Riley, Tarrus - Come Ova Lyrics

Every minute every second am thinking bout you girl
And I know it's a blessing that your in my world baby

Why don't you come ova
Long to spend some time with you
Why don't you come over
I have plan fi you

[Verse 1:]
I never met a woman like you
Everything right girl like I no like you
Hey be mi sweet heart an be mi wife too
Don't left no space fi nobody come snipe you
You waan find love cause yo lost it
And this yah love yah weh wi have nobody cyaa cross it
Extra amount a love mi give are inna basket
Shi love the treatment deh supn deh shi endorse it


[Verse 2:]
One day without your love is like mi cyaa get enough
And anytime your away from me
Girl you a mi live blanket so mi cyaa sleep
Yo know mi never si the king without him queen yet
Anytime mi touch the road mi an mi be step
An from mi meck the link mi no have no regrets
Dem waan fi si wi sink but

[Chorus x2]

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Riley, Tarrus Come Ova Comments
  1. Kevin Maiyo

    2019 Everyone??

  2. dmk ,

    2019 n this jam stil rocks

  3. Win Some

    Need not say no more.....why don't you come ova

  4. Vicky Vicky

    Tairus come ova good old days

  5. Queen Kunta

    09/01/2019 anyone?

  6. mathias ssingo

    Who else enjoys this in 2018/01/06

  7. Winnie Nailantei

    Hii ndo fisi

  8. Jasmine Cartwright

    come ova baby spend likkle time wit mi to blooclat ............squad u knw ur self

  9. Lulu Koech

    The girl is Dana from perfect match


    kenyas kenyas everywhere, proud of 254

  10. Carole Tambara

    sex on the beach

  11. Pirihira Rakete

    Wisdom ! All from Jah x

  12. Sir Kimly

    every minute every second am thinking about you girl :) :)

  13. Denecia Fagan

    A real thing this naa lie

  14. Sherry Floyd

    Tick Tock I"m waiting for you to come over and it will be a blessing to have you in my world TARRUS.

  15. wiilwaal

    Come ova so we can fuck

    Kevin Hope

    see what you saying

  16. musa sanyang

    swag turn up mad tone

  17. ibrahim walale

    Gwaan tune

  18. ibrahim walale

    Gwaan tune

  19. The Roots Boy

    ♥«´¨`•°.TARRUS RILEY.°•´¨`»♥

  20. FSUGrad0711

    Yo this song is mad hot! I love it and would love to come over to KC land!!!!

  21. Swab' Omy

    Elijah,Dis dude is rocking ni baba yao wote...av u heard Tarrus ft Denyque?

  22. Ndung'u Elijah

    This guy is just on top of his game

  23. Martin Moyo

    dis cheeq be kenyian

  24. Kimone Phillips

    ♥♥it Taurus

  25. Jhenell Williams

    everybdy a find sum fault wid d man video........kmt mek sure unuh can reach dis far....smh

  26. ernsly yldor

    Dumb fuck it's a video

  27. sharlicia charles

    tarrus riley I love ur music!! keep me singing

  28. Sharon Ngendakumana

    Tarrus Riley - Cant Step Without My Lady

  29. tati424

    Cant step without my lady. *Sorry!

  30. tati424

    The last song is "Can't step out without my baby".

  31. shimz drake

    always reminds me of ma ex. she sang along dis song when we were lonely far from @ other

  32. Ezra Robinson

    Bigg up Cherryl

  33. kayrine gittens

    Love ans song that Tarrus sings hi voice is heavenly to my ears,i love his musical empathy ;):););)

  34. Ëlvy O-Kajansie

    love this songggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  35. dev ena


  36. Subashar Ratnam

    what the name of the girl? I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

  37. shay orion

    bless up to tarrus mi a hear wah yuh seh tho , de ting is he has become mo commercial but its becuz hes bin noticed more n more world wide fi being such an amazing artist :D

  38. Bright Miles Namanya

    tick tok am waiting.good one.

  39. Leinad9r

    What is the last song of the video?

