ZACHODZI"? o_o

    Darren Halstead

    I thought it was a alien language xD

    Marksman 5147

    Peter is prob Polish obviously by his last name so maybe lol


    Yeah, I think it means The Sun Sets


    He is Canadian by birth but likely has Polish Ancestry

  34. guy3480

    Oh god that's absolutely terrible. I'll accept bvb as a world class 5star band before I give this band more than a 1 star

    Jaquelin Gamez

    @David Pierhofer I know right??


    @***** not b8


    @***** k whatever helps u sleep at night 


    +guy3480 I know it's an old comment, but I wouldn't expect you to like this is you are a power metal guy.

    Cavin Dobson

    As far as technicality goes this band blows BVB out of the ballpark
    As far as opinion goes its up to you
    I still like this better then BVB though haha

  35. Byron Averos

    ONLY 3 GUYS??????????? AMAZING!!!!!!!!! LUCAS MANN IS THE MAN
    Vocals: Peter Pawlak
    Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Lucas Mann
    Drums: Brent Silletto

    InSaNiTy1317- Great Gaming Content

    +BHYRHONNT nope 4 when this song was made. they forgot joel on guitar

    Trey Greypaws

    BHYRHONNT Best line up, I can't stand the new vocalist


    InSaNiTy1317- Great Rpg Content it was 3 when they recorded this they just got another guitarist to play live with them

  36. ryantylerMachete

    what is 0:00 from?


    I think they created the sample themselves

  37. SylosisDark

    Technical alien metal

  38. Stixnfeet

    rehersal comment, "Can we go over that middle part again? I'm hearing an off note."

  39. David R

    Lying ass worthless peice of fucking shit dead, so brutal lol.


    ROFL \m/

    Nigel Dean

    its every last piece of fucking shit dead, close though haha, still just as brute

  40. Javier García

    Now my cell brains are crazy.

    anthony macon

    crazy are my cell brains now

    FORMULA 1 по-русски

    my now crazy cell brains are

    Junior Oliveira

    crazy brains are my now cell

  41. VineAvolaR Konejo

    dubstepcore jajajja


    dubstepcore? Don't insult Rings!


    @jesuz999 Aliencore XD nah Tech death/deathcore

  42. VineAvolaR Konejo

    esta música es hecha con un nintendo dañado de los 90s  y con skrillex

  43. Darwin Xavier

    Heard around one and a half minutes and I've already heard enough. This song and probably the rest of the album sucks ass. I'm not picky when it comes to metal, but this is just really bad. Their second album is a huge improvement even though it could have been better.


    This song is so fun tho, calm down

    Fernando Ramirez

    Wow wtf? The second album wasnt as good as this one


    The song actually gets better as it goes on , but all in all a goid song

  44. risinglikeaswarm

    There are some things a girl can say to simply warm a dude's heart. :)

  45. Oscar Linares

    My friend saw them live at Summer Slaughter, he brought me back a hat but it's a reminder that I didn't see them.

  46. Cambra Walters

    Best fucking band ever.

  47. E.L.A.H. Seeker

    Best Band EVER

  48. MalignantCorpse100

    this song is too beast .and those vocals 0.0

  49. Justin B

    This made my day fucking better \m/

  50. Edward B.


  51. Eric Stecher

    The difference is I'm not claiming to be a musician

  52. Oxiproproxide

    You couldn't play this at quarter speed, shut the fuck up.

  53. Wookieman Nelson

    who cares it works

  54. Disnecrobox

    fuck they tear it up! saw them on the despise the world tour with suffocation and they were brutal as ever.


    ive never been the jealous type but im deff jealous of that concert son

  56. ptf969696

    i saw ros right before peter pawlak left. they were playin with decripit birth, flesh god apacolypse and decapitated. best concert i've been to

  57. Eric Stecher

    and the magic has not always been in the production....it never has been. The magic is in chemistry between bandmates and how they work together to structure songs.

  58. Eric Stecher

    look it up...im just saying what was claimed from the horses mouth

  59. michael camacho

    the magic has ALWAYS been in the production. its still brutal, just enjoy the music bro. it still makes you want to get up and break faces

  60. RockMcBoulder

    Explains how they play them life even faster...

  61. Eric Stecher

    they record all of their tracks at half speed and then heavily edit them to get their sound...they are FAKE...look it up

  62. cryptoprocta

    goddamn this is a fun song