Riley, Tarrus - Center Of Attraction Lyrics

Well ok all girls hold tight
And all man gwaan easy
A 100 us fi di fluffes

[Verse 1:]
Everyone a look paw you
And all who nah look blind
Girl dem haffi notice you
And when you step in a star time

Wine baby wine fi di better
Trend setter yea girl
Wine baby wine fi di better
Den wid style

Woman you a di center, center, center, center, of attraction
Center, center, center, center, of attraction
No dem no more than you
No dem cyan move like you
You a di center, center, center, center, of attraction

[Verse 2:]
Nuff gyal deh yah but no body no si dem
Anytime you walk in a trouble you a gi dem
A bay expensive style you come a gi dem
Dem a model in a clothe but di clothe a no fi dem
Spot light a bright paw you
The video light deh paw you
Dem a look an you a di


[Verse 3:]
I tell you baby girl you know you rock my world
Wid all di style dem you posses
And it a puzzle dem brain it a beat dem
It a fill dem life with stress
Mi seh you full up a class you full a quality
And you a beat dem naturally
While dem a kill up dem self you dweet easy easy


[Verse 1]


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Riley, Tarrus Center Of Attraction Comments
  1. Addi Bristone

    Center center centre CENTRE OV ATTRACTION

  2. Rose Saina

    To all small booty gal..hahahaha

  3. John Mwaniki

    I love this jaaaam in mad way 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. Marley A

    I love this tune!!!! 

  5. JozellableR


  6. Destinay Bethell

    whineee bby

  7. shirley phipie

    m dancing..............

  8. tish952

    thanks a lot.. i found it sometime early this year.. :) ...

  9. Tee Lee

    its called 'cold girl'

  10. souleymane SANGOTTE


  11. Faye R

    ♥ him

  12. damian nich

    tarrus bad

  13. lola brown

    centre centre centre attraction

  14. Popy Adimulla

    wolaaaan tarrus

  15. keno thomas

    Wayzzz I love this song

  16. Jew Jew

    Oh shitttttttttttttttttttt tarrus going on bad.....mad chuneee

  17. gazaladious


  18. tish952

    Omg !!! let me be honest i was a bit doubt full because i thought i already tried that name,, but i went ahead and searched it anyway,, yes i found it ,,,lol ,, u just made my day i thank u ,, and for Sunday coming please if u eat ice cream do have your self a big one on me :) ,, thanks again

  19. tish952

    Thanks will do that ..

  20. SK Productions

    Who can touch Tarrus Riley? #nobody. Did not even know he could deejay. Haha. KILLED this!

  21. shakaluss

    Tune MADD

  22. tish952

    I need help with a Tarrus song that i have been hunting, i cant seem to find it mainly becoz i don't know the name , yes i have been trying a few names that turn up no result,, i know a few words so i hope someone can help ,, it goes a bit like this " if u never need my love why did;nt you let me know?stepping out on your own , u got a heart made of stone such a cold,cold girl" that's all i know ,, HELP !!!!!!!!

  23. tish952

    Dis wan ya mad!! mi love it ...

  24. swagga barbie Webb

    i rate this one

  25. Kibuule Simon

    dis is a Massive tune

  26. Tamara Van der Linden

    Puuuuuuuuuuul Uuuuuup :-)

  27. 14darky

    tarrus u nah easy this tune mash up

  28. Marine F

    Yiziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir ! Wayné si ca !!!

  29. Hazel A

    niccccee!! :)

  30. Anj'Vibes

    ♥ ♥ ♥