Ringo Starr - Elizabeth Reigns Lyrics

Elizabeth reigns
Over and under
Elizabeth reigns
Lightning and thunder
Elizabeth reigns
Since I was younger
She's head of the family
Elizabeth reigns over me.

The Queen mum is dead
But she lives in my head
Since the world was at war
We all felt her pain
But never complained
We all loved her more.

Elizabeth reigns ...

A letter unsent
Entombed in cement
And hung from the hanging tree
God save the Queen
If you know what I mean
We don't really need a king.

Six hundred servants
Use her detergent
Scrubbing the palace floor
And all of your sins are
As big as the Windsors
So lets point our fingers
No more.

Elizabeth reigns ...

Elizabeth reigns
Over me.

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Ringo Starr Elizabeth Reigns Comments
  1. Fabio Beatle

    OVER ME ...

  2. MrLizardisle


  3. George Gherkin

    "There goes me knighthood." And he got it!

  4. Virginia Abreu de Paula

    Ringo Rules. It mades me remember the song Follow Me by Paul McCarney.

  5. hippydippy