Rihanna - James Joint Lyrics

I'd rather be smoking weed
Whenever we breathe
Everytime you kiss me
Don't say that you miss me
Just come get me

Don't know why just know I want to
Don't know why just know I want you

I'd rather be breaking things
Cause we can't see
We're too busy kissing
Just making scenes
Here come the police
They know about your history
How you live and love like "fuck rules"?
Don't care why, just know I love you

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Rihanna James Joint Comments
  1. Mauricio Björk

    sacate un joint po rihanna :-(

  2. joetj

    Janet Jackson has this song on her playlist lol

  3. M 360

    2016 was the fucking best

  4. ByROSE

    replay 00:00

  5. nettiekittie

    How u live and love like fuck rulzzz.... orgasm

  6. Cassie Fargo

    😍😍 Too short

  7. Ebony White

    This is literally my ringtone

  8. Izzy Rubio

    Imagine smoking with Rih with this song playing 🎶🎶😢

    M 360

    Izzy Rubio on the beach 😢

  9. jennnweke

    This is such an underrated song by Rihanna 💿🎶❤

  10. Brahim Kadoum

    This is more Vaporwave than neo-soul or R'n'B.

  11. Christma Myd

    omg there is my new fav song

  12. beat maker

    watch this when your high

  13. Arctic Ice

    Why are all the best songs the shortest?

    Xavier Davidson

    And SO underrated...

    telbi yano

    So that you’d wish for more lol

  14. triple423

    Eric Bellinger should’ve been on this song

  15. xlrprettygirl88

    ✨Reminds me of Stevie’s music🎶

    M 360

    xlrprettygirl88 the harmonica

  16. Chandler Herron


  17. godbody 1124

    Smoking loud to this right now😎

  18. Stacie Murphy

    A masterpiece made with only a min. 16 seconds

  19. Whats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson

    this is the best thing shes ever done who ever produced this she needs to stick with

  20. 嵐Arashi


    [Verse 1]
    I'd rather be smoking weed whenever we breathe
    Every time you kiss me
    Don't say that you miss me
    Just come get me

    Don't know why, just know I want to
    Don't know why, just know I want you

    [Verse 2]
    I'd rather be breaking things, cause we can't see
    We're too busy kissing
    Just making scenes, here come the police
    They know about your history
    How you live and love like "fuck rules"?
    Don't care why, just know I love you


    shi ra we have the same name!!!!

  21. Ryam Beatz

    1.25 velocity

    Calvin Harris

    RyamBeatz creepy 😜

  22. Mechanical

    *Please make Vaporwave mainstream, it will be funny as fuck.*
    /music plays

  23. waldir jose charris alvarez

    me gusta mucho

  24. Nija Mona

    Replaying over and over 💕

  25. Keyonna Allen

    imad this song ain't long enuff man I rather this than love on the brain 💯

  26. Piirakka B

    firstj James Joint now James Blunt.. whats next, James Bong?

    Nick Gonzalez

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7KzV-c4AJ8 already a thing and as terrible as you would imagine

  27. Medy Lema

    First time I heard it I had to have it on my phone and replay it as I walk in the night streets during a full moon evening.

  28. J. R.

    "How you live and love like fuck rules?" Fav part👌

  29. Chi Town

    this a tease ..should've been longer😩🔥🎶

  30. Miguel Castillo

    I feel like I m playing Legend Of Zelda


    Miguel Castillo lol same here or snes era jrpg as well lol


    same I feel like it's the backing track of an animal crossing level or something!

    M 360

    Facts 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. nýla.


  32. DottieMae Lee

    🎤how you live and love like fuck rules 🎶 don't care why just know I love you🎶

  33. Ryan

    V A P O R W A V E

    Francis Dedumo

    nar lar A e s t h t i c s

  34. ジョジョJotaro

    We need a longer version

  35. icic5

    James faunteroy is such a genius, I want to hear his version, or an extended cut with his waves

    Stereohearts R&B

    Here is his version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f7tfhqX1Xg :)

  36. Aleksander Rejterada

    All that song needs is James Fauntleroy on the vocals!

    Jason Lange

    Would not doubt he had a part in making this song.

    Trizzy Trae

    Well, that's why it's called James Joint... he did have a part making this lol.


    Aleksander Rejterada he has one! It's called James Joint ll. I found it on SoundCloud, and it's on replay just like this one 😊

  37. EscapeTheRules 2003

    so relaxing...

  38. Jade Acoustics

    That's the rawest shit I've heard all year

  39. marcos2977

    The start is actually very similar to "i'd rather be your n.i.g.g.a" from pac

    M 360

    marcos2977 Facts have you heard Megan’s version; B.I.T.C.H ? Lol

  40. rayray 34

    i love this song alot because like the way it sounds and the lyrics it touches me

  41. Kyris Marie

    I wish this were longer.

    Dee Jay

    I do too. This track is fire





    Enjoy =)

    DaJM NoCoast

    i think part of the magic is how much u want more of it

    Poah Dlulane

    @Scotterjay this is it!!

  42. Ubah Badan

    love this song!!!!!!!!!

  43. Jonathan Schuster

    so delicate

  44. Jasmyn Johnson

    I love this song interlude part 2 plzzz

  45. Custer

    Nice, not the "mainstream recipe for success" types of songs she usually sings. this i like


    lol, I said the same shit. This informs me that she could be making real music if she wanted to. I guess real music doesn't make money anymore. smh

    Psychick Phenomena

    This song is commercialized R&B-Vaporwave, I wouldn't be surprised if this stuff takes off in a few years.

  46. Doing Business With The Chinese

    Too short!!

  47. warner kurt

    Very good Rihanna song with  a Stevie Wonder vibe....

    Francis Dedumo

    warner kurt This is V a p o r w a v e

  48. Katarina Irwin

    This needs to be longer!



  49. VENUS X

    Blac Chynas IG page made me find this.....love

  50. Nappy Boy

    replay replay replay......


    i guess you mean... rapelay
    for raping the replay button

    Nappy Boy

    haha yes I am

  51. anointed hands

    id rather be smoking weed whenever i breathe

  52. Aisha

    i would love if The Internet done a cover of this song

    carrington smith


    Siyanda Njunga

    same and SZA

    Arctic Ice

    Fuck yes!

    Its ChloeK

    This needs to happen!!

  53. BreeBree



    i like getting high to this song : p it should be longer lmaoo

    yun PURP

    +JK Kniggaa There's a longer remix on soundcloud its pretty dope

    Kish C

    +NiomiBlossom it is nice!!


    haa thankx i will check this ouut