  40. Lionessa999

    I love Tarrus and his music in general but it seems like he becomes more and more commercial or am I just the only one thinking that...? I prefer him when I write conscious lyrics...I guess he does music for every taste so whatever he does he does well, no hate ;)...

  41. MrKillamonkey1

    ya better belive its an awesome tune an ya betta come ova baby mmaawwwh

  42. sabrina chepkorir


  43. Brian Bett

    prettttty lady

  44. cindy sharper

    this is my song, why dont u come over i have got plans 4 u

  45. Jorge Valdes Ramos

    Muy bello ese song

  46. Maude F.

    song nice in sweet.....:-)

  47. Kimani Nyoike

    you sure??

  48. wymi njenga

    that's soo true

  49. Nathan Kimani

    The chick is kenyan

  50. Barryjack Jackal

    Another One

  51. Michael Ochieng

    Tarrus, you're a bee!!! You work and produce the quality, authentic as it is. Big up!!!!!!!!!!

  52. KY Fitness

    5 ppl nah have a gyal to "come ova"....the tune madddddddd

  53. Mrsvelvet30

    tarrus mi anno the first fi tell u the u is a gun every thing a shot

  54. mugerwa ali

    kyant stap playin dis...RIDDIM u tarrus

  55. Christial Johnson

    Lol I looooove u Taurus Riley!!! U performed in Kenya -3

  56. rude bwoy

    big sound!!

  57. abdi nour mohammed

    tick mtok am waiting every minute every second i think your in kenya i have mo desire to see you perform in kenya welcome !

  58. Daniel Farfán

    as the song is called at the end of the video? thanks ...

  59. MrGotdose


  60. said omar

    cool video man

  61. abdi nour mohammed

    lighters up because i have seen the rain drops falling and real love ad love every body to come over thanks to tarrus rilley for this song is mo fire !

  62. how2save

    thank u! =)

  63. Melvina J

    iLoved this song from the time iheard it...

  64. Mighty Manitou


  65. how2save

    wat's that song at the end?

  66. DeeAlanda

    From the first time I heard this tune, I fell in love. Big up Tarrus Riley. Every minute every second I'm thinking my boy n I know it's a blessing that he is in my world, baby why dontcha come ova, love to spend some time wit u. :)

  67. Levi Magari


  68. Angel Lovv

    be ma sweetheart and wife to.. she love the treatment, da som'm deh she endorse it!! maaadd!

  69. spanish brownskin

    singy singy another soul toucher next to gongzilla, birds of a feather flock together.....

  70. johnsons Dancun

    its just amazing.Jah Jah blessings

  71. lord countley

    Great song

  72. jahjahraf

    how do you have these videos and the tarrusrileyja youtube page has bee blocked?

  73. GwadaTimoun

    luv you baby!!!!

  74. nash7148

    @amstaines the ending song is Tarrus Riley- Can't step without my woman

  75. Anmarieta Staines

    <3 <3 btw, wats the name of the song that started at the end?

  76. lulu lucas

    lovin tarrus all the way

  77. Daniel Träumer

    Yeah Tarrus Riley!

  78. Luscious Marley

    yesssss TAURUSS....loving DAMION JR GONG 1.44........

  79. TheCitronne


  80. TheCitronne



    yow the dir fir dis vid is off the chain a love it the song already shot long time

  82. Philip Thompson

    wicked tune, just saw this on Riddim Up 27

  83. LeanDreMPeters

    classic.nd that woman is beautiful. madd chune

  84. Kimberley Pinder

    Tarrus to world!!!!!! Everytime I hear this song, I think about that special someone.

  85. Kudakwashe Joakim Mugapu

    love this man also coz dey respect women and love..waiting 4 u in zim

  86. Jazz Marie

    Love Tarrus., riddim mad, can't help but to whine up to dis. Pull up!!!!!

  87. Dough Haitian

    ive been listening to this chune non-stop because its such a great chune and video!!!

  88. Mznecessity Archer

    biggup tarrus riley..real tunes!!!