Riley, Tarrus - For Me Lyrics

She was there for me when I needed her most
She cook an clean for me
And now she deserve the toast

Chairs celebrate yo woman
Congratulate yo woman
Apreci love yo woman
Oh yeh can't do without yo love

[Verse 1:]
They don't make dem like her anymore
Shes the blue print
Shes exclusive
There is no other in store
All I have is love to give her
Sweetest joy being with her
Silent night's walking in the moon light
When she's around it feels right


[Verse 2:]
She was there for me when all friends were gone
She stood beside me an weathered the storm
We've got what most people are searching for
Can't do without ma baby
Well they don't make dem like her anymore
One of a kind she's all mind
No other in store
Now all I have is love to give her
Being with her gives me pleasure
Custom build just made for me
And now she will never leave




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Riley, Tarrus For Me Comments
  1. Vernon Campbell

    This is Why Oh Why Riddim.


    I need this instrumental. wicked tune.

  3. Shannon Chance

    pure vibes in his music

  4. 1DiabolicalGenius

    Somebody actually disliked this.

  5. Reggae Chune

    Appreci-Love de woman! Song a SHOT!

  6. mighty negus

    tarrus mi African Jah prophet.....singy singy bless.

  7. daniel mutuku

    I salute u mr. a whom must be appreciated

  8. Mrs. Baker

    Mr Tarrus Riley my king!!!

  9. babygirlforever lovingjah

    ahhhh another fine tune by u sir. Mr. Riley I know u will have awesome 2013 wit all dat talent u possess so hope fe hear it all singout me sey jah bless u & urs luving ur stylee & fashion will catch u live at a few stage shows dis year I am sure. Jah bless ur 1 of mi all time favs wowow