Riley, Tarrus - Dream Woman Lyrics

Woman of ma dreams
Mi wonder if mi a go meet you in reality
Woman of my dreams
Mi wonder if mi a go meet you in reality
Tired fi see you in my sleep

Searching, waiting, hoping and praying
Where is the lady for me
Searching, waiting, hoping and praying
Where is the lady for me

[Verse 1:]
A no any type or any kind a woman out a road cyan be my girl
Nah stero type mi nah hype
It take a special kind to be my girl
If shi physically right shi wi catch yo right
Shi intellectual yo know di mind right
And dem yah kind a woman no easy fi find
Am putting time to find my girl


[Verse 2:]
Why should I be sitting and watching
Lovers in the park everybody happy
Wooh am in need of loving
Wooh am missing out on something
And when will she come to me
Will I solve my love mystery
Wooh am in need of loving
Wooh am missing out on something


[Verse 3:]
Oh wooh when will I find this right
Will it take a life time
I don't mind
Heeey when will I find this right
I know she out there
Know she out there
Yea yea


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Riley, Tarrus Dream Woman Comments
  1. G C

    2020 anyone

  2. Asticia Gordon

    Still Bopping In 2019

  3. Shone Stylez


  4. Obvious Obviously

    Im still waiting for u to show up
    Number 1

  5. Emma Brown

    Its just something about his voice❤

  6. Sadie Mae

    tarrus and this song is sexy.

  7. Sadie Mae

    under rated!

  8. Sadie Mae

    Tarrus, your search has ended with me and I love your uniqueness!

  9. Christine Ries

    Wwwwonderful Song hope all get the own dream

  10. Art Dehnow TV


  11. adam auma


  12. Fatu R.

    Lovely, confident ❤️

  13. M Kevin

    2019 May 16 🇰🇪

    I am in need of loving. I am missing out on sumtin, Where's the lady for me?

  14. Prince omar

    Jamaica reggae music is the best I'm also an Jamaican so I know all these music

  15. Prince omar

    Positive music up tarrus Riley

  16. Jaime Smith

    Real deep😔😔😔😔😔🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 greetings from Suriname 🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷

  17. Mike Wafula

    Searching waiting hoping praying✔✔

  18. Azariah Thompson

    I always picture my husband to have a mentality like Mr Riley

  19. milano davina

    Have you already find your wisdom lady🤔🤔🤗🤗😎😎😏😏😏😔😔😟😟😟☹☹☹

  20. Benedicte Smf


  21. Donalinaaa

    Love this tune. God bless him & everyone that see this ❤️🙏🏽 love rules.

  22. Wamaitha Ann

    Woman of my dreams.. Still here 2018 like here... Am In love with you and the songs love from Kenya

  23. Amanda * Aussie-at-heart

    I just heard this one for the first time; sooohhh good - Tarrus always excels. Respect to one of the best in the industry. Bless up Tarrus.

  24. Nadata Inverary

    Love all his songs

  25. enchanted2k8

    This song hits me at the DNA level ❤️💜❤️💜

  26. Mohamed Ahmed

    Love this song all the way from somalia

  27. Tanya Myrie

    This song needs countless views. These nowadays people are so ignorant and lack of understanding! This is in deed based on reality a lot of people can relate to this both male and female. Every day people are searching and waiting for Mr. Right Ms. Right even some people who are involved oftentimes with the wrong person and still searching.

  28. Lucy Bee

    Kesia Hamilton loves your music!!

  29. Roadie Stampp Promotions

    Roadie stampp promotion from Jamaica

  30. Candell Williams

    Look me here singy singy I love this man and his music

  31. DJ Michael Mills

    Good love song

  32. Giddy Traitor Ozil

    2018 and still watching

  33. Lioness Izasha SHEЯOARFM

    Yes I, weh all di Good ones gone?

  34. Brandon Jeffries

    Fyah burn!

