Rihanna - Pose Lyrics

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah

Stir it up, porridge
Getting dope, so rich
Ah smoke it
And I ain't never liked a broke bitch
I ain't never fuck with ya hoe bitch
Quiet down

Oh-oh-oh shit
So-oh-oh rich
Eye low, I'm so loaded
Eyes, pose bitch

Take it off
Wanna see you work it, oh, my god (pose bitch)
And that thing is out I know you know (pose bitch)
And you bounce it like I know you know
Bitch, I know you know
Bitch, I know you know
Stay low
All my haters so, so broke
Pipe down
All these niggas so, so broke (so, so broke, pose bitch)

Oh-oh-oh shit
So loaded
Eye low
I am so lit
Eyes, pose bitch

Yes, bitch
Let me see you get it no no no
Flexing I know that you with it
Pose bitch
Take a photo
Flick, flick, flick, for fucking sho doe
All you lame ass bitches is a no go
And if you with it go fuckin' loco, loco

Oh-oh-oh shit
So loaded
Eye low
I am so lit
Eyes, pose bitch

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Rihanna Pose Comments
  1. Ronahi Alkoyun


  2. Linda Monge

    I’m here cause I was going through YouTube jaja

  3. Good Smile

    What going on with beat?

  4. Биг Мен

    Берите с Канала FOX ,JKMIT PF HTRKFVE)

  5. hal 8er6x

    Where does this material come from?

  6. Queen Hart


  7. She IssaWeirdo

    Omg her hairstyle made me want to watch rick n' morty but im only 14. 😩💢

  8. Dalal Jabareen

    I'm here because of RIHANNA PERIOD

  9. Labinot Sherifi

    What the fuxk?? Who is this Lisa every one keeps mentioning ??? Im here cuz of Rihanna and this motherfuckin beat...

  10. Dusan Babic

    Not u mi

  11. River Matt

    this was in my recommendations and I thought Rihanna had a new song out only to scroll down and read the channel and be disappointed

  12. Navea Dowdell

    Who tf is lisa

  13. Isha W.Patterson

    I’m hrr cause it’s RIHANNA 👑🇧🇧❤️😍🙌🏽

  14. Caleb Henderson

    I love this video so much! RiRi should release it officially as her MV.

  15. Karnga Riba

    Is this an official video ? Or for advertisement?

  16. Kine Hernández

    Who's here with Janelle Ginestra? 🔥🔥❤️

  17. Guba

    not here from lisa squad where u at?

  18. Marleide Marleide Botelho

    I Love you Pose 💞👏💋

  19. Layana Clodovil

    Riri ♡♡♡


    What the hell is this?.....I think this song should be renamed to "Piece of Shit".
    Ohhhhh this a piece of shiiitttt!!!
    Yep sound good to me!!!


    She got noth'n to sing?🤔 Coz this song is cheezy at it's finest BOO!😏

  22. Berk Erkarslan

    who the fucking hell is lisa?

    im here because rihanna

  23. T.O.P’s Eyebrows

    I'm a blink but I'm here because Rihanna is a queen and deserves full respect!!

  24. Khando Phi

    Lisa you’re powerful af !!!!!!!!!!
    I love you lisaaaaaaaaass

  25. Khando Phi

    Came here because of Blackpink Lisa !!

  26. S D2

    All I hear is noise that's triggering off my migraine I haven't had in years!

  27. Штольц Вюртемберг

    I would like to have a such sister
    un poco loco...you need white brother
    maybe somebody know...she learned to swim?=)
    my comments cost a wild money=D

  28. Ashley Evorall

    Rihanna always looks good somethen in her mouth

  29. Chadwick

    travis and hitboy blacked out on this beat

  30. S Jackson

    Style mmmmmmm!!!!

  31. Achmad Giffary

    nobody cares if lisa’s ig story brought you here

  32. Harry Potter

    Bitch !

  33. aboubakre kane

    The World it is for you

  34. Mannn Brar

    feeling tone in the middle of heart really
    make me concious about english music which is totally matter of mad folks in my area because most of people are untouched form #RIHANNA ,
    bt i found it so interesting


    RIHANNA is a rythm in the centr e of young hearts ..

    .stay blessed you dears ..

  35. aaartt boodikar

    What happen here why Lisa comment too much???

  36. kileysha kissalla

    Que hermosa es rihanna bellisima...

  37. ASA ICEMAN. 888

    yea yea masterdumb lol

  38. rose hicks

    Lisa Lisa .... Didn't none or you know this song before?

