Riley Green - When She Comes Home Tonight Lyrics

5 AM out the door
Eight hour, maybe more
Starin' me down
Hatin' work, haulin' dirt
Man this shit's just been wearin' me out
Off at two, nothin' to do
'Cause that girl don't get off 'til five
But I'll have a bottle of waitin'
And it's on when she pulls in the drive

When she comes home tonight
We'll take that clock off the wall
Draw all them curtains
Let our clothes just lay where they fall
We'd turn down the lights
And let our hands be our eyes
Be just her and I, we'll take our time
When she comes home tonight

Been a while overdue
Gettin' her alone
Thought's been drivin' me wild
Killin' time 'til her and I get back to lovin' like it's goin' out of style
I'm staring at this bottle awake
But it's on when she pulls in the drive

When she comes home tonight
We'll take that clock off the wall
Draw all them curtains
Let our clothes just lay where they fall
We'd turn down the lights
And let our hands be our eyes
Be just her and I, we'll take our time
When she comes home tonight

When she comes home tonight
We'll take that clock off the wall
Draw all them curtains
Let our clothes just lay where they fall
We'd turn down the lights
And let our hands be our eyes
Be just her and I, we'll take our time
When she comes home tonight

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Riley Green When She Comes Home Tonight Comments
  1. Ronald Gomes

    This is why you call your kids fuck trophies!

  2. Kristin Tate

    Hello hello its ur very very cute fiance kristintate i really wanna come home too u wit mine and chloes things toniteish yes yes its really for reAl my hott hott love mAtt brooks yep yep its All so so true yep love u lots happy valentines day my hott love matt brooks hi hi text text text

    Wes Collins

    Smoke alot of dope do ya honey???

  3. kenneth nugent

    3.3 million views says this a kick-ass song...just sayin

  4. Kacey S


  5. Teresa Barnhill

    love riley green

  6. Babi Gurl

    " but I'll have a bottle waiting. When she pulls in the drive"

    Brandy Niehas

    My baby Mikey just sent this and I love it😍 sweet song to come home too

    Babi Gurl

    @Brandy Niehas aw that's so cute

    Babi Gurl

    I love this song !!! <3

    Babi Gurl

    I use to have an outlaw shirt I loved it lol ;p

  7. Sunshine Penley

    Had never heard this man before this song...its all far. I'll keep listening thoe...I like it.


    Check his song "Grandpa's never died"

  8. Michael Mybusiness

    This song is the shit. In a good way of course.

  9. Eddie Thompson


  10. RaW DoGeN

    Biggest thing for us outlaws is loyalty. It is the #1 rule

  11. bevy bear

    oh shit.. also a consultant for every damn dating app that injects its intrusive vulgarity on the unsuspecting ...
    whew ..i k im only scratchingthesurface with this huge woman of the internet some call her THEQUEEN of All Internet
    round of applause for all the shit talkin
    😋 oopsie

  12. bevy bear

    Shes a meteorologist a psychologist a make up & hair artist internet apps designer; developer; and an editor of Google, admin or some shit of gmail pinterest facebook instagram .oh fuck
    THE Galaxy Store!!!.
    she . well fuck idk ..but it has something to do with young Asian girls & boys

  13. Joshua luras

    😍 love this damn song!!!

  14. Claudia Moore

    Good Lord, this makes me SIN!

  15. Brent Masterson

    I wish country music was played on all radio stations

  16. The Professional H8ter

    Love the song tho

  17. The Professional H8ter

    This dude stole the beat from Tennessee Whiskey... same fuckin beat and strings... rip off

  18. Rosa B

    I love his voice n his song. I love country. Music I love country music forever.


