Ringo Starr - Instant Amnesia Lyrics

Instant amnesia
Makes you forget
Your worries
Your troubles
Forgives you your debt.

Instant amnesia
It's already gone
You think you remember
Tomorrow you're wrong
Let it go, let it go.

Instant amnesia
It's just like a kiss
You can't close your eyes
It's so easy to miss.

Instant amnesia
You can't take no pill
There's no medicine
So it must be god will.

Let it go, let it go, let it go.
Is this in my mind?
In your mind!
Is this in my mind?
In your mind!

It's like instant karma
You've been there before.
Do you hear the doctor?
He's knockin' at your door.

Let it go, let it go, let it go.

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Ringo Starr Instant Amnesia Comments
  1. MrJogimico

    His best drumming of this century

  2. Jim Cushman

    Great drumming from Ringo!!!

  3. silvia siccardi

    Great song!!!

  4. Mark Plank

    Total jam from Ringo!!

  5. Music Maven

    Ringo Rocks! Screw Regis P and his low brow posing.

  6. dhloup1

    My favorite Ringo song



  7. raonimmartins

    such wonderful drumming on "Instant Amnesia" o.O

    just blows my mind!

  8. Rafael De Cesare

    D Gilmour en guitarra! Excelente!

    Frank Z

    +Rafael De Cesare It's Steve Dudas, not Gilmour, on this track.

  9. PepperTroopa

    "Stop, ya bastards, stop!"

  10. matricidad01

    American Idiot killed it.
    Songs like Homecoming are nice though

  11. OropherThranduil

    Dookie was great, but after that they lost it.

  12. matricidad01

    Ha, I am mexican :P
    Green Day USE to be rock-punk, in the 90's, you know, Dookie.
    Their new albums are weak, I just want to hope that Uno!, Dos! and Tré! will fix it.

  13. matricidad01

    I didn't grew listening to that but to some punk revival bands like Sum41 and Green Day. I don't like Metallica's songs lyrics

  14. OropherThranduil

    I like metallica, massively overrated, but ok, Nirvana is much better, Kurt just was a superior songwriter, and he made many jokes about inlfuences in letters he wrote to labels, but he always mentioned his love for the beatles without any irony or wit.
    He liked playing Julia at session breaks, sadly he didn't enjoy playing live, he was jealous of how much guys like freddy mercury loved the stage.
    And hearing Nirvana unplugged, my fave besides claptons, he just ad that feel many miss.

  15. matricidad01

    I don't like how Cobain is overrated, especially from kids who listen to Metallica and think they know a thing about music.

  16. OropherThranduil

    Krist was just as good on the bass, damn, he played some awesome basslines, one of the best rythm sections of the last 30 years, and kurt would have widened his musical spectrum, friends of him rgue on their next album kurt would have explored much outside of grunge, he wanted to work with the guys from R.E.M for example.

  17. matricidad01

    Can't say I am a Nirvana fan, but Grohl was certainly the most talented man in the band

  18. OropherThranduil

    i'm 21, i know what you mean, the 80s drummers where too pompuous with too big kits, and the 80s drum sound made everybody sound massive, but there were some great drummers around, my favorite from the late 80s early 90s era is dave grohl.

  19. matricidad01

    Wish I was alive back then (I'm 14), but, didn't drumming went to a dark era in the 80's?
    Well, I never really cared for nothing after the 70's, but a few exceptions.

  20. OropherThranduil

    great storie, heard it from many drummers, i forgot the name, but one drummer who was in a really famous 80s band said when he saw the ed sullivan show at age 4 or 5, he knew what he wanted to do.

  21. matricidad01

    Ringo got me into drumming, after watching Help! (The movie) I knew what I wanted to do.

  22. matricidad01

    Ringo actually got me into drumming, I saw Help! (The movie) and that was enough for me to want to be a drummer

  23. OropherThranduil

    i know, but i like quotes, so i can bash them into any ringo bashers face xD
    phil collins, dave grohl, steve smith, just 3 of ringos biggest fans, my alltime favoirte drummer.

  24. matricidad01

    Sorry, didn't find it, but, every drummer ever was inspired by Starr.
    He had this unique feel.

  25. OropherThranduil

    i love the beatles bible, if you find it there would be awesome.

  26. matricidad01

    Well, I could look it up in The Beatles Bible, but not quite sure it's there

  27. OropherThranduil

    i know that problem too, there should be some site on the net that really searches for all quotes and collects them, one big site, would be awesome.

  28. matricidad01

    That's a problem, I saw the quote weeks ago, fell in love with it and forgot the source.
    Sorry, but it's up to you to believe me.
    Sorry again.

  29. OropherThranduil

    i find ot on a youtube video of rinogs i'm the greatest, show me where you found it otherwise, i'd like to know.

  30. matricidad01

    I saw it in both YouTube and Google...

  31. OropherThranduil

    that's the problem with quotes, you google them, but they don't show up, doesn't mean they never said it, probably nobody wrote it up onto the net by now, but then againi think a bonham quote about a beatle member would have surely showed up

  32. matricidad01

    I remember reading that Bonham said: "I'm just a Ringo that hits harder".

  33. OropherThranduil

    i seem to remember bonham talking in an interview he doesn't like drummers who do too much high hat work and the like, and ringo used them a lot, not too sure of he was a ringo fan, i know of many, but never heard bonzo mention him.

    Tony S

    They were buds. Bonham shaved ringo's eye brow off once when he passed out.

  34. matricidad01

    Ringo inspired Bonham afterall

  35. matricidad01

    Ringo can do ANYTHING (yes, he flies)

  36. OropherThranduil

    Ringo sounds like Bonham here, always knew he could have done zep if he wanted...

  37. OropherThranduil

    he played keyboards (in a vid from 69 you can paul pülay piano, ringing joining him and paul improvising the lines didn't knew rich could play the keys) and acoustic and electric guitars, he did so with rory storm in hamburg too.

  38. KinnArchimedes

    This record was almost like a continuation of the greatness that was Vertical Man.
    Never got as good as VM/RR

  39. cesarvelasrios

    Como pollos todos los demás beatles!

  40. bckm54

    also sounds a little like Tin Machine...

  41. drutgat2

    To me, the verse sounds a lot like a slowed down version of 'I Found Out', from John Lennon's 'Plastic Ono Band' album - Ringo played drums on that whole album.

    Also, I'm sure that 'Instant Amnesia' as a title must owe something to Lennon's 'Instant Karma'.

    Good track.

  42. scottster246

    "Stop ya bastard, stop!" haha love it, one of the best lines ever in a song.

  43. car182

    @cometandcupids In the SPLHCB

  44. rodito1969

    Ringo rocks, this song is awesome, i heard, Ringo played another diferent instruments in this album, it´s true??

  45. bckm54

    great stuff