Ringo Starr - Oh My Lord Lyrics

Help me lord
Help me lord
I need your love so bad

When I'm in darkness and full of fear
I know the answer when you are here
Now I believe, it's all become clear

Oh my lord
Oh my lord
I need your love so bad

When my heart is wandering hopeless and sad
I look for the answers, the ones that you have
I have to let go to be in your hands


The sky is blue
Because of you
You're everywhere
With peace and love

We'll rise above
And find you there
Of all that's uncertain, after all I've been through
The one thing that's certain, that I know is true
The love that we need all comes from you

Oh my lord
Oh my lord
I need your love so bad

Help me lord
Help me lord
I need your love so bad

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Ringo Starr Oh My Lord Comments
  1. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    it's far too bad if you're Yoko, somebody hand me my Kirk Franklin playlist headphones???!!!!???? aww,God!!!!

  2. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    I rather die with that morbid sx-64 roland and threw it out f the window. but the lyrics relates to my life forever. Jesus is my mother and father,you dig? thanks mr. Richard Starkey.

  3. StanBennet

    I'm not a fan of his by any means. This is a great song.

  4. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    praisr god,praise holy ghost. that's what I'm looking through my madness and my fears. you came down and took all of.madness and sadness when I'm broken down
    thank God you open my heart and I thanked you . god I thank dadda.

  5. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    praise God to you Mr. Starr, Jesus finally touched your inside/out all through the journey. praise him morning noon and night. keep him in his right mind. thank you.

  6. Tony S

    Billy Preston on organ.

  7. Pancho Villa

    A beautiful song, Thank you Ringo 😊

  8. Javier Gil Vidal

    It has so deep, moving nods to George! So much love....

  9. kringles Paul

    much better than what Ringo is currently doing.

  10. S&DH

    Awesome. No mention of Krishna.

  11. Stefania Giustini

    come se sente male

  12. Moises Flores

    Ayúdame Señor... Necesito tu amor
    Cuando estoy en la oscuridad
    Y lleno de miedo
    Cuando mi corazón se pregunta.
    Triste y sin esperanza.
    Ahora, yo creo.
    Todo está claro. Todo estará bien.

  13. Ariel Alvarez

    Somebody say that this song is an answer for George for his song "My Sweet Lord". But I think is for Jude-Christian God, What do you think?

    hamadouche alain

    Jude Christian God?? GOD IS GOD

    the girl in question

    @hamadouche alain allah is not god

  14. Oriana Fallaci

    There is a gospel choir in the background..

    Ariel Alvarez

    @Oriana Fallaci What choir?

    Oriana Fallaci

    Near the middle/end 4'ish @Ariel Alvarez

    Tony S

    The Rose Stone Choir.

  15. Oriana Fallaci


     “For me, God is in my life. I don't hide from that. I think the search has been on since the 1960s."

    “I stepped off the path there for many years and found my way back onto it, thank God.”

     Ringo Starr attended an Evangelical church in Liverpool

    Ben Todd, writing in Britain’s Daily Mail
    British writer, Steve Turner, author of The Gospel According to the Beatles, has told me that, at the time of writing his book, “Ringo had an album with a track called ‘Oh My Lord’ on it which was very Christian gospel sounding and didn't refer to any other God and didnt mention Krishna.

    Starr and Lennon were not the only Sixties music icons to embrace religion.
    In 1978, Bob Dylan became a born again Christian, but by 1983 this period appeared to end and the singer reportedly reverted to his roots in Judaism. Those close to Dylan, however, say that he still has faith in Christ and they point to his recent Christmas album.  I guess you could call him a messianic Jew. Which is a Jew that recognizes Christ was who he claimed to be, the Messiah prophesied in the OT (the torah/tanakh)

    In the spring of 1977 Lennon  announced to close friends that he’d become a born-again Christian. That Easter  he took Yoko and Sean to a local church service.

    Over the following months people close to him say he was constantly praising ‘the Lord,’ writing Christian songs with titles like ‘Talking with Jesus’ and ‘Amen’ (the Lord's Prayer set to music),  He also called the prayer line of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson's program. The belief in Christ angered Yoko, who tried to talk him out of it. He was murdered 3  years later.

