Riley, Tarrus - Greatest Creation Lyrics

Well out of the fruit trees birds and the beas
One thing Jah made special fi we
Rather herbs fi wi nerves
Vegetables to eat
One thing just fi me

Woman dem a the greatest creation
Greatest creation

Woman you a the greatest creation
Mi nah disrespect dem no

[Verse 1:]
Mi have a queen from up a Poppien
Thick like a dasheen
When time yo nah si mi
Guess weh mi lock in
Cherry from August Town a tell mi love lock in
Bev from Sea Fort a feed pon coffeen
Who a carry feelings, Cathrine from St. Catherin
Seh shi a go vex any how mi link Catiline
Jump in a mi vehicle yow mi gashing and mi dashing
Over Portmore fi the splishing and splashing
Stop over owner quick
Link up Sonia fast
Gone a road cause mi no in a no chatting
Hope no deh a Hope Road
Cut am not stopping
Shat up the bolivar fast, man haffi stop in

A de part fi let off something well shocking
Book in a the vally wid her head top scratching
Seh mi have a girl over Sherlock knocking
Seh me, a wa this? A dem parade matching
Anytime dem si mi dem a cry over me
Concert sold out cry out fi mi
Every color, every class, and every nationality
A man without a woman well that could not be mi


[Verse 2:]
Mi Caribbean princess dem love mi bad
Have one a Trinidad, is like shi out fi mad
Shi seh shi want a baby and shi want mi be the dad
So shi sit down pon top a the riddim
And sit down pon top a the version
Misvhin from over Insin
Hey Bajian girls miss mi
Mi and Belize girls have history
Sherine a ma Guyana girls get the victory
Wooy, Bahamas, Aruba, Antigua, Angola
Virgin Island ladies a mi treasure
Big up mi princess dem in a Africa
Europe, to UK, to US a vay
If a np Tarrus Riley a Singy, Singy
From Paris, to Landon, to NYC
If a no Jukeboxx Productions a bachently

[Chorus x2]

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