    Country music at its best

  20. Factor_- Paradyze


  21. lisa kelso

    So very beautiful and damn SEXY....🎶🎸🎙🎸🎶

  22. Junior Enriquez

    Beautiful music Riley Green makes you think about those West TN women that you lost over not paying enough attention to

  23. bevy bear

    Such a sexy ❤️song

  24. Michael Caraher Jr

    Yeah this dude is good,,, Fuck Pop-Country

  25. Tammy Ward

    But when she gets home tonight!! Let our hands be our eyes So sensual!! Hot!! She's a lucky Lady!! His voice is SO SEXY!!

  26. Rylee Lehman

    I found my new wedding song, thank you very much :)

  27. fernando sampaio

    top class all country so good I CAN smell country when I was a kid. recallllll.

  28. Amanda Combs

    My husband is a truck driver but when he comes home I’m taking that clock off the wall and have a bottle waiting and yes it’s on when he pulls in the drive. I love him so much and thank God for him everyday. We have been through hell but we still making it work Jarvis Combs you and my kids are my life

  29. MARI CHI

    Omg loved it!

  30. Mary Steeves

    WOW... I'm positive this will be played on SIRRUS XM on The Highway. OMG I LOVE IT ! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!! ❤❤❤❤🖤 Sooooooooo Goooooooooòooood !!!

  31. Anthony Jones

    Love it,

  32. Joy Lewis

    Sinful in good way

  33. Jesus Hernandez

    I miss her but don't even know her!!.!.

  34. Chell Griff

    Still can NOT listen to this all the way thru. Have to pause, really hits that super emotion. He nailed this. THANK YOU MR. RILEY GREEN! God has truly blessed you. Keep them coming.

  35. Nury Padila

    Once more l love my wifes..... lndonesia riau.2019 10 15.

  36. Sheila Lutkenhaus

    Hey babe, guess what I'm thinking.....

  37. Billy Maddison

    I will always be here waiting for her she is the only one I want to hold in my arms I love her and miss her

  38. Tammy Ward

    I've never heard of them ,but I am an immediate fan!! Sexy song from a Sweet sensual voice!!

  39. Trippie Hippie

    Love this so much! 🔥

  40. Traciblagg54 blagg54

    The more music I listen to of Riley Greens The more I am a Die Hard fan you are Amazing Riley I love you

  41. tumanchee bryant

    Whoever disliked this must be dense as hell or something !!!

  42. Jessica Tomlin

    Love this song

  43. Stephanie Plott

    That Would B Amazing

  44. D Nesby

    This is fire 🔥

  45. Jacob Miller

    dare i say this almost sounds like john mayer


    Jacob Miller you know I was thinking the same thing, got that bluesy feel

  46. Star Baby

    Man, this is a great song. Just discovered Riley Greene 💖🎼🎤🎸

  47. Gilbert Franco

    Riley Green is a bad dude!

  48. Jodi Jaglowicz

    What a woman wants sweet, precious time.

  49. Rhi Koestler

    Absolutely amazing song!

  50. Vickie Cardenas

    Good song... but, as soon as I heard it, I thought it was a cover for Nothjn on you by Cody Johnson. That’s all I hear when I listen to this. It’s throwing me off 🤦🏻‍♀️

  51. Misty Dobbins

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ September 10-2019❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  52. Eddie Thompson

    REAL COUNTRY MUSIC not the CRAP coming out of CRAPVILLE these days

  53. Nicole Renee

    Every woman’s song!!! 💕


    My favorite! 👍🏻💯

  55. jerry Jackson

    Sing it man sing

  56. Tony Anderson

    I played this song in a truck full girls.. Had some aggressive cuddles that night.!