    "I'm a most religious fellow. I was brought up Christian and I only now understand some of the things Jesus said in his parables." - John Lennon, 1980, the year he was killed.

  16. H31180und1

    What about Satan?  Can't I make him my Lord?  Nobody gives him a damn chance...

    C. A. Price

    Ringo Starr is saying he is a Christian and believes in Jesus...not Satan.


    Well, I think Ringo is more a joker than a, let´s say, satanist.
    So, part of the joke is the sign he is doing with his hands for the album cover:
    Not exactly a "peace and love" or a Illuminati greeting, but something in the middle of the two!
    Or when he sings "Of all that's uncertain/ After all I've been through/
    The one thing that's certain" (Oh My Lord) to me is a pretty obvious joke about subliminal messages in the lyrics playing with words and similar sounds (You know: "Of all that´s un SATAN" or "the one thing that SATAN...").
    Ringo becoming a clever lyricist or his partners?

    Dmytro Mykhailenko

    John Lennon said in 1962 that he sold his soul to Satan to make the Beatles popular ... Where is he now?

    Ann Chirppie

    Dmytro Mykhailenko according to a girl who visited hell said that, she saw John Lennon in hell.

    LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    H31180und1 he don't need no chances. the is devil is nothing is grief and hate, don't you get it?

  17. Pete Ced2

    This song is GREAT AND LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL AND....."passes out from excitment"

  18. garethb1961

    Stage 1.5: Become a sanctimonious, moralising prick when anybody disagrees with your ludicrous fantasy.

    Better than Stage 2 - but part of the process

  19. garethb1961

    Stage 1: Disagree about the real God.
    Stage 2: Start killing each other over it.

  20. cifrank

    This is such an easy song to like,always did. All 4 of them could do this with such ease.

  21. Alexandra Kroes

    yes I think it is, to talk about My God is the only real God. or Jesus Christ is the only way.
    I believe in an including God and he has countless forms and names. ;-)

  22. Judy Borders

    Wow, what can I say? I love this song so much. It's such an inspiration. Love ya Ringo, you're one in a million. A beautiful song from a beautful person <3

  23. Rachel Bertram

    I love this video and song thanks for posting. Even though I'll probably never meet him in person I feel like I understand h better by listening to this heart warming song. "Peace and love."

  24. Don Diego Vega

    Very good...

  25. Don Diego Vega

    Rings demo?

  26. Sir Frankie Crisp

    you are all just assuming he is just singing about the Judo-Christian god

  27. BeatlesMania2010

    Happy Birthday Ringo!(: God Bless You!

  28. Katie Irwin

    Um, don't some of you think it's a bit offensive talking about the Christian God being the 'real God'? Other religions are perfectly entitled to their opinion and their view of god is equal to Christians'. Just saying :)

    Ann Chirppie

    John 14:6
    Christian Standard Bible
    Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

  29. Jude Starkey McCartney

    @EliaMitzell no im like 95% postive hes talking about the real God. he said himself that God was in life, and that hes finally found where he belongs religion wise. theres no refrence to any other god, so im pretty postive this is for the real God in heaven :D <3 i pray for them too

  30. Jude Starkey McCartney

    im sooo proud that ringo has found God in his life. hes not reffering to those phony gods or else it would have been mentioned somewhere. good job ringo! one of you got it right! <3

  31. twosoulsup

    @EliaMitzell I haven't read anything on this being the Krishna god. so there's no reason to think that. as a matter of fact, i just heard in the news that Ringo has been saved =D and Paul, he's roman catholic. no worries!

  32. jesusrocks20

    this so true
    without Gods love i wouldn't make it

  33. Landrew120880

    Right on. I believe God is active in even the smallest aspects of our lives. This was on the radio? - that is a hip station! I thought that this song shoulda ended like it began a little sooner. But hey, who am I to say.

  34. victorero2006

    When I got home, back from jail, after spending one night for a DUI, I turned on the radio and there it was....this song. Unbelievable. Everytime I hear this song, I remember what I felt the first time I heard it: The Lord has been always with me.

    Dmytro Mykhailenko

    God is an amazing God if you know Him personally!