  39. Quinsheryl Mosley-Pettway

    Hey u a punk


    0:48 this woman is off the billboard and Grammy Charts beautiful.

  41. Wilson Estrella

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 mi idola ilove you

  42. Iman Thisan

    How can you praise Lisa for liking this song how bout our bad girl Riri

  43. Joshua Caffee

    Ill rock a hoe she get to comfortable .no means no dumb azz

    Joshua Caffee

    Thank God the god of old open the law gay marriage... I can bust a nut now. T61213

  44. J0sh_u_a

    Lol here before lisa

  45. Mary Lova

    I brought myself here

  46. Sierra BALASSI

    Wtf is this song about.

  47. BoReD sMoL pOtAtO

    99.99% Lisa's story
    Meh weird potato:RIHANNAAAAAAAA

  48. IAm Erca

    Who dafuq is lisa?

    Louisa Account

    Lisa from Blackpink

  49. Rihanna Fenty

    Who's lisa and why is everybody saying they come from her?

    Louisa Account

    Lisa from Blackpink

  50. supervfg

    Adoro essa cara de afrontosa da Rihi

  51. Baleed Ali

    Rihanna let me fuck you again

  52. Татьяна Загуляева


  53. Károly György Kiss

    Let me see you get it nanana

  54. Joshua Caffee

    Doppelganger came out 97 went 20 years for ya!!! Shinning

  55. Maryse Ouellet

    Ella Mai - Rita Ora Mix = Rihanna Voice Style

  56. Joshua Caffee

    Toilit back up on me when I went for a curticy flush...

  57. Duck Ass

    who tf is lisa

    Khando Phi

    Duck Ass Lisa is the most popular member of the most popular kpop girl group (BLACKPINK) . She is also the most followed kpop idol and BLACKPINK? Is the first kpop band to perform in Coachella. Lisa manoban
    Is a rapper, singer, and the main dancer of BLACKPINK



  59. Para S

    Greetings from mind control

  60. Para S


  61. Ang M

    Wtf is this shit and why🤷🏽‍♀️😩🤷🏽‍♀️🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  62. lady cee

    What did I just listen to ???

  63. claudio ti odio

    Forse la trap ha un senso

  64. Tome XVIII

    So you are her Queen I'm crash in you #RiRi ;)

  65. Jeon Lucy

    Lisa Instagram story with Leo

  66. Get Real

    Sweet codaline

  67. CalabarSweetii

    Who the fuck is Lisa?

  68. Double -af

    Hands up Lisa Stan 😎💅🏼

  69. joejoe buckzz

    Wack af

  70. F N

    Leo, Lisa Blackpink’s cat sing along to this song brrreowww brrreowww brrrr brrrr.. Lisa taught him so well 😹😽😻

  71. Ariana Romero

    *I'm here for Lisa and Leo*

  72. PHeNomenal _

    Lisa brought me here

  73. hii itzme

    Lisa from blackpink brought me here

  74. Pram Lalisa

    OMG the power of LALISA and LEO 😂😍

  75. Mooshry

    Is Rihanna broken? Should we call a doctor?

  76. P1977


  77. วสุธา ฤกษ์จํานงค์

    Lisa 💜🔥🤭

  78. the last markmin braincell

    I'm just here for rihana not that fucking lisa or anyone else. Ew

  79. Lisoo IsMyHappyPill

    Lisa really likes Rihanna. Hope her solo will be badass like Rihanna songs.


    I love this song because of ig story of LISA from blackpink.

  81. Tris Chua


  82. Karen Arguello

    Lisa x Leo 😻

  83. Mecha Mechaa

    Laleo brought me here hehehe

  84. lili l


  85. fan blink & army

    Lisa ig story😍😍😍


    Lisa blakpink 🎶🎶🎶

  87. เอฟเอ เอ็นจี

    All my haters so so broke..yeah bi*ch// lisa blackpink bring me here. 🤧

  88. moddang tomorrow

    From Lisa 😍

  89. Fatima Girle

    Lisa ig story period

  90. Emmy Thisisemmy

    Lisa from Blackpink brought me here 😅

  91. Marinee Kasuwan

    Lalisa 😙👌🙏


    Miss LALISA MANOBAN give us another BOP 👏

  93. Natthurot Chinthawan

    Lisa blackpink

  94. Nanthiya B

    Lisa bring me here..this song is so cool 👍👍 #blackpink

  95. merev jan

    Drop by because of my lalisa manoban

  96. Minara Luke

    LISA !!