  57. Sheila Pollock

    Thts some good stuff😘😍😎😇

  58. bevy bear

    That's what I'm saying

  59. kyWonderWoman

    I triple love Riley's sound, and these lyrics mmmmmm

  60. Ciará Castex

    Country music is definitely the best

  61. george mcsweany

    Hey Riley, Come sing at Dega, Only hole in the wall, down town Talladega Square.... It's a great place! .. . It's Small, It's so Country, It's Talladega It's all Alabama,! Come on Riley, Come back home... Sing for the folks of Talladega!! Dega! Come back home and play with us...Then lets have a full town square show this Christmas.... I'm in....lets do this

  62. stephen sherman

    This songs makes me tantric lol lol lol

  63. Leticia Gonzales

    Omg I'm in Love!!!! ❤😭

  64. Diana Jr

    Babe I WANT THIS FROM U ...💙💛💜💚❤ I LOVE THIS SONG.... CAN IT BE US??? 11:24pm Aug.8th2019 "when she comes home 🏡 tonight" RILEY GREEN

  65. that 300

    Swear I listen to this 30 times a day

  66. Alyssa Perez

    IMMEDIATELY 3 seconds in I LOVE IT 🙈😭😍🥰😩💯❤️🥺🔥🔥🔥

  67. horsegirl07

    Riley Green is so underrated!! I’m shocked he’s not more popular, love so many of his songs... I’m glad he’s getting more noticed not but, it should’ve been way sooner 👏🏻

  68. Alakina Leofo

    Island reggae and hip hop is my top choices of music...Riley Green and Jon Pardi are the only two country artist i listen too 🎶

    John Calvin

    Have you listened to Luke Combs

    Alakina Leofo

    @John Calvin oh yea and luke

  69. derek0173

    Not on the radio????!!!! WHY???

  70. Danny Weaver

    Great song

  71. Steve Jones

    Real stuff, Waylon just teared up some where

  72. Ronald Gomes

    I’m a war Veteran, with two degees struggling, there no jobs in the US that let you spend time with your family

  73. Cynthia Dillard

    This is only men you dream about I wish there were real men like this but I love this song so much

  74. Clifford James

    What can I say tune your the man

    Veritas Aequitas

    I have an uncle named Clifford and my husband's last name (and mine..ha) is James..ha.

  75. Karen Marquez

    why cant i meet someone that sends me songs like this?! Love this song!

    joseph stitt

    Karen Marquez what’s your number boo I’ll send it right over

    Tony Anderson

    Song sent!

    b g

    Check out kiss me in the dark. Randy rogers band


    @ Karen Marquez, Baby as good as you look, you deserve a song everyday. I’ll be that Man if you want me too? Here ya go we will start with this one!
    Chris Young, Gettin’ You Home! What’s your number and I’ll keep sending them?

  76. josh morua

    Me and my daughter CAZELEY love your sound...Keep up the good work!

  77. manu srivastav

    This is the man who can sing to household things and you will listen happily

  78. Kelly Douglas

    Love this song

  79. Sandra Layman

    This is country beautiful

  80. Gil B.

    Randomly came across this and now I'm a fan. Can't wait to see him live.

  81. Logan Blackwell

    put the playback speed at 1.75 its great

    melissa mckettrick

    You're a dumb ass


    Dude, that’s shit. 1.25 or 75% is acceptable but this isn’t Alvin and the fuckin chipmunks

  82. Kimberly Luther

    Oh just imagine.... Yeah... Reality sets in. I guess thats the least of my worries anymore anyways. I'm trying not to even think. I only hope and pray that right prevails.

  83. Harley Quinn

    Life in the clean and sober world is the bomb I love this song

  84. Harley Quinn

    100 days clean and sober

    John Rodriquez

    Keep going. Don't ever go back.

    Ethan Burrage

    u drunk piece of crap

  85. Rinyapam Shatsang

    Copy of Tennessee whiskey by Stapleton.

  86. VanillaGorilla

    My girl dont like country.. I send her lines and melt her heart everyday. If she only knew..😏😁

    Katherine Vick Greensage

    VanillaGorilla very sweet

    Harley Quinn

    Your good real good . That was extreamly romantic. Good job 👍👌 there should be more men like you 😉💯 wow

    Ethan Burrage

    no one cares

  87. Dolly x Girl

    In love with country now,man his voice this song 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  88. João Gabriel

    Am I the only one who thinks that this song reminds John Mayer?

