Riley, Tarrus - Let Peace Reign Lyrics

We are confident
In the victory of good over evil
Jah presence around us with love and we must all agree
That it's time to stop pretending we cannot see
And if we all should close our eyes we would never recognize
The difference between a touch of a black or a white hand
So why is there all the fighting across the land?

To all the people of the word
Let peace reign
Tell all the boy and girl
Let peace reign
No care how you calling him
Jah here it's just the same
No makes sense we fight
Let us unite
Let peace reign

[Verse: Tarrus Riley]
Stead of no war take a look and
Stead of the violence take a book and
Report to history
Trace up the mystery
We will... the others
How they enslave the mind of the mothers
Tell her that your word is found in your color
But they never told us we were brothers
Brothers and sisters


How do if you this world religion
It's this really world for killing
I don't really know my thought differ
How do we want this world to be?
It's this our...
They tried to said us free but we're still slaves




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Riley, Tarrus Let Peace Reign Comments
  1. Susan Ford

    We have peace in our life. Not war so we need unity with our African and Ethiopia people

  2. Lavonda Edwards

    Big up Mr Riley jr good message straight give Dem tune to our polititians

  3. nondumiso kheswa

    Cornet from Skeemsam brought me here

  4. oObellaestrellaOo

    I loooovveeeee ♡

  5. junior lobban

    I really love this song,truly inspirational,lets never forget our true culture

  6. Fridah Kago

    that is best collable i love the song all blessings we give to de almighty

  7. Tasha Cunningham

    To me very inspiring should be given more airplay these are the songs for us to listen

  8. Leanne DOu

    BeautifUl...l0ve it...!! pEace t0 all..jAh blESs...! bE aLways p0sitive..!

  9. Stella Sista

    Let us unite, let peace reign!! I had a dream???!! I hope one day, every people all over the world, let peace reign!! Blessings.


    three the hard way

  11. Daniel Trotman

    This song is absolutely beautiful

  12. michelle marie bailey

    love this : )

  13. valerie donna

    i lovee this song!!! so touching :) <3

  14. ZaafirahBey

    Truly amazing song! Great Message! Thanks for posting! Peace, love and light.

  15. pepe101ification

    Peace,Love,Faith, Freedom is power!! BE RESPONSIble young man..

  16. h0mechicken

    Proud to be a new fan of Tarrus and Etana. Will be listening to this song with my family and friends when I take my vacation at the beach. Much love to you all.

  17. jesuswomen

    Friedensherrschaft möge kommen :)

  18. rohena voskuilen

    i seen mister tarrus riley few times live and visited many reggae concerts and festivals and i gotta say his voice warms my heart and the lyrics touch my soul bless you

  19. Ech1987

    this is beautiful! Etana has the sweetest voice. such a meaningful song.

  20. Nizwiz411

    beautiful lyrics

  21. petiepuss

    just found out about this song truly wonderful, truly beautiful voice with a great message

  22. calamus.scriptorius

    we r all confident in di victory of good ova evil! truly amazin song, cyaan not luv it! message fi di world, let peace reign, stop di fussin n fightin, it doesn matta if u r black, white, yellow, blue, green or purple, we r ONE PEOPLE! bless

  23. rascnn

    @islandstylegal Its called "Paradise Redemtion" Hope you get it :D

  24. onlyshah

    this should be the world's anthem

  25. Kristi Keller

    @ladytee11226 I love the history references in the song. This is such a fabulous message that everyone should listen to.


    i totally agree ladytee....that is why i love my roots with a passion because i have so much interest in what is being kepted from us.....i need to be educated more by the wise ones

  27. Shaq

    I love all Tarrus' music. All his messages can be directed towards the youth like myself, or the elderly people. its this kind of music that gets people to really share mentalities. Tarrus, yuh Music BAD!!!

  28. dannoks

    i love this song bad!!!

  29. Vincent L.F

    Payroll blessed themselves in the world

  30. Joseph Dank

    nice song