Riley, Tarrus - Herbs Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
More time it frustrating
How you deal wid the grades is degrading
And wi nuh intoxicated no

Just true a spliff tail
You waan lock wi in a jail
But when it legalized
Will yo charge disappear

7 days her a find
But the evidence couldn’t find
Now you waan mi spend the time a pay the find
And mi waan you fi gimmi bad mind

Gimmi my herbs
My skunk, my long sweat mice
Sensimena, my herbs

This a tripple og cush, shower desil
Mi need you, my herbs

Pepper mint leaf
Bubble life my serusi
Because a my herbs
Unuh gimmi back my herbs

[Verse 2:]
Pon ever level mi defending it
Yo want the knowledge, mi wi lend you it
If you believe in a medicine
This yah plant full a nough benefit
If you reading you bible
Look good you wi seet in a genesis
Babylon, on the pass dem a nemesis
But me and the herbs a nuh enemies

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

[Repeat Verse 2]

[Repeat Chorus]

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Riley, Tarrus Herbs Comments
  1. zvikoh 3

    My herbs ,,,,,

  2. Kronic review

    LOVE CANNABIS Great song

  3. justus Patrick

    take me higher haahhhaaiyaa,higher ,big tune

  4. Jay T

    Tarrus talent is immeasurable. Big ups 2019 April 🙌🏽

  5. Albert Kailie

    Intimate slim still watching 2019

  6. Les Gilligan

    Big tune! Don't smoke but what a track.

  7. odiwuor Spoilah

    Big tune Tarrus..2018 listening

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  9. Mat Es

    I have heard a lot of songs on this riddim but this song is just natural. me and the herbs are no enemies. guaranteed to please. love

  10. Gilbert Gombakomba

    That old man just made my day..hmm he really like marijuana kkkkkk

  11. makeva Peters

    #poppy#dre island# konshons#dexta daps#masika😍

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    up strong Rasta like dis song

  13. Trevore Phiri

    Jah bless

  14. Ferb Solomons

    marie a girl I visit never miss guaranteed to please ya ..give me da herb

  15. neen is sween

    whats that old man saying before the song begins

    Miz Babe

    Maureen Neen I am happy that the "dangerous drugs" has now become medical marijuana.

  16. Mo' Makepe

    who is the old chap in the clip

  17. ATA B.

    I had to check when this vid was posted, can't believe that's all the likes!

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    37 feds thumbed this down.


    Alex B 😁😃😅😄😃

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    Gabriel Rojas Mayorga

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  22. SweetiePie Britt

    True me don't smoke but them fi stop fight the herbs fi true God make the herbs to use it

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  24. glen bousfield

    ahah watch 1.50 while stoned the guy wid da lighter ahaha

  25. kainekliff

    GENESIS 1:9

  26. Morbit Demon

    make more songs!!!

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    Absolutely can't wait to hear, meet and chill with you on the Welcome to Jamrock Cruise. See you there Jah Bless!

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