    Trieste Tamaalii

    João Gabriel YES!!!

    João Gabriel

    @Trieste Tamaalii Okay then... 😞

    Trieste Tamaalii

    João Gabriel noooo I mean I agree with you!

    João Gabriel

    @Trieste Tamaalii Oooh Thanks then!! 😂❤️

  89. Joe Lwad

    This song remind me of my exwife

  90. SOLA A

    Love this ❤❤

  91. Melissa Denton

    Beautiful! Appreciate your lady and love her with all you got because some can't some get forgotten and some don't have one to go home to. Love honor respect and appreciate her inside and out. Give her chances to be part of your crowd, life and routine so she knows how much she is loved!! I myself as a woman never got a chance to live life as a child, teen, young lady or a woman I'm 38 and a mom of 3. Longest relationship was 25 years and he did me wrong in every direction but hey I survived and it only made me a more stronger wiser woman and to even appreciate,love, honor and respect the next man that may or may not come into my life. That there is a home run hit the jackpot kind of saying with a little of ..... Priceless. So no matter what love and appreciate what you have and learn patience learning them even if y'all breakup or have spit spats it's okay if they come back or y'all keep fighting for them you would be surprised to know feel and see how much you both are worth and that's a love story and life to be proud of!! God knows I'm damn proud of my guys and gals good bad or ugly doesn't matter to me because they ROCK and I love them all the same. ( Besides the man) shhh... We won't tell him that lol.. Love ya all and keep the good fight going!


    IT's crazy because out of all the comments yours stuck out to me. You nailed it on the head on every point. I recently lost my girl because i wasn't paying attention to her needs just blowing her off everyday even though we lived together and one day it all ended. It opened my eyes up when we split up how much she meant to me and how much she cared about me that i put my pride aside and made the call to work on us again and she agreed. I'm not letting go this time that's for damn sure! It's the little things in life and in a relationship that matter because those memories will carry on for a lifetime. Thank you for that my friend i wish you the best in life.

    Jurassic Kid

    @Jason i wish men was more like you, or let pride or so called friends let them lose maybe the best think that is happen in there life. Sometimes use women give every piece of our heart,love,faithfulness and soul to one man and it destroys us and sometimes we lose hope of ever finding love again. But men like you give women like me hope. So thank you my friend.


    @Jurassic Kid Thank you for the kind words. Don't give up hope my friend you'll find your other half that loves and appreciates you for who you are. Never let a man degrade your worth in a relationship if he leaves that's his loss. Hope it works out for you :)

  92. Djillali Boutaib

    Hi. That’s New look of country music
    Good evening from North Africa.

  93. B A D

    Damn. This. Song.

  94. dammit you

    Never like country...but in this new era this is the new R&B to me #CountryStyle 😎🤟🔥


    I know. It’s a shame. Country ain’t country anymore

    dammit you

    @vandie what ever label it is given this song is still great 👍🏻

  95. Eric Williams

    This is really good song

  96. Misty Dobbins

    Omgoodness Riley Green I love this song I love your sexy voice the beat of the song is awesome I wish I could find a real man like this 🎶🎶🎶😋❤💜

    Djillali Boutaib

    Misty Dobbins totally agree with. You the voice is incredible

    Misty Dobbins

    @Djillali Boutaib yes it is I must confess I have all music so far I love each and every one of them my favorite off one is Strawberry Wine Deena Carter come when I was 17 I first love to left 7 years later for his best friends wife it's all GOOD MY KIDS ARE GROWN UP AND HAVE FAMILIES OF THERE OWN MY SON DON'T HE IS 18 HE WANTS TO ENJOY LIFE I DON'T BLAME HIM I'M A VERY PROUD MAMA AND GRANDMA

  97. Vanessa Melendez

    LOVE IT!

  98. Jamie Behrends

    Love you babe