  35. matthew priest

    god love song

  36. Annarita Maffei StopHackingRastafarI

    Wonderful song,never knew it before. A ryte...when you find the woman of ur dreams keep her no,matter who n what,dont let nobody decide for you,compromise you,or influence you..words sound power

  37. Narcis Curt

    Woman of meh dreams ah wonder if meh go c ur in reality

  38. Quesana Joseph

    Real sexy

  39. Ximena Rodriguez

    searching waiting hoping praying

  40. Mouzetta Jackson

    Love this song and his voice wow

  41. Valarie Fernandes

    Woman of my dreams

  42. Naomi Bottse

    I luv this real

  43. inoke sakita

    every music that u give always have an inspiration.. u are a legend.. much luv vanuatu loves you

  44. angel eyes

    Aug 19, 2017. Big time, still a play

  45. Nemesis Prime

    This is star i would like to do some collaborations with.... the man is a love rockers master.

  46. Maya Mitchell

    I'm right here :-*

  47. Ann Margret

    This guy make me sick

    Empress K

    Ann Margret makes you sick? He's amazing!!!! A real singer right there . Big respect for Tarrus

    Kim D.

    Ann Margret you can't find a man that's why

    Wade The Goat

    suck yuh mada, thats why nuh man nuh want you

    Kameisha Roberts

    @Wade The Goat she's a bitch

  48. Anna Ivanova


  49. M3Peta

    Love me some Tarrus Riley

  50. Kate Smith

    still my fave ❤

  51. Stanley Mwanzia

    love this song big up

  52. Leanna Fairfax

    like for real all tarrus songs are just too deep... cant pick a best one cause they all so good 👌

  53. Bakari Zema

    Searching, waiting, hoping, praying, where is the lady for me....
    Woman of my dreams, a big tune, still loving the jam #2016

  54. ti étincelle

    Je suis l'a si tu me cherche

  55. Oshane Gordon

    up like 11

  56. Mylove glow


  57. Mylove glow



    i will keep on searching,that's the way to go..big ups Tarrus

  59. Fly Bwoy ug

    one love

  60. Tomeata Shawver

    mii shit...big up mr.singy singy...i love des song

  61. wendalice

    Mmm Mmmmm! Beautiful voice!

  62. Raquel Porras Murillo


  63. Saniah Webber

    who would dislike this song you guys are stupid

  64. Nado Tshupegetso

    Nice one #Tarrus!

  65. yow wow

    I love this song

  66. Tahnee Douglas

    First time hearing woman of my dreams,such good lyrics....keep the music coming Riley.Love you for life!!!

  67. Deli Caines

    Here I am Tarrus!!!!

  68. Boshang Cooper

    big tune

  69. amen hotep maat

    underrated song


    love all your recorded song , they all comes with a meaning , big up tarrus


    very nice track

  72. Kesha Dukes

    Prophecy Is Reality,BLESS UP.

  73. Shania Shiwnath

    Love this song

  74. Seven Prettyafreeca

    I love ce sons ❤

  75. Geoffrey Isika

    Its nyc,my dream woman

  76. Donna Bell

    Waiting too of my dreams.

    tany zee

    um here

    Nic musyoki

    Did you ever find him it's 3 years down the line..if yes then you owe tarrus a congrats


    You ain't never gonna find him, men suck :P

  77. og2me

    is this his best song?


    +og2me "She's royal" is the most famous

    ARNO meesters

    +JonathaN CaDeNa NOT true most famous and imo the BEST 2 songs are ""sorry is a sorry word"" and ""gimme likkle one drop"" also ""wildfire"" is a very good song..just listen to those 3 songs and ENJOY !!!!!!

    ARNO meesters

    most famous and imo the BEST 2 songs are ""sorry is a sorry
    word"" and ""gimme likkle one drop"" also ""wildfire"" is a very good
    song..just listen to those 3 songs and ENJOY !!!!!!

  78. Delicia

    I'm right here!

  79. Panganai Mesah


  80. scorpionsting1989

    Got to like this song while sitting in a coffee shop in Amsterdam smoking it up

  81. recia millet

    greetings from antigua

    Angel Danielle

    wadadli massive

  82. recia millet

    im right here lol....u can stop searching now

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    That song is mega fine

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    greetings from guyana

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    Can I woman

  87. ever henry


  88. Talk Therapy

    Love it, real thing, they